Sugar Hair Sprays – the Gentle Alternative to Drying Salt Sprays

What is Sugar Spray? These multi-purpose styling products are becoming a popular alternative to salt-based texturizing sprays. Sugar hair sprays are infused with sugar cane extract, which has the ability to give fullness, texture, and glossiness to your hair. Unlike conventional hair sprays, most sugar sprays are free of drying alcohol and harsh chemicals. Unlike … Read more

Sea Salt Sprays that Won’t Dry out Your Hair

You have probably noticed that after spending a day at the beach your hair gets beachy waves and a lot of texture. If you like that messy tousled look, you will be glad to know that there is a hair product available to obtain similar results. A sea salt spray is a hair styling product, that … Read more

Benefits of Sea Salt for Your Hair

Have you noticed that after swimming in the sea, your hair looks somehow different? It gets a casual look and gorgeous messy waves. This messy appearance is due to the effect of salt in seawater. Salt opens the hair cuticle and plumps up the strands, giving your hair more texture and enhancing natural curls and … Read more

Tips for Getting the Perfect At-Home Blowout

Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive than a fresh salon blowout. However, getting a gorgeous, shiny blowout doesn’t mean you have to go to a salon. A salon pro blowout can be achieved at home if you have the right tools and you know how to blow dry your hair. The following tips ensure … Read more