How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Human hair is very susceptible to damage that occurs with long-term sun exposure. If your hair is dry, fine, dyed, or previously damaged by chemical treatments, it is more likely to be negatively affected by long periods of sun exposure than healthy hair. Sun damage can be especially intense when the hair is repeatedly soaked … Read more

Products for Preventing Hair Breakage

Too much heat styling and frequent chemical treatments can reduce your hairs’ strength and elasticity and make it susceptible to breakage. Even though excessive hair breakage can be extremely frustrating, the good news is that the problems can often be managed by adjusting your hair care regimen.  The right combination and rotation of protein and moisture-based … Read more

Best Practices for Preventing Hair Breakage

Hair breakage occurs when the hair fiber breaks along the shaft due to weak points in the structure of the hair. Hair strands lose resistance to stretching and get weaker after physical or chemical damage to the hair shaft. Damaged hair has an increased tendency to break because it doesn’t have the flexibility to withstand … Read more

How to Properly Untangle Your Hair

Tangled hair can be frustrating, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Long, dry and fine hair types also can get tangled easily. Damaged hair creates friction and you are more likely to get tangled if you dye your hair or use other harsh chemicals. Untangling matted hair can be a painful and … Read more

How to Remove Static from Your Hair

Static Electricity in Hair Fly-away hair happens when the strands of your hair are rubbed against some materials that tend to hold static electricity on their surface. Human hair tends to pick up static electricity and become positively charged when rubbed against the surface of an object. Since materials with the same charge repel each other, … Read more

Using Clay for Washing Your Hair

Cosmetic Clays Clay has been used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes since ancient times. Today, clay is a must-have product in any nature-inspired beauty regimen. The proven effectiveness of clay and the absence of chemicals make it increasingly popular among people who love a natural approach to beauty care. This nature-made material is rich in … Read more

Six At-home Hair Glaze Products

Hair glaze refers to hair treatment that uses lightweight, water soluble silicones to smoothen and coat the hair cuticle, thus enhancing its shine. The treatment softens and nourishes the hair leaving your strands healthy and shiny. There are two types of Hair glaze: Clear and Tinted versions. Clear glazes soften your strands, enhance hair’s natural … Read more

Hair Gloss vs. Hair Glaze Treatment – Which Option to Choose?

The shine is produced when light reflects a smooth surface. When the cuticles smoothly cover the hair shaft, the hair is able to interplay with light like a mirror, thus producing a shiny appearance. Chemical treatments, excessive heat, swimming in chlorinated water, and extreme environmental conditions can cause damage to hair, disturbing the naturally smooth … Read more

Volumizing Products for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you know how frustrating it is to get volume into your hair.  Finding the right products to give your hair body and movement can also be a challenge.  Good volumizing products will lift your fine hair from the roots and create the illusion of thicker hair. Proper care and styling … Read more

How to Add Volume to Your Fine Hair

The hair texture you have can be classified as being fine, medium, or thick. Fine hair means that your hair strands have a small diameter, while a hair fiber with a larger diameter is considered thick. Medium hair texture falls somewhere in-between the two. Fine strands are more fragile and prone to breakage than thick … Read more

Reasons to Try Olaplex Hair Perfector

What is the Olaplex No. 3? Olaplex Hair Perfector is a part of the Olaplex Professional System, which is designed for home use. The product reconnects the disulfide bonds within your hair shaft that have been broken from chemical services, heat styling, and mechanical abuse. Olaplex strengthens hair at the molecular level, making the strands … Read more

Five Uses of Olaplex

What is the Olaplex Treatment? Olaplex is a new reconstructive treatment developed by top scientists in Santa Barbara that enhances the internal structure of the hair and prevents damage that occurs during chemical services. Olaplex treatment repairs and restores disulfide bonds in the hair shaft which give strength and elasticity to the hair and prevent the … Read more

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