Top 10 Don’ts for Keratin Treatment Users

Avoid Salons that Use a Traditional Keratin Straightening Method Traditional keratin treatments use straightening products that contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors to seal the keratin in your hair. The strong chemicals in formaldehyde-based products can damage your hair and scalp and irritate your eyes and throat. Choose a salon that respects your health and cares … Read more

Should You Buy a Palm Oil-Free Shampoo?

Palm Oil and Its Applications Palm oil and palm kernel oil are the most widely produced vegetable oils globally. The two products are extracted from the fruits of oil palm. A significant proportion of the world’s palm plantations are in areas that were once tropical moist forests with high biodiversity. Research shows that the demand … Read more

Zero-Waste Hair Shampoos

Given that the planet is running out of resources and current landfills are running out of space, an increasing number of consumers are choosing to buy personal care products that have no impact on the environment. To satisfy consumer needs and to build a more sustainable future, many beauty companies have started taking responsibility for … Read more

Seven Awesome Benefits of Wire Hair Extensions

What Is a Wire Hair Extension? In the last decade, one type of hair extension has grown in popularity at a stunningly rapid rate. Wire hair extensions, also known as secret hair extensions or halo-type hair extensions, are innovative products that don’t need to be attached to your own hair. Instead, these extensions are attached … Read more

Using a Laser Comb to Promote Hair Regrowth

What Is a Laser Comb? A laser comb is a handheld, battery-powered device equipped with laser diodes and is intended to treat hereditary types of hair loss. Laser comb devices use low-level laser therapy technology to stimulate hair follicles to help grow denser and thicker hair. A laser comb’s efficiency is greatly determined by the … Read more

Body Wave Perm: Good Hair Days, Every Day

By Anuji Gunasekara, Cosmetic Chemist/Formulation Chemist When you hear “perm,” it’s anything but difficult to think about the creased, pleated bushy perm of the 80s. Fortunately, innovation has far outperformed that. The perms are making a loosen up- comeback. Today, perms can be adjusted to give you precisely the sort of wave you need, whether … Read more

Best Shampoos for Synthetic Wigs

Regular washing is vital to ensure that your synthetic wig looks fabulous and keeps its bounce and sheen. Synthetic hair differs in important ways from natural hair and therefore requires a different care regimen. Unlike human scalps, a wig does not produce natural oils, so there is no need to wash it as much as … Read more