At-Home Keratin Treatments for Frizz-Free and Manageable Hair

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During pandemics, there is frequently an increased number of hair straightening products advertised as suitable for use at home. Some manufacturers don’t want to lose customers during pandemics, so they respond to an increased demand for DIY products by offering more at-home keratin treatment kits.

That is good news. However, you should be careful when buying one of those products and make sure to read all important information before purchasing.

How to Buy a Quality At-Home Hair Smoothing Product?

In addition to reading product descriptions to ensure that the product is suitable for use at home, take some additional steps to check the product ingredients to minimize unwanted side effects. Read customer reviews and, if possible, try to spot fake reviews. Ask questions at forums and at customer feedback pages. The most valuable step would be to consult a hair professional.

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Avoid products that come abroad with insufficient descriptions and instructions for use. Look for products with detailed instructions and a complete ingredient list. Your safety is the priority when deciding what product to buy.  

The most important consideration is to buy a formaldehyde-free keratin straightening product due to the negative side effects associated with formaldehyde.

Some keratin straightening products come in kits that include all you need for your straightening job. If that is not the case, you can buy a starter tool kit with all the must-have tools for performing keratin treatments.  

Do At-Home Keratin Treatments Work?

Yes, they do, but you shouldn’t expect salon results from home keratin treatments. The keratin straightening procedure requires skillful and experienced hands to perform all the steps correctly. The straightening procedure can be labor-intensive, and your hands may get tired before you complete all the stages. You must be well-organized and patient.

If possible, have a friend help you perform some steps properly, especially the flat ironing stage. It is hard to reach the back of your head with your hands and a few missed strands can result in a less successful outcome.

Products that are formulated for home use usually do not contain strong chemicals that enable keratin protein to bind to the strands. So, you may not be able to obtain a perfect straightening effect. Finally, the life of home keratin treatments may be shorter than the life of salon keratin treatments.  

On the other hand, salon straightening treatments are expensive, and you can save money if you do the job yourself.

At-Home Keratin Treatment Kits

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1. Silk Touch Keratin Treatment by Hair Bar NYC

This DIY Treatment is formulated with botanical and organic plant extracts and is intended to eliminate frizz and make hair more manageable for up to five months. It is not supposed to make your hair completely straight.

In addition to reducing volume and frizz, it strengthens and nourishes hair fibers.

There are several good reasons to consider this treatment if you are in the market for a DIY keratin treatment.

The kit includes a straightening product (in a spray bottle), serum, mask, and clarifying shampoo. So, you have everything you need to start, including all the needed information. 

This home kit comes with detailed instructions tailored to different hair types. In addition, there is an instructional video available on YouTube and the manufacturer’s website.

The company also offers free consultations by phone to assist their first-time users.

This is a good product if you have frizzy, unmanageable, overly voluminous hair and don’t want to eliminate your natural curls.

2. Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment Kit

This keratin treatment kit is formulated to reduce frizz and static and improve the manageability of unruly hair. It can straighten curly hair up to 70%. If you have curly hair and want to make it straight, you might be disappointed with the results. Like many other brands, it will lighten your color, so you shouldn’t perform it on freshly colored hair unless you want to get a lighter shade. There are no strong fumes, but your hair can smell unpleasantly when gets wet within a week or two after application.

Things that make it suitable for use outside of a salon:

  1. The kit includes everything you need including step-by-step instructions.
  2. It is free of formaldehyde, and you can find the ingredient list on the bottle.
  3. The instructions are basically the same as for most traditional keratin treatments, so there is nothing that may confuse you. Watching the video beforehand will make the application easier.
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3. GK HAIR Smoothing Keratin Treatment

This hair taming system is advertised as a salon professional smoothing treatment that you can use at home. Active ingredient- Juvexin promotes hair smoothness and shine.

This treatment eliminates frizz and loosens your natural curls. The plus is that it won’t strip your color, so you can do it on freshly colored hair. A great convenience is that you don’t have to wait if you want to wash your hair.

Is it Good for Use at Home?

This kit includes all tools you will need for the application plus aftercare shampoo and conditioner for post-treatment care. Another good news is that you can see the ingredients list on the packaging, and there is no formaldehyde on the list. So, you may perform it in your bathroom without worrying about ventilation.

Make sure to strictly follow the instruction as every step might be crucial (even the two washing steps) not only for obtaining the desired results but for keeping your hair healthy also.

If you find the difference between printed instructions and those sent by email (the problem reported by many customers), make sure to contact customer service and they will help you to clarify the confusion by sending the appropriate instructions. GK Hair’s customer service is prompt and supportive.

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4. OLEZ Smoothing Keratin Hair Treatment Kit

This kit contains clarifying shampoo and smoothing solution in a spray bottle. The product is advertised to eliminate frizz, control volume, and add shine. It is enriched with proteins and essential oils to nourish and strengthen weak and damaged hair.

The descriptions on Amazon are written in bad English (worse than mine), but the brighter side is that you can read the complete ingredient list on the bottle or if you visit the manufacturer’s website. Plus, there is an instructional video on YouTube.

I don’t like when the seller doesn’t invest time and effort to write a decent product description. Time will tell if this product is worth trying. I wouldn’t buy it yet.

5. Searching Plants Complete Keratin Treatment Kit

The convenient feature of this product is that the packaging contains all the necessary tools you will need. The kit includes pre-treatment clarifying shampoo, professional chocolate keratin treatment, 2 hair clips, comb, application brush, and gloves. The printed instructions are easy to follow.

What is less convenient, you are recommended to wait three days before washing your hair. 

Although formaldehyde is not listed as an ingredient, the solution contains other aldehydes which release formaldehyde into the air during flat ironing.

The seller claims that the levels of formaldehyde are below the acceptable level of permitted formaldehyde. Although I appreciate the seller’s transparency about the ingredients, that wouldn’t convince me to buy this kit.

6. Damila Keratin Treatment

This smoothing treatment is supposed to remove curls and block the effects of humidity. It is advertised to last for about two months when you are using the shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

Although the description says that it can be used at home, this treatment is not very gentle, and you need to do it in a well-ventilated area. I suggest you look for a gentler alternative.

Final Words: Start with Realistic Expectations!

If you go for an at-home keratin treatment, make sure to have realistic expectations. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. What is realistic? To get straight hair you need formaldehyde in the formula. At-home and formaldehyde-free treatments are not great at straightening curls. However, those gentle treatments can eliminate frizz and give you smoother, more manageable hair for several months.

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