12 Most Used Hair Growth Oils

Written by Gaga Medically reviewed by Dr. Rosmy Barrios Hair oils are multi-tasking hair care products that grow in popularity. In addition to working wonders for your hair, these oils are free of chemicals commonly found in most commercial hair care products. The use of oils for hair care is widespread in Ayurvedic medicine. One … Read more

10 Lightweight Hair Oils and their Benefits for Hair

The centuries-old practice of using natural oils for cosmetic purposes is back in trend.  And for good reason: natural oils have many proven benefits in addition to simply moisturizing your hair. Using natural oils reduces exposure to harmful chemicals in hair care products. Unrefined oils don’t contain artificial ingredients while retaining their nutritional value. Their … Read more

Hot Oil Hair Treatments: The Best Nourishment for Dry Hair and Scalp

Whаt is Hot Oіl Trеаtmеnt? A hot oil hair treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that uses warm natural oils to seal moisture into the hair shaft and keep your hair and scalp nourished and healthy. These intense oil treatments offer impressive rеѕultѕ, but the concept is really vеrу ѕіmрlе. Hot oil treatments are supposed … Read more

Keratin Hair Oils: Benefits and Products to Try

What is Keratin Oil? Chemical processing such as bleaching, perming, and chemical straightening can damage the protective layer around hair and strip your hair of its natural proteins. The frequent use of heat styling tools can further weaken over-processed hair. Damaged hair is dry, fizzy, and can suffer from breakage. Such hair needs special reparative … Read more

Almond Oil Uses for Hair and Scalp

Chemical-based products we are using on our hair can bring short-term benefits but they may harm the hair in the long run. Certain harmful chemicals in hair care products can cause skin irritations, pose health risks, and pollute the environment. If you are concerned about chemicals in your hair products, consider incorporating natural oils in … Read more