Keratin Hair Oils: Benefits and Products Worth Your Attention

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What is Keratin Oil?

Chemical processing such as bleaching, perming, and chemical straightening can damage the protective layer around hair and strip your hair of its natural proteins. The frequent use of heat-styling tools can further weaken over-processed hair.

Damaged hair is dry, fizzy, and can suffer from breakage. Such hair needs special reparative and nourishing products to recover. Keratin-replenishing hair products may help to temporarily fix the hair that suffers from protein damage. One of the popular keratin-infused hair care products is keratin oil.  

The term “Keratin oil” is used mainly for marketing purposes. Keratin oil is usually a blend of hair oils that is infused with micro-particles of keratin proteins. The inclusion of hydrolyzed keratin makes hair oils more versatile. Such oils, in addition to providing protective and moisturizing benefits, temporarily repair damaged hair.

The hydrolyzed protein particles fill in the gaps in porous hair strands, smoothen the cuticle, and bring out natural luster. If you apply a small amount of oil before blow drying, your hair will look healthier after styling.

A woman applying keratin oil to hair ends

What Are The Benefits of Keratin-Enriched Hair Oils?

A keratin-enriched oil is an intensive treatment for dry, processed, and damaged hair. The most common benefits of using keratin-infused hair oil include:

Optimal strength: If your hair is over-processed and damaged, keratin-infused oil will repair damage and make it stronger and healthier from within, making it more resistant to breakage and splitting. This will help your hair grow longer.

Healthier-looking hair: Keratin molecules bond to the rough hair strands and seal the cuticles, leaving hair smoother and silkier. Hair oils with keratin restore shine to dull hair, define curls, and heal dry ends.

Thicker strands: Hydrolyzed proteins help restore the missing protein and add thickness to the strands, making hair look fuller.

Frizz and static control: If you have coarse, frizzy hair, a keratin-rich oil will protect the hair from frizzing and eliminate static electricity, making it easier to style and allowing you to maintain your style longer.

Heat protection: Most keratin-infused oils are made to protect against thermal damage. Read the product description carefully to make sure that the oil protects against heat damage.

Balanced moisture levels: A keratin-infused oil hydrates hair and keeps a healthy protein-moisture balance within the hair, so you don’t have to worry about protein overload.

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Brunette using a spray with keratin oil

Keratin Oil Brands

When purchasing keratin oil for the first time, buy a smaller package to ensure that the product works for your hair and experiment on wet or dry hair.

1. It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Oil Plus Keratin is advertised to transform weak and over-processed strands into strong, silky, and beautiful hair. It is formulated to protect the hair from heat, preserve the color, tame the frizz and static, and add instant shine.

This product works best for thick, curly hair and dry/frizzy hair. Use a small amount and work it through towel-dried hair before blow-drying.

You can also use It’s a 10 Oil on dry hair after styling. Make sure not to overdo it, as too much oil can make your hair look greasy, especially if you have straight, fine, or thin hair.

2. L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment could be the best choice for people with fine hair who struggle to find an oil that doesn’t weigh their hair down. This oil is designed to reduce drying time, provide thermal protection, and deliver outstanding shine.

A blend of botanical oils, Phytoceramides, and keratin amino acids work to retain optimal moisture levels and restore hair strength, leaving hair silky smooth, and free from frizz and flyaways.

L’ANZA keratin healing oil is lighter than shine exchanging serums, and it is completely absorbed by your hair within 10 minutes. It has a mild, fruity smell that doesn’t linger in the hair.

This oil should be applied to clean, damp hair before blow-drying. You can also use a small amount after styling to add extra shine.

3. HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil is designed to make hair healthy and smooth and provide a gorgeous shine. If you have dry hair, this keratin-infused oil will replenish moisture and smooth the cuticle, making your hair appear softer and frizz-free.

This deliciously scented hair oil is infused with hydrolyzed keratin and comes in vials.

As with most keratin oils, it works best if you use a small amount and apply it only from the middle sections to the ends of your hair.

How to Use Keratin Oils

a girl is applying oil to towel-dried hair

Drop a nickel size amount in your palm, rub it between your hands, and apply it to freshly washed towel-dried hair. Start using the smallest amount possible because too much product can make your hair appear oily. You can add more if needed.

If you have fine or thinning hair, focus on the ends and avoid the roots.

If your hair is on the oily side, use a pea-sized amount on the ends.

If your hair is thick and coarse, you can use a bit more oil, by distributing it evenly from the roots to the tips.

Hair oil with keratin oil can also be used on dry hair to smooth frizz, tame static that makes strands fly away, and improve shine. You can use the oil whenever your hair feels dry. Just make sure to avoid the roots.

Don’t panic if your hair looks a little greasy after application; for some oils, it can take up to 15 minutes for hair oils to fully absorb.

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