Benefits of Swimmers’ Shampoos and Product Suggestions

Keep Your Head Above Water: What does Chlorine Do to Your Hair? 

Swimming is fun and an excellent way to stay physically active, mentally balanced, happy, and healthy. Unfortunately, regular exposure to chlorinated water isn’t good for your hair’s health. Specifically, public pools typically contain high levels of chlorine to keep the water clean. However, this disinfectant can seriously attack the hair. Let’s keep our heads above water as far as hair care today! Here are the most common, unwanted effects of pool chemicals on swimmers’ hair:

Dull Dolls and Dudes: Diminished shineChlorine in pool water sucks the natural oils from your hair, resulting in a dull appearance. Chlorine can also damage the cuticle and cause cracking. Damaged cuticles don’t reflect light, so your hair becomes boring and lackluster. Finally, the chemical buildup on the surface also gives you a dull doll or dude “hairy” situation.

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Dry and Cry: Pool crunchy hair: Chlorine can strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry, rough feeling, and porous. Your hair can turn into a straw-like mess that’s super hard to comb. Chlorine can also dry out your scalp and cause itchiness. Use today’s article to try and overcome the “dry and cry” pool hair problems.

Mean Green: Discoloration: Chlorine, in combination with sun exposure, causes brassy tones in blonde hair. The pool water can also leave a green tint in the swimmer’s hair. This green color comes from copper that has been oxidized by chlorine. Oxidized copper results in green stains that are most visible on blonde hair.  Who wants hair with a mean green sheen, right?

Smelly Nelly: Leftover chlorine smell: After swimming in a public pool, your hair can retain an unpleasant chemical smell. The chlorine odor may linger in your hair for a few days after spending time in a pool.

A Fade Shade: Color fading: High concentration of chlorine can cause damage to the cuticle, allowing color pigments to escape. Chlorine also tends to break down hair-color molecules. Unprotected swimmers’ hair will lose color vibrancy; thus, the color fades quicker than it normally does.

Damaged Goods: Keratin damage: Chlorine weakens the internal bonds in keratin that hold the structure of your hair. This disrupts the integrity of the hair shaft and results in damage and split ends. The damaged hair is prone to breakage and is difficult to grow longer.

As a result, regular swimmers need special products to protect their hair from being wrecked by chlorine. One of the must-have products for swimmers is an after-swim shampoo designed specifically for rinsing the chlorine residue from the hair after swimming sessions.

Walk on Water: Benefits of Swimmers’ Shampoos

Chlorine removing shampoo contains chelating agents capable of eliminating chlorine, metals, and mineral deposits from the hair shaft. Here are some of the common benefits of using chlorine removal shampoo for restoring your hair after going for a swim.

Purge to Surge: Removes chlorine buildup: The purpose of a swimming shampoo is to remove the chlorine and other nasty pool chemicals that sit on your hair and scalp after leaving the pool. It also helps to undo the damage caused by chlorine.

Hue Crew: Prevents hair from turning green: A post-swim shampoo removes the oxidized copper patina from the hair shaft and prevents a greenish hue that’s most obvious in bleached hair. 

Smell the Citrus Fruits: Washes away chlorine odor: A chlorine removing shampoo eliminates the chlorine odor that can’t be scrubbed with regular shampoos.  After-swim shampoos leave your hair smelling clean and refreshed.

Silk Road: Restores softness and manageability: Good after swim shampoo prevents hair and scalp dryness associated with chlorine. It softens dry brittle hair and makes your locks less tangled. This helps reduce breakage; plus, your hair will grow quicker.

Color Strong: Protects the color: With regular use of anti-chlorine shampoo after your swims, you’ll clearly notice that your hair color is less prone to fading and even lasts longer.


Lifesavers: Best Chlorine Removal Shampoos

1. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo

This post swimming shampoo effectively removes chlorine from hair, skin, and swimsuits after the pool. It’s also suitable for use after swimming in salt water and for omitting hard water minerals from the hair. It works better as a preventive treatment and might not be highly effective in alleviating the already developed green hue in the hair.

The formula contains chamomile and watercress that helps relieve dandruff and also soothe dry and itchy scalps.

The shampoo has a clean citrus smell that is gender-neutral and helps to completely remove the lingering smell of pool chlorine. 

You need just a small amount to get rich leather. It will leave your hair feeling refreshed and soft, even when you are not using the matching conditioner.

The downside is that the packaging may leak when you carry the product in your swim bag.

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2. Fairy Tales Sun & Swim Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo is a great hair care product for anyone with children who swim, but it can be used by swimmers of all ages. It’s specifically designed to help bring your hair back to normal after swimming in the pool or ocean.

The formula uses gentle fruit extracts to remove salt and chlorine build-up. It doesn’t strip natural oils while removing the chlorine and leaves your hair feeling clean and moisturized. Aloe and jojoba hydrate hair and smooth the strands for easy detangling.

This shampoo for swimmers is formulated without harsh chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and doesn’t contain gluten and nuts.

To get the green out, apply a generous amount, massage it throughout the hair, and leave on for 3-5 minutes. With regular use, this shampoo will keep the green away. When coupled with Fairy Tales conditioner, it makes kids’ hair to look and feel nourished and silky smooth.

3. Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo Moisturizing Formula – Best Shampoo for Swimmers with Color Treated Hair

This sulfate-free cleanser is for those who are looking for a mild shampoo that will clean and protect their hair without the use of chemicals. Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo is formulated to gently remove chlorine and to prevent damage that could be caused by chlorine, sun, and salt. Its moisturizing formula rejuvenates dry, brittle hair and leaves your tresses feeling silky smooth. The light citrus scent helps minimize the chlorine smell.

Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo prevents green color from appearing and can wash out already developed green hue after a few washes.

This shampoo for swimmers is formulated with gentle natural ingredients such as aloe, jojoba oil, Vitamin B, and panthenol. It’s safe for color-treated hair and is suitable for daily use. This is the best choice if you’re in the pool several days a week.

4. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three

This cleansing shampoo is ideal for occasional clarifying. It contains powerful cleansing agents that can remove chlorine and a greenish tint in just one wash.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three is also highly efficient in removing residue from hair products, and hard water build-up, leaving the hair squeaky clean. It isn’t suitable for everyday use, as it’s a fairly strong clarifier and can strip your hair of natural oils. To prevent dryness, follow with a hydrating deep conditioner.

See/Sea for Yourself: Final Suggestion

If your hair already has heavy chlorine build-up or has turned green, use Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three to get rid of any build-up and take the green out, then use a milder after swim shampoo such as Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo for daily maintenance during your swim season.

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