7 Ways You Can Store Your Wig

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If you’ve invested in a good quality wig, you’ll want to keep it safe and in good shape when not wearing it. Just tossing your wigs on your dresser isn’t a good option. Your wigs require appropriate storage to look their best.

Proper storage accessories will keep your wigs organized, protect them from tangling and deformation, and extend their lifespan. Appropriate wig storage will also ensure a clutter-free and more comfortable space.

Get your Marie Kondo groove on, ladies and gents! Your most frequently used wig will be readily available when you want to put it on.

Plus, there’s a wide range of accessories designed for storing your wigs. The following are some most common options for storing wigs listed from the highest to the lowest degree of user convenience.

Wigs on wig heads and stands

1. Hanging Wig Stands

Hang out without a doubt with this cool and effective option!  If you want to keep your wigs out of the way, but still easily accessible, consider buying a hanging wig stand. This isn’t an all-purpose wig storage accessory, but it works great for drying and storing wigs. If you have multiple wigs, this is a must-have wig accessory. Wig hangers are suitable either for short-time or for long-time storage.


  • Space savers: If you’re running out of space on your dressing table, hanging wig stands are the way to go. The greatest thing about wig hangers is that you can put them out of sight, so your room is more organized. Don’t stress over any mess since they also can hold wig bands, hats, caps, and scarves.
  • Keep your wig clean and safe: The wig hangers enable you to hang the wigs discreetly in your closet to keep them away from light and dust, out of the reach of pets, and safe from children. Your wigs will remain in good shape and untangled between uses. The hanging design preserves the bottom of your wigs from collecting dust.
  • Efficient for storing long wigs: Another advantage over regular wig stands is that hanging wig stands can be used either for short or long wigs. You no longer have to choose separate wig holders for your short wigs, and another one for long ones. Long wigs can hang freely, without tangling, which helps to increase their longevity.
  • Ideal for drying wigs: A wig hanger is very handy when you need to dry your wig after it’s been shampooed. You can hang it on your shower rod to dry. A wig hunger provides good ventilation for fast and complete drying, and it also keeps your wig in good shape while it’s being dried.
  • Convenient for traveling: Wig hangers are collapsible and easy to disassemble for easy travel. Bermuda or Bali, anyone? When taken apart, they lay flat, so they take up little space in your suitcase. They’re super convenient when you need to dry a wig and keep it handy in your hotel room.


Moves and grooves: While more practical for storing than a mannequin head, a wig hanger isn’t suitable for styling a wig as it’ll tends to move.

2. Collapsible Wig Stands

These stands are intended for displaying, storing, and drying your wigs. You need to assemble them to get them ready for use. Make sure to place them on a flat surface, such as your dresser or closet shelves. Place the wig on the stand after combing it out and it’ll be ready for the next use. Free your wig worries with this folding fix!


  • Eye Candy: The innovative design makes them more eye-pleasing than canvas and foam heads.
  • Fly Dry: An open frame allows for air circulation all around, so the wigs dry quickly and evenly.
  • Heaven Scent: The hollow design helps to eliminate the typical odors of brand-new wigs.
  • Shape Up: This method keeps your wigs in good shape and tangle-free when stored.
  • Frequent Flier: The collapsible construction makes them highly portable and travel-friendly.
  • Head and Shoulders: They can also be used for displaying hats and caps.


  1. Slide and glide: Collapsible wig stands aren’t convenient for styling due to the lightweight base that will move around if you try to brush the wig.

How to Put Together Wig Stands – YouTube video By Wigs.com

3. Wig Stands with Adjustable Height

Height Without a Fight: This wig stand is usually made of plastic and is easy to put together. The height is adjustable to accommodate different wig lengths. An adjustable plastic wig stand is used preferably for displaying and storing wigs. It helps retain the shape of your wig and keeps it tangle-free when not in use.


  • Runway Ready: The design is minimalistic, modern, and very stylish.
  • Flex and free: Lightweight and collapsible designs are convenient for traveling


  • Handle with Care: The base isn’t heavy enough to sit securely during styling.

4. Cork Canvas Block Heads

From Wine to Wigs: A canvas head is the best choice for making wigs because it’s sturdy and t-pins friendly. These mannequin heads are made of cork and lined with fabric. They’re rather bulky and require a stand or tripod to sit securely. Canvas heads are much more durable than foam heads and can last for years. If cork works for your wine bottles, it’ll work for your wig!

Helpful tip: Make sure to protect it from moisture if you do any kind of wet styling. Use saran wrap to wrap it and prevent mold inside of the head.

5. Plastic Wig Heads

Fantastic Plastic? These mannequin heads are designed to mimic the shape of humans’ heads. Natural and realistic appearances make plastic heads ideal for displaying wigs. Wig heads will also preserve the style and shape of your favorite wig when not in use. Using wig heads for storing multiple wigs isn’t a good option if you have limited space. 


  • Eyes on the Prize: Unlike a canvas base, the presence of ears and eyes allow for a better visual appearance.
  • Multipurpose: It can also be used for displaying sunglasses, hats, jewelry, scarves, and masks.
  • Style Status: Some models have flat bottoms and can sit on their own. The heads with a hole can be fixed to a stand or tripod underneath to withstand styling.

a) Wig Heads Made of Soft Plastic

Wig heads made of soft plastic are pin-friendly and can be used for displaying, storing, making, and styling wigs.

b) Wig Heads Made of Hard Plastic

Mannequin heads made of hard plastic offer the perfect accessory for displaying wigs and storing your most-used wig. They’re sturdy enough to hold heavier wigs.

They don’t work very well for wig styling since you can’t put T pins in the plastic, so the wig may slide around when you try to brush it. More expensive models have a net attached to the head to ensure your wig doesn’t slide off. 

plastic mannequin head

6. Foam Wig Heads

Roam in Foam? Foam heads are inexpensive, lightweight, and suitable for storing and styling wigs. However, most foam heads look flimsy and can easily disintegrate over time from using T pins

wig foam head

7. Wig Boxes

Rock the Box: If your wig comes in sturdy packaging, you can store your locks by placing them back in their original box. You also can purchase a wig box that fits your needs. Wig boxes look tidy while keeping wigs away from sunlight and dust. Some wig boxes have an insert that preserves the shape of your wig when stored. Lightweight and compact boxes are very portable and perfect for traveling.


Space Chase: Low-quality wig boxes don’t leave enough space for your wig to breathe.

a wig in its original wig box

Bottom Line:

Regardless of which of the Lucky 7 options you choose, keep your wig stored safely and shine bright!

wig head with a wig and a hat

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