6 Things You Should Avoid if You Have Fine Hair

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Fine-textured hair lacks volume and tends to get oily and limp quickly. This hair type is also prone to breakage and doesn’t hold a style well. While fine hair is made of strands that are small in diameter, coarse hair has a thicker shaft diameter.

Your genes influence your hair type, so your hair texture is something you’re born with. The width of hair strands also decreases with aging. However, if you dream of having bouncy, voluminous hair, your dream may come true, without an expensive trip to the salon.

The secret is to find body-enhancing products specifically formulated to make fine hair look thicker and fuller. It’s also important to avoid hair routines and products that don’t match your hair texture. Let’s look at what to avoid if your goal is fuller-looking hair. 

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1. Don’t Use Heavy Shampoos

Because hair gets oily fast, you may have to wash it daily to eliminate that greasy look. So, you really want to solve this problem in the shower. Using the wrong shampoo can weigh down your roots and make your fine hair even flatter, so choosing a shampoo that matches your hair type is crucial for bringing limp strands back to life.

When shopping for shampoo, avoid super-creamy formulas that are heavy in oils or moisturizers. As you’re shampooing, remember to massage the scalp with your fingers to lift your roots. Repeat the cleansing action for a more voluminous look.

Look for a shampoo with volumizing ingredients like biotin and keratin that lift hair from the roots to give it more body without adding weight.

Dry shampoo is a secret weapon for women with fine hair. Not only does it eliminate grease and add texture to make the hair appear fuller, but it also makes holding a style much easier.

Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Dry Shampoo absorbs oil, lifts the roots, and adds volume to fine and lifeless hair.

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2. Don’t Apply Conditioner Near the Roots

Conditioners are designed to infuse hair with moisture and make detangling easier. But with fine hair, using conditioner the wrong way can make your freshly cleaned strands look limp.

If you use a rinse-out conditioner, apply a small amount from mid-shaft to ends and avoid the roots.  This will smooth the ends, the driest and most porous part of your hair strands.

When shopping for a conditioner, choose a lightweight and volumizing formula like UAI Fine Hair Conditioner to replenish moisture without weighing hair down. 

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3. Don’t Overdo It with Styling Products

With fine hair, it’s best to go easy with any styling products. Too much product may transform your baby soft hair into lifeless, oily locks!

Instead, start with a pea-sized amount and gradually add more until you achieve the desired results.

Avoid oil-based and creamy products meant to moisturize the hair. Instead, stick with volume-boosting, lightweight styling products like salt sprays and mousses.  A light styling mousse will create a weightless body while providing hold.

AG Hair Natural Cloud Airlight Volumizing Mousse is specially formulated to give thickness and body to baby-fine hair without buildup or flaking.

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4. Avoid Hair Products with Silicones

Silicone-based products offer a multitude of benefits for people with coarse, dry, or porous hair. These silicones create a waterproof layer around the hair shaft to boost smoothness and sheen while protecting your strands from harmful elements.

While this is ideal for people with thick hair, the smoothing effect of silicones can weigh down fine hair, making it look flat and limp. Some silicones can build up in the hair leaving it sticky and heavy. If your hair is fine, avoid silicone-based hair products or use them sparingly.

If you do use silicone-infused products, make sure to avoid non-water-soluble silicones as they can’t be washed with regular washing. Always check the label for ingredients ending with “-cone”.

5. Don’t Grow Hair Too Long

For fine hair, getting the right haircut is crucial. Long fine hair can look lifeless, especially when hair volume is low-density.

Removing length can eliminate the weight that pulls down your hair to instantly refresh your look. Short and medium-length hairstyles are good options for fine-haired people to feel comfortable and look stylish.

Clever cutting techniques can create the illusion of thicker hair. Both the layered bob and tousled pixie haircut add texture, giving the illusion of extra body and volume.

Wearing bangs can also give the appearance of more volume. If you’re not sure about cutting but want to experiment, try clip-in bangs to test out the style.

A proper styling technique can make a big difference. For home styling, rough drying with your fingers before styling with a round brush lifts the roots and adds movement to fine hair.

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6. Don’t Apply Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments have been designed to straighten curly hair, increase shine, and make it frizz-free and manageable.

Because these treatments are formulated to significantly reduce volume, people with fine hair are not the best candidates for receiving keratin treatments.

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Consider Getting a Perm

If your hair is healthy and you want more lasting volume, consider experimenting with a perm.

The spiral perm gives a subtle texture and volume to fine hair while making styling effortless. Body wave perm will give you volume without tight curls. Make sure to consult your stylist to find the right treatment for your fine strands.

Fine hair may absorb chemicals faster than normal or thick hair, so let a professional monitor the process and make the magic happen.

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