Five Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoos that Will Keep your Blonde Bright

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Today’s post will cultivate some perky, purple praise, not in the form of old-school Prince songs like “Purple Rain,” but five wondrous ways to keep your blonde bombshell hair happy and bright. As beautiful as they are, the reality is that light hair colors can quickly lose their luster.

Blonde-colored and highlighted hair may turn yellow/brassy surprisingly quickly after having it dyed. Gray hair, too, tends to lose its brightness and shine as you age, becoming prone to exhibiting those unattractive yellow tones. Platinum blonde hair looks gorgeous, but it requires a lot of care to keep it bright. Don’t worry because this posting has you covered!

In sum, light-colored hair is likely to suffer discoloration when exposed to the sun, hard water, and other types of environmental pollution. Frequent dyeing also results in porous hair that’s prone to discoloration.

Fortunately, highly efficient and affordable products have been developed to control discoloration and remove unwanted brassy and yellow tones from blonde and gray hair.

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Purge Brass with Purple Sass: How to Remove Brassy Tones from Hair

The simplest way to prevent discoloration and neutralize undesirable yellow and brassy tones in blonde hair is to use a purple shampoo. Remember, purge brass with purple sass-lol! Why purple? Well, purple shampoos contain violet pigments that counteract brassiness in natural or enhanced blonde, white, and gray hair.

Unfortunately, many purple shampoos can dry out the hair, especially when used regularly. Considering that your bleached hair is already dry and porous—that isn’t a great combination.

To avoid dryness, you can alternate a violet shampoo with your regular shampoo, but this won’t make much difference if your regular shampoo contains harsh sulfate cleansers. Using sulfate-free purple shampoos is a better, easier, and more natural way to prevent your hair from drying out. These shampoos are gentle on your hair and many can be used regularly.

Below is a list of sulfate-free purple shampoos that use natural ingredients to combat brassy and yellow tones and to keep your hair hydrated, soft, and manageable. Let’s hear it for the Purple Praise: Five Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoos To Keep Your Blonde Bright

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1. Be Your Best Self: B-Uniq Purple Shampoo

This highly pigmented purple shampoo counteracts brassiness and neutralizes yellow tones in blonde hair. It is suitable for bleached, highlighted, grey, and naturally blonde hair. If you have highlights, it’ll merely impact the blonde strands in your hair. It also adds a silver tone to lighter blonde shades and revitalizes the ashy blonde color.

Depending on how long you leave it on, you can achieve the desired blonde shade. Are you ready to be your best self with B-Uniq?


  • Eliminates yellow or warm tones, regardless if your hair is blonde, grey, or silver.
  • Banishes brassiness and makes blonde-colored hair appear brighter.
  • Combats discoloration and dullness in naturally blonde hair, keeping it fresh looking, and vibrant.
  • Transforms your grey hair into a bright and shiny silver shade.
  • If left for longer, it adds a beautiful lilac hue. The violet hint is easy to wash out in case you don’t like it.
  • Offers pro-Vitamin B5 and other conditioning agents in the formula to combat dryness and leave your hair looking shiny.
  • Contains UV filters that prevent color fading by sunlight

Suggested Use

Wash the hair with your regular shampoo to remove any build-up and make depositing purple pigments easier. Wear gloves (included in the packaging) and apply the product to clean wet hair. During your first use, leave it on for up to 3 minutes.

The results will vary, depending on how long you leave it to sit in your hair. 1-5 minutes will be enough to remove brassy/yellow tones. To achieve silver or ash-grey tones, let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. If left for too long, it’ll turn your hair purple or grayish. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash out any purple tinge from the hair.

Use the product several times a week, along with your regular shampoo and conditioner. The frequency of use depends on the level of discoloration and the results you’re seeking.

Make sure to follow with a good moisturizing conditioner to reduce the drying effect.

2. Pravana Power: PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When you’re ready to Power Up your hair color, consider Pravana. Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Shampoo uses an exclusive dual ultra-violet dye system and optical brighteners to neutralize brassiness and brighten blonde, silver, or highlighted hair. This deep, dark purple shampoo also contains hydrolyzed keratin, wheat, and silk amino acids to boost strength, shine, and elasticity. The formula is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, salt, and gluten. It’s also cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

This shampoo doesn’t lather as much as ordinary shampoos do; and, consequently, it doesn’t disperse well through your hair. You’d need to add more of the product to completely saturate your hair, especially if your hair is oily. Mixing this purple shampoo with your regular shampoo helps to create a foamy lather and makes the shampoo mixture more spreadable.

Blonde girl hair after washing the hair with violet shampoo

3. Live It Up With L’ANZA: L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Silver Brightening Shampoo

When you want your color to live it up a bit, consider L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Silver Brightening Shampoo. It’s formulated with natural toning agents derived from viola and lavender flowers. These flower extracts help brighten silver, platinum, and highlighted hair and prevent the appearance of brassiness. This shampoo also keeps gray hair from turning yellow and adds softness and shine.

In addition to enhancing blonde and gray hair, it further helps red hair to stay vibrant and adds shine to darker shades.

The formula includes UV protectors to prevent your color from fading and to extend the time between salon visits. Keratin amino acids work by reducing breakage to make your hair feel healthier.

To prevent dryness and tangling, use a good moisturizing conditioner.

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4. Care with Moisture: Loma Hair Care Violet Shampoo

This sulfate-free and Sodium chloride-free shampoo not only takes out the brassy and yellow color but also keeps your hair moisturized and healthy. Quinoa Protein and amino acids do that moisture-delivering task and repair the cuticle layer making hair smooth and shiny.

Another special feature of this toning shampoo is that its formula contains both blue and violet pigments making it capable of counteracting both orange and yellow tones in your hair. It greatly enhances the brightness and beauty of blonde and gray hair.

5. The French Connection: L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shampoo

Are you in desperate need of a trip but can’t leave your apartment, dorm, condo, or house? You’re your hair “The French Connection” since L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure Blonde sulfate-free shampoo promises visible results in just one use. It’s designed to stop the yellowing and enhance the brightness and shine of your light-colored hair.

Unlike sulfate-based purple shampoos, which can leave your hair dry and prone to tangling, this brass-fighting shampoo hydrates over-processed hair, thus leaving it soft, tangle-free, and easy to manage. Oui to that!

If you want to stick to your regular shampoo, while enjoying the benefits of purple toning pigments, you can control the appearance of brassiness by adding a few drops of Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops to your regular shampoo or conditioner.

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