Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair: How to Use, Ingredients, and Brands

There are a variety of instances that cause oily hair – genetics (inheriting oily hair from a parent), using incorrect hair products, consistent use of headwear (hats, headbands, etc.), and even over-washing. While oily hair is an aesthetic problem, the frustration in caring for it is very real. Washing hair at night only to wake up with greasy-looking and sticky hair the next morning can make getting ready in the morning a big process. Bangs, especially, are affected by excess oil and quickly lose their fresh look.

If you have oily hair, you probably already know that frequent washing and harsh shampoos do not give desired results. Over-washing causes the sebaceous glands (in your scalp) to produce more oil to make up for the lost oil. So, what are people with oily hair can do? While there’s no magic solution to this problem, it is possible to control oily hair by using dry shampoos. Dry shampoos for oily hair help refresh your hair so that water-based washing is less frequent. Extending this interval between washing by using dry shampoo helps keep the oil at bay.

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Still, not all dry shampoos are created equal. It is important for those with oily hair to avoid formulas with synthetic chemicals. Instead, opt for gentle products that use natural ingredients which will not irritate your skin. Aerosol shampoos can be more convenient, but dry shampoos in powder form contain fewer synthetic chemicals and are better for the environment.

When making our list of dry shampoos, we were guided by the following criteria.

  • The effectiveness of the product in eliminating excess fat in the hair
  • The product contains few (if any) harmful chemicals
  • The product is cruelty-free
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1. All Natural, Vegan Dry Shampoo Powder by Handmade Heroes

This dry shampoo powder may be a good choice for dark-haired people who have oily hair and don’t want harsh chemicals in their hair.

Some people have sensitive skin that will react to chemicals, so this dry shampoo based on natural ingredients will solve their problem. This all-natural dry shampoo is in powder form, making it economical for your wallet because it lasts a long time.

Its ability to absorb oil comes from rice powder, which is famous for its effectiveness in achieving healthy and beautiful hair. Activated Coconut Charcoal is responsible for the absorption of unpleasant odors. Being better for the environment than an aerosol shampoo is an added bonus!

Nothing is perfect.

What’s the downside of using this shampoo? First, it may leave residue on your clothes. Another is that if you use your fingers to rub the powder into the roots, it may get under your nails. To prevent this, use a makeup brush to apply the powder and avoid scratching the head with your fingertips.

How to Use It?

Divide the hair into sections and tap the bottle against the scalp. Use the brush to rub the powder into the hair roots and distribute it evenly over the entire head. Then use a comb to brush your hair. The application process can be a bit messy until you master it, so definitely use it in the bathroom and not your bedroom!

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2. Lulu Organics Hair Powder, All-Natural Dry Shampoo, Talc-Free Shampoo for Oily Hair

Lulu Organics Hair Powder is another dry shampoo based on natural ingredients that include rice powder, organic corn starch, organic horsetail powder, and essential oils. For people with sensitive skin, it is important to know that the formula contains baking soda, which may cause skin irritation.

This dry shampoo works well for absorbing grease and unpleasant odors. It also provides some texture and lifts to flat hair, and you may even be able to skip one day of washing your hair.

The packaging for Lulu Organic Hair Powder contains little plastic, and the product can last a long time, making it environmentally friendly.

The potential problem is that the powder can come out uncontrollably through the openings on the bottle, which means more waste and mess until you get used to control the amount you want to apply.

How to Use it?

You can apply the powder directly from the bottle to previously sectioned hair. If your hair is not too greasy, you can sprinkle a small amount of powder on your palms, rub it together with your hands and then massage it into your hair.

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3. Great Product that Can Be Hard to Use: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Biotin Dry Shampoo

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Biotin Dry Shampoo powder is 98% naturally derived. In addition to being very effective in absorbing oil, it also has a nourishing effect on the scalp. After use, the hair looks like it has been freshly washed and feels lightweight. The white residue that you may notice on dark hair will disappear after brushing.

The biggest drawback to this product is that it can be difficult to control the amount of powder squeezed out of the bottle. Start small and go from there!

How to Use it?

You need to press the bottle after rotating the cap to squeeze out a little content. Be sure to fully brush your hair after use to ensure white residue is absorbed.

Use Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair in Moderation

If you have oily hair, dry shampoo is an excellent product that will help you avoid washing your hair every day. However, be aware that it cannot completely replace regular washing. So, make sure to wash your hair with the use of water once or twice a week and use dry shampoo between regular washes.

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