Flat Irons for Brazilian Keratin Treatments

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Choosing the right flat iron is essential for getting the best results from your keratin treatment. The flat ironing part requires high heat. The high heat of the flat iron is necessary for sealing the keratin in your hair and to ensure superior shine and a silky smooth look.

What to Look for?

When you use a hot hair iron to seal a keratin treatment onto the hair shaft your flat iron must be constructed with titanium plates. Also, make sure to have an iron that heats up to 450°F with easy to read display and controls. Being able to adjust flat iron temperatures is also important.

Why are Titanium Plates Important?

Titanium has the ability to reach up to the set high temperature in just a few seconds. It is inert and will not interact with any styling products. Titanium also retains heat better than ceramics and offers even heat distribution. The titanium plates will retain the consistent heat levels, once you start straightening. This will result in the perfect finish and will give your hair unbeatable shine.

Up to 450 Degree Heating Capability

To activate the keratin in the treatment, the flat iron should be capable of reaching 450 °F. When doing the treatment, it is important to have a flat iron that can maintain the temperature you set without heat fluctuation. You can use the same flat iron after the keratin treatment application. You don’t have to go over 400 degrees when styling your hair.

So, which flat iron should you use during the keratin treatment? The following flat irons are good choices to be used during the keratin treatment application and after.


1. Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by Karma Beauty (Amazon)

The ideal sized titanium plates make this hair straightener a really one-pass flat iron. It can straighten your super thick hair fast, leaving it feeling silky smooth. The plates glide smoothly through the hair without snags, straightening it by only one pass.

MCH TECHNOLOGY- provides even heat distribution and helps maintain a consistent temperature to prevent hair damage.

Adjustable temperature settings (122°F – 450°F) allow for matching different hair types and different styling options. Approved for performing Brazilian Keratin treatments and for use after keratin hair treatments.

The rounded cool tips make it easy to curl your hair with this tool. Dual voltage makes it travel-friendly.

The long and durable 360-degree swivel cord allows for comfortable styling by preventing cord entangling.

This pink flat iron makes a beautiful gift.

2. Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin-Safe Flat Iron (Walmart)

This straightening iron has a sleek design and titanium, extra-long floating plates. It also has a ceramic heater.  The temperature setting range (250 F – 450 F) is ideal for sealing keratin treatments into your hair. You can get close to the scalp without a burn. This flat iron is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It has digital temperature settings and a locking feature which prevents you from accidentally changing the heat setting during use.

The Brazilian Heat after dark series is safe for use on your keratin-treated hair, but it will also straighten any type of hair, reducing frizz and providing shine and luster. It straightens thick, coarse hair with one swipe and makes it shiny and sleek.

A free thermal pouch is included to keep your counter surfaces free from burn marks.

3. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener (Amazon)

This flat iron works just as well as much more expensive straighteners. It has very wide plates, which helps significantly reduce straightening time. The hair remains straight all day long without any touch-ups.

The temperature settings go from 170F-450F to suit all hair types and to achieve and hold the required temperature for keratin straightening procedure. It heats up to 450 in under two minutes. The floating plate design keeps your strands from getting pulled or snagged. It glides smoothly through the natural hair, straightening it with one pass.

Flat Irons with Keratin-Infused Plates

4. BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron icon

This professional styling tool has exceptionally smooth titanium plates infused with keratin for silkier and longer-lasting results. This powerful combination conditions the hair while sealing the cuticle and enhancing shine.

When used for keratin treatments it provides enough heat (450F) to ensure the treatment is sealed into the hair. It keeps the plates evenly heated, leaving your hair with salon straight results.

BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron can be used when processing Brazilian Keratin treatments and for styling keratin-treated hair. This lightweight flat iron straightens coarse hair and leaves it silky smooth, even if you don’t have a keratin treatment in your hair. It provides sleek one-pass straightening and helps your hair stay straight for days. Your hair will stay silky and frizz-free until you wash it even if you live in a very humid area.

Flat Irons that Utilize Keratin Capsules

K3 Styling Treatment Iron introduced by Corioliss uses keratin oil capsules that fit directly into the reservoir in the iron body. The iron can be used either with the capsules inside or as a regular flat iron. Heat-activated capsules turn into a conditioning vapor, that restores strength, reduces hair breakage, and improves shine. A package of Keratin Elixr Capsules is included with purchase and can be bought separately when you need them.

Olyvya is another brand that uses Keratin infusion pills to protect and condition your hair while you style it. The pills with liquid treatment can be diluted with water before filling the reservoir. The refills are available to buy when you run out of pills.

Medical Disclaimer

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  1. This flat iron can go up 455 degrees, which is enough to ensure that the treatment is sealed into your hair. Another feature – Advanced Ceramics™ heating system helps maintain constant high heat during use. You definitely can use this flat iron for doing a keratin treatment.
    However, for best results, I would suggest a flat iron with titanium plates because titanium plates are best for maintaining consistent high heat, needed for an even sealing of the straightening product.

  2. Using a flat iron with titanium plates for smoothing treatments would provide you with better results.
    Consult your stylist before doing any chemical treatment.

  3. Yes, if you turn off the steam button. To get the best results your flat iron should have titanium plates (to provide continuous and stable temperatures) and a temperature range up to 450 F.

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