Hair Coloring Wax: Show your Creative Side

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If you think that wax is only for kids’ silly putty and slime products or is limited to the hair removal types when you need to purge those pesky, unwanted hairs, then this article will prove that you can express yourself with stealth by using hair coloring wax!

What’s Colored Hair Wax?

First, hair wax color is a temporary coloring product that holds your hair’s shape at the same time. Are you ready to shape up your color and creativity? Well, hair wax dye works by coating your strands with one or more colors you can freely choose. This product gives your hair a hold and vibrant color that lasts until you wash it out. Your hair doesn’t need to be bleached to take the color.

Get wax and wild today! The waxy texture makes the application easy. You just need to apply the product to slightly damp hair using your fingers.

Plus, different colors can be blended to create your own shades or intermixed to get a rainbow look and express your infinite creative freedom.

Smiling girl with wax colored rainbow hair

Wax Without Flack: Dodge damage since hair coloring wax is made of non-toxic herbal ingredients. It is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. You can use it daily to match your outfit or mood, without fear of damaging your hair.

Color Control: The color’s specific hue and intensity will depend upon your current hair color and how thick you apply the product.  For example, some brands are less noticeable on dark hair, so you may need a lot of the product to achieve the desired effect.

The Whole Nine Yards: Color wax works great for short styles and also for creating streaks in longer hair. If you have very long hair (think Rapunzel), it may be more difficult to apply the wax and get even coverage.

A Blast That Lasts: The color lasts in your hair until you wash it out, but the vibrancy tends to fade after the first day. You can sleep with it without worrying about hair damage or scalp irritation. The only problem is that the color may transfer to your bedding, especially if you sweat.

Wax hair color may also rub off on clothes, chairs, and anything you touch until it dries, but the stains wash out easily. Once it dries, there might be some slight rubbing.

No Stains, No Pains:  Hair paint wax washes out completely with shampooing and doesn’t leave stains, even in light blonde hair. It also washes out easily from hands and clothes.

Holla for Holidays: Other than for daily use, coloring hair wax can be a great choice for Halloween, parties, festivals, sporting events, special themed occasions, etc. It’s widely used for kids for crazy hair days at schools worldwide.

Reality Check: Don’t expect it to look as stunning as the pic on a seller’s website. Just simply regard it as an inexpensive, quick, and safe alternative to dyeing your hair for special occasions and costume events.

woman with multicolored hair playing with her hair

Waxing Ways: How to Use Colored Hair Wax?

It might take some time and practice to figure out how to get it right. If your product lacks instructions, watching a few YouTube tutorials can help.

1. Primp and Prep: It’s recommended to use color wax on clean and styled hair that’s slightly damp. The wax can be hard to work with if applied to dry hair. Sectioning your hair helps to get more even coverage.

Place a towel around your neck and shoulders or wear an old t-shirt since the application can be messy.

2. Wax On:

If you want to color all your hair, first use your fingers to fully saturate the hair with the product. Next, comb it through.

To paint on highlights, take a tiny section of your hair. Rub a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it through the section. To avoid flat and greasy hair, start from the middle of the hair, and don’t apply close to your roots.

3. Easy, Breezy: After the application, allow your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to help the process go faster. Using high heat can make thicker layers of wax unpleasantly hot.

To get a more intense color, allow the first layer to dry, and then add more layers until you obtain the desired color.

Stay Cool: Although the style created before adding the wax may be undone after your application, please refrain from using any hot tools over wax-colored hair. Use your fingers and comb for styling purposes.

blonde girl with coloring wax in her hair

Color Chameleons: How Hair Wax Color Will Show up on Different Hair Textures and Styles

Spiking and Striking: Hair paint wax works great on short hair. Use your fingers to apply the wax and your hair will stay in place. The wax will harden when dry, but this can help you to create spiky hairstyles if you like them.

Long hair: Colored hair wax works great for creating streaks in long hair or for coloring only small sections of the hair. When applied over all of your head, it can make long straight hair feel very stiff and greasy. However, curly and kinky hair isn’t affected that way. Additionally, the product tends to rub off on your clothes, especially if you use a generous amount.

Straight hair: Hair wax dye isn’t recommended for full coverage on straight, long hair. Your hair will be stiff and hard to style. However, you can color only your bangs or create streaks to easily add a pop of color to your straight, long hair.

Curly hair: Coloring hair wax works perfectly on curly and thick hair. It makes natural curls more defined and retains the length of tightly curled locks.

a woman with curly, wax colored hair

DYE Natural curly hair without damaging it!! YouTube Video by TiffanyTV

Fine Line: This product isn’t compatible with fine and thinning hair textures. It can leave fine strands weighed down and sticky. Use your creativity to get some vibrant highlights and don’t apply the products too close to the roots.

Rad and Rasta: Application to dreadlocks is extremely easy, so you can get a great, temporary, new look. Repeat washing your hair a few times to make sure to rid the entire product from your locks.

Wee Ones: Hair coloring wax offers something new and safe for kids who aren’t candidates for traditional hair dyes. Styling capability and a variety of colors will do the trick when they want to play with their hair color and express their wee creativity with glee! 

Gray hair: This product isn’t meant to provide coverage for gray hair, but white-haired people can enjoy playing with different styles and colors. The product washes out easily and doesn’t discolor white hair.

Band of Brands: Color Blast Temporary Hair Makeup Wax by Curls Unleashed (moisturizing beeswax makes your curls pop), Wax A Splash of Color by Hair Paint Wax LLC Store, Wash Out Hair Color Paint Wax by SUNCHARM, and Hair Coloring Wax by MOFAJANG.

If you like vibrant colors, but you’ve never been courageous enough to dye your hair with eye-catching colors, this product will allow you to fulfill your dream, without making a permanent change.

Fashion girl with hair color wax in the hair

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