ColorpHlex – Protects and Strengthens Chemically Processed Hair

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Although chemical processing can make fantastic new looks, it is hard on your hair.

The ColorpHlex Reparative System has been developed to address that problem by protecting and strengthening your hair during chemical processing. This bond-building system uses naturally derived active ingredients to strengthen the hair from the inside out.

ColorpHlex utilizes ColorStrong Complex, which is the trademarked name for a “complexed” bond-building molecule that strengthens hair with a combination of a hydrolyzed protein developed from potato and a silica-based co-polymer.

The ColorStrong Complex penetrates the cuticle and goes deep into your hair to attach bond-building molecules to damaged areas inside the hair.  It reinforces weakened and rebuilds broken disulfide bonds that give hair its strength. 

The treatment fills pores and gaps and corrects the effects of oxidative damage, leaving hair smooth and shiny. It also helps repair damage from heat and previous chemical processes while significantly reducing breakage and improving the hair’s appearance to better than it looked prior to coloring or bleaching.

ColorpHlex can be used as a standalone treatment or as an additive to bleach, permanent dyes, and toners. It also can be used in combination with other chemical services to reduce chemical damage to hair.

ColorpHlex Reparative System includes:

  1. ColorpHlex Step 1 Color Additive
  2. ColorpHlex Step 2 Finishing Conditioner
  3. ColorpHlex Take Home Hair Strengthening Kit

While Step 1 and Step 2 are designed to be used by professionals, ColorpHlex home care products are meant to be used at home to extend salon results and keep hair healthy between salon visits.

Follow the detailed instructions on the manufacturer’s website to minimize the possibility of improper product use.

Natural Alternative to Olaplex

Earthly Body, the manufacturer of ColorpHlex, is committed to producing hair care products using only naturally derived ingredients, so all products in the ColorpHlex Reparative System are free of harmful ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes, PEG’s, SD alcohols, propylene glycol, and Triclosan.

All products in the ColorpHlex Reparative System are 100% vegan and come in recyclable packaging. Earthly Body’s products are also cruelty-free; they work only with suppliers that don’t perform animal testing.

According to the results from an independent testing lab, ColorpHlex has been found to significantly decrease hair breakage when added to bleach and applied as a finishing conditioner after the bleaching process.

ColorpHlex Color Additive is mixed into your color or bleach product without adjusting the volume of a developer or increasing processing time which cannot be said for Olaplex.

ColorpHlex Stand-Alone Treatment

ColorpHlex Stand-Alone Treatment is a reconstructive treatment that repairs damage from environmental factors, heat styling, previous coloring, and harsh chemical treatments.

Your stylist will evaluate your hair to determine the level of damage and decide what treatment will be appropriate for your hair condition.

There are two types of treatments depending on the degree of hair damage:

  1. Full Treatment is suitable for medium to high levels of damage
  2. Quick Treatment fixes slightly damaged hair

To properly reconstruct the hair, these treatments should be performed in a salon by a professional. Visit for detailed instructions on how to apply ColorpHlex Stand-Alone Treatment or incorporate ColorpHlex Reparative System in chemical hair services.

ColorpHlex Integrated into Chemical Services

ColorpHlex Reparative System is often incorporated into chemical services to protect the hair from chemical damage.

Bleaching/coloring: ColorpHlex Step 1 is added to the bleach mixture and the bleaching is processed in the same way. ColorpHlex Step 2 is applied to towel-dried hair after the bleach is completely rinsed from the hair. The processing time is about 10 minutes.

When incorporated in a bleaching/coloring service, ColorpHlex corrects the damage as it occurs, leaving the hair silky, healthy and shiny. You can go from dark to light without frying your hair. Using ColorpHlex during color service also helps reduce breakage and keeps your color vibrant for longer.

With ColorpHlex, bleaching even becomes an option for individuals with weak and delicate hair. ColorpHlex enables you to experiment with your hair and switch colors on a more frequent basis.  You also can color your hair and receive another chemical service on the same day.

Unlike with oxidative dyes, you shouldn’t add ColorpHlex Step 1 to semi-permanent hair color, but you are advised to add it to bleach during the pre-lightening process.

Step 2 is applied after bleaching and reapplied after the color is rinsed from the hair.

Permanent waving: Perming is a chemical service that can be highly damaging to hair. When integrated into the process of permanent-waving, ColorpHlex enables the hair to survive the treatment without serious damage.

Hair relaxer: ColorpHlex can be used in tandem with both lye and no-lye relaxers, as well as with regular relaxers. ColorpHlex will reduce the amount of chemical damage to your hair and help maintain the strength of your relaxed hair.

Japanese straightening: After rinsing the straightening solution, ColorpHlex Step 1 is applied to towel-dried hair and distributed thoroughly. The hair is then blow-dried and flat ironed. ColorpHlex Step 2 is applied after rinsing the neutralizer for 5-10 minutes, then rinsed.

Keratin treatment: ColorpHlex can be used before keratin treatment to reduce or repair the damage. It is not advised to add ColorpHlex to keratin treatment products. ColorpHlex is also ineffective if used immediately after keratin treatment because your hair is not porous enough at that stage to absorb it. When your treatment starts to wear off, you can receive ColorpHlex Stand-Alone Treatment or purchase the home care kit to repair damage and improve the condition of your hair.

ColorpHlex Home Care

ColorpHlex Take Home Hair Strengthening Kit includes:

  • ColorpHlex Shampoo
  • ColorpHlex Conditioner
  • ColorpHlex Leave-In Treatment and Detangler

ColorpHlex Strengthening Shampoo is designed to reduce color fading and strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair. Be aware that this shampoo contains sodium chloride, which makes it unsuitable for hair that has been treated with keratin.

ColorpHlex Leave-In Treatment & Detangler is designed to strengthen weak and damaged hair and protect it from sun damage and color fading. The product helps untangle hair after shampooing, provides frizz control, and adds natural shine.

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