Overnight Braids and Treatments for Healthy Hair

Written by Andrea Haynes

Braiding has been around for a very long time, 5000 years. The origins come from African heritage where braids went beyond being a mere style and were used as methods to communicate between tribes regarding heritage, cultural values, status and so much more.

Beginning with this rich history, braids continued throughout time to engage with people on deep levels of cultural heritage and status. Some periods echoed their value through pragmatic use, like storing food in cornrows while people rushed towards freedom in the underground railroad.

Braid styles can’t be separated from their formative origins and beg credit to the African population for their value and intricate patterns. Many cultures since then have adopted their use and found they can be incredibly helpful for the health of the hair.  

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The Health Benefits of an Overnight Braiding

Having your hair look good is only half of the equation. Of course, you can go over modern styles and upcoming trends, book appointments with lead stylists and colorists, and land with the most beautiful balayage you’ve ever seen. But if you don’t take care of the integrity of your hair, the style won’t hold whether it’s cut or color and in the long run, you may waste money. 

Instead, take care of your hair in special ways. There’s value in your approach to caring for your hair, and want to know a secret? Braiding can give your hair great health benefits.

One of the best methods for nourishing your locks is partnering a leave-in treatment with an overnight braid.

One of my favorite techniques is a simple double braid plus an Olaplex treatment number 9 (bond-building) or the LHUILE Original Hair Oil by Kerastase. Your hair not only looks great once the braids are out but it has been nourished through and through all night, leaving it supple and silky in the morning. 

So follow these easy DIY steps for beautiful morning results!

Steps for the Overnight Braid + Treatment and Morning Style

  1. Apply your treatment according to the directions. If using the Kerastase Oil, you can apply it on clean dry, or wet hair. If wet, make sure it’s only damp so that it dries completely overnight.
  2. Do not do tight braids here, especially if the hair is damp. It will swell as it dries and can put too much stress on the hair if the braids are too tight. Instead, do two snug side braids or two box braids. Sleep on it overnight.
  3. Once it’s dry in the morning, apply a cream-based heat protectant like Kerastase’s Resistance Ciment Therique or the new Genesis Defense Thermique. Apply while it’s still braided.
  4. Take your flat iron and set it at a heat between 370 and 400 degrees depending on the density and overall health of your hair. It’s important to know your limits here. If unsure, talk with your stylist about the best heat setting for you.
  5. While your hair is still braided, gently clamp the flat iron over it starting from the top to the bottom. Avoid touching the rubber band. Do this two times.
  6. Allow the hair to cool before removing the rubber bands.
  7. Remove the rubber bands and release the hair from the braids.
  8. It creates beautiful, nonchalant waves you can wear all day! Plus, you’ve saturated your hair with healthy products overnight and used only minimal heat in the styling process, leaving your hair shiny and feeling good to the touch.

Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment and Overnight Braids

Certain benefits of heat can be added to your overnight braid and treatment routine for extra value. A warmed oil opens the cuticle of the hair for deeper penetration, leaving your hair experiencing a higher level of nourishment.

Steps for Overnight Braids + Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment

  1. Shampoo and condition hair like normal.
  2. Add the oil to a small cup of hot water and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Apply the Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment/water according to the instructions. Not all are meant to be used on the scalp as well, but this brand can for added scalp therapy.
  4. You can leave it in the treatment or rinse it out. For the overnight braid, leave in the treatment but allow hair to air dry before braiding.
  5. Once the hair has dried so it’s no longer dripping, divide the hair into 4 sections and gently braid each one.
  6. Allow it to dry overnight.
  7. Once the hair has dried, remove the braids and wear them. If the hair has not dried completely, leave it in the braids and blow dry each of the 4 sections until the braids are dry. Do not over-dry.
  8. No need for any heat styling, as you’ll enjoy beautiful, silky waves.
wavy hair after overnight braids

Disclaimer: All content on this blog is created for informational purposes only. It would be best if you didn’t use it as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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