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Written by Evelyn Davies

Wanna know what’s now? Got an appointment and can’t decide? Let me break down our current color trend for you.

So, we’ve been trawling through our resources for this year’s winter current trend inspo and it’s time for balayage to go to block, multi tones to turn opaque and dull to super shine.

One thing I noticed that was a general influence for this season was our favorite edge era – the 90s. We all knew our face-framing highlights had evolved into the chunky money pieces over summer, and be prepared to see more colors with a monotonal look or color panels emerging through. Like our money pieces, going are the multi fine-highlights and were bringing back block. Wave goodbye to those delicate balayages and say hello to solid color if you want to stay on-trend.

Woman with a trendy hair color


Timeless, elegant, and bold. Cliché for winter, right? True, but hey, we love a classic. Shiny darks with a super high-end gloss are a dominant color gracing the hair industry. Dark is the opposite of… well, light! So, you got more chance of light reflection, giving you a high shine. Not only that, but the hair color tends to hold longer than your toned blondes, vivids, and medium tones. Making this color a great option for those clients looking for longevity and simplicity. Not only that, but it can cut your appointment time in the salon, leaving you free to spend more time doing whatever it is that fills your soul.

However- the fact it lasts so well in the hair can prove a little problematic in a salon if you decide to change from this tone. Bare in mind the future you. If you’re a hair color chameleon I’d suggest avoiding a permanent dark color.  Removing dark permanent color can be a thing of a nightmare for us hairdressers… It can be quite a slow process – Timely and costly. It’s best with a dark color to go for something less invasive than a permanent color. Plus, I find demi/semi-permanent gives a much higher gloss effect. Which is what we’re after, right?


Are you a fan of fantasy hair? And happy to rock something a little different? This is the trend for you. This technique doesn’t have to be super bold in contrast, and you can make it as subdued or as daring as you fancy. 

Split block color emerged over the summer, and it’s here to stay. Colors tend to be more on the warm end of the spectrum executed in salons, and it’s kind of a cool way of going half-sies. Can’t make your mind up? I’ll have my left side dark and my right side caramel, please!  However, influencers all over social media have been going very contrasting, and I’ve seen velvety black against baby whites, acid greens, deep purples, and whatever cool-concoctions they can get their hands on for something a little different.

a client with peek-a-boo hair in the salon

Also under this trend category is the peek-a-boo panels. Slices and panels of fashion color are the perfect way to give your hair a funky pop. Without the commitment of a full hair overhaul, the placement can vary to be hidden for a secret flash or striking for an all-bearing obvious streak – Pardon the pun – I think this trend gets me a little excited.

Still a big favorite in fashion, chunky face-framing money pieces! It’s a great way of highlighting your skin tone and trying something a little different. 90s-Esque and super quirky can be rocked in a more subtle-similar-toned effect, or, if you’re feeling bold, give it a vivid punch of color. Either way, the trends bang on, and it’s definitely the most popular of the block techniques emerging.


Now, who’d have thought this whole virus is affecting color trends emerging? Well, it’s a thing. Covid had us in lockdown for so long that we began to embrace our natural pigment. (eek) I’ve seen some beautiful icy greys and silvers on clients with natural grey. I’ve got the feels for this winter color, and there’s nothing more I love to see than people embracing their natural beauty.

As well as icy, the fully dark trend is a technique that is a little easier to maintain if we go into another wave of lockdown. As I mentioned, it lasts well, it’s less commitment, and if it does get to the point where people are desperate to cover their roots, it’s an easier attempt than home hi-lighting. (I personally do not advise home coloring at all.) It’s not ideal for my fellow stylists, but we totally get we are all in difficult times.

So, there you have it. Our tonal trends. The fantasy techniques and even the situational factors affect our color fashions. Whatever you decide to opt for on your hair – stay colorful 🙂

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