6 Easy Ways to Hide Your Gray Roots

Your roots will start showing 1 to 3 weeks after a coloring service, and they are especially obvious with darker hair colors. Hair grows approximately 1.27 cm a month, causing a visible line between the new growth at the roots and the rest of your hair.

How noticeable the line of new growth will depend on how different your natural hair color is from the color treatment you’ve used. To avoid this noticeable color difference, you’ll need to fix your roots before your next full hair coloring. Root touch-ups are usually needed anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. Going to the salon to touch up your roots every three weeks can be costly and time-consuming. You also don’t want to damage your hair by dying it too often.

Hair Color Touch-up Kits

These products are easy to use and they keep your hair looking its best in between color treatments. Because you only apply the color to the roots (don’t apply the touch-up product to the rest of your hair), it takes a fraction of the time. However, like permanent hair colors, these products also contain harsh chemicals like the color treatments used in salons.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to cover uproot regrowth without using ammonia and peroxide. You can do it at home, and this way you can refresh your color for a special occasion and stretch out the time between salon visits.

Temporary Root Touch-up Products 

Temporary root touch up is a necessity for anyone who colors their hair because it’s unhealthy and unsafe for you to dye your hair every two weeks. Temporary root concealers are ammonia- and peroxide-free and they wash out easily with shampoo. These color products provide a safe and effortless way to temporarily hide the appearance of gray regrowth, buying you a few extra weeks between color appointments.

There are several types of temporary root touch up products on the market and they come in an array of shades to blend with your current color. These products don’t require mixing solutions together, which is a nice convenience. Root concealers are particularly helpful for those that have gray hair. Some of these products also help hide thinning hair for a fuller look.

Root Touch-up Spray

This is easy and probably the most convenient way to instantly cover gray roots between color appointments. You need to shake the bottle well and spray the color over the gray areas you’re trying to hide (it dries in seconds) and you’re done until you wash your hair again. Root concealer sprays are more expensive than other options, but some customers feel that they’re worth the price for the convenience. They are mess free, easy to apply, and can also be used to hide thinning areas to visually improve hair density. This is a fairly new hair color category, and Root Concealing Spray by Style Edit and Rita Hazan Root Concealer are at the forefront.

Hair Color Touch-up Wand

This is another easy way to coat your gray roots between hair color treatments. Much like mascara, a touch-up hair color wand comes in a tube with a brush. The wand is used to apply color to towel-dried or dry hair. You can use your hair dryer or allow it to dry naturally. The color won’t rub off or stain clothing and is safe to use in the rain. It can be also used on eyelashes and eyebrows. The color washes out with a shampoo, so you should reapply it after each wash.

Root Touch-up Pen

A root touch up color pen is a liquid hair dye in a tube, with a sponge or brush tip applicator. You should apply it to dry hair. Color pens provide a temporary cover that lasts until shampooed out. These pens can also be used to create highlights and they can extend your all-over hair color timing by a week or two.

Root Touch-up Powder 

COLOR WOW Root Cover Up (Product from Amazon)

Hair color powder touch-up delivers temporary coverage to unwanted gray at the hairline without the disadvantages of using a permanent dye. The pigments in the powder adhere to hair without weighing it down or making sticky. You should apply the product to your dry hair, depending on the preferred color intensity. Apply the powder by pressing a small brush into roots. If you get any on your skin, you will need to rub your scalp with a damp cloth. Lasts until shampooed out.

Hair color powder can be used on thinning hair areas to fill in gaps and create an illusion of denser and thicker hair. The formula is water resistant, so it won’t run down your face when you sweat or when it rains. The pigments don’t stain your pillows.

Hair Color Marker

This portable and easy to apply root touch-up product should be applied to dry hair. It dispenses temporary color that bonds to the hair and covers gray roots until shampooed out. No drips or mess and the effect is natural with no flaking. It comes in different shades to match your permanent hair color.

Root Concealer Touch-up Stick

The root touch up stick is like a thick crayon or lipstick and usually comes in a plastic tube. To get better results, certain brands need to be moistened before sweeping across gray hairs. The stick glides on hair smoothly, deposits color, and helps cover the roots until the next shampoo.


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