How to Apply Keratin Treatment at Home

In salon Keratin treatment is a fairly expensive service, so doing the treatment yourself at home will save you on expense. However to get desired results you need to wisely select the product and carefully read the instructions included. It is a good idea to ask for assistance someone who is more experienced.

The complete application can take from 2 to 4 hours. The treatment cannot be rushed because it needs time to work properly. You need to be patient and work slowly. If you need to color your hair, it is a good idea to start with color first and then apply keratin treatment. It is recommended to avoid coloring the hair for two weeks after the treatment.

Things You’ll Need:                           

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Keratin product
  • Flat iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Applicator brush
  • Round brush or paddle brush
  • A wide-tooth comb
  • Latex Gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Mixing bowl
  • A mask

Choosing the Right Product

It is important to use quality product to get best possible results. Keratin hair products are available in some salons, but you can find them online as well. Choose one that is formulated without formaldehyde. Avoid cheap products because they will not give you lasting results.

Step 1: Clarify

The treatment will work better on clean hair. Clarified hair is more absorbent and ‘receptive to keratin product. Use clarifying shampoo to remove every product residue from your hair, and to make hair more porous for better absorption. Wash your hair at least twice, focusing on the hair, not the scalp. After the final shampoo, rinse the hair thoroughly. Do not apply conditioner.

Step 2: Dry Hair Completely

After towel blotting, gently comb your hair to detangle. Use a blow-dryer on high heat to dry hair completely. Your hair should be thoroughly dry before applying.

Step 3: Comb and Separate Hair

Comb hair again to remove all knots and tangles. Using large clips, separate your hair into four sections, leaving the bottom section down.

Step 4: Application

Put on your plastic gloves. Apply Keratin product with a bowl and brush or with a spray bottle. Apply the keratin infusion onto 2-inch sections of hair and about ½ inch from the scalp. Start from the nape of the neck and work upwards through the sections. Work on one section at a time, applying a small amount of product and always using a comb to evenly spread product. Rake through the strands with your gloved fingers to ensure that all hair in the section is entirely coated with the solution. Do not apply the product directly to the scalp or skin. Once the product is applied to each section, comb the treatment through the hair to ensure even distribution from root to tip and to remove excess product. Comb away from your face, until the comb runs through the hair clean, to ensure that the hair is not soaked with the product.

Do not rinse. Allow treatment to process for 10-30 minutes (see instructions). Very resistant, coarse hair, need more time to absorb the solution than chemically-treated or damaged hair.

Step 5: Blow-Drying

Once the processing time is complete, put on your mask and make sure you have windows/doors open for ventilation. Blow-dry the hair with hair dryer set to high speed, but medium heat. Blow-dry your hair, using a round brush or paddle brush until it is completely dry. Wait about 15 minutes before you proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Sealing the Keratin

You should wear your mask before beginning the straightening process. Use a high quality flat iron with titanium plates that is able to maintain high heat. Divide your hair into sections and leave one section down at the back of your neck. Flat iron 1/8 inch sub-sections of hair carefully until no visible product vapor remains, keeping the iron in constant motion. Follow the guide for the correct temperature for your hair type if you have one.

Pass each section 8 to 10 times with the flat iron on a high heat setting and at a constant speed and pressure. It is important to iron your hair very thoroughly and systematically to ensure that the keratin solution is fully infused into your hair shaft. Lead with the comb to help guide and control each section as strengthen the hair. Continue the process, gradually releasing hair sections down, until your whole hair is straight.

Step 7: Rinsing

Leave your hair alone for about an hour. After an hour, rinse the hair with water, no shampoo and apply a neutralizing conditioner. After five minutes, rinse the hair thoroughly.

Step 8: Post Treatment Care

You shouldn’t use shampoo for 24/48/72-hour period depending on which solution has been applied.

Avoid getting your hair wet, but if it gets wet accidentally during the 3-day period you should dry and re-iron the hair.

Keep your hair straight and loose, and avoid wearing a ponytail or bunches to prevent premature curling.

Do not use hair clips, headbands or hair ties for three days following the treatment as they can create waves in the hair.

After 24 /48 /72-hour time you can wash and condition your hair using a gentle shampoo that is free of sulfates and sodium chloride.

Keratin Treatment Application – Video

There are no scientific studies that prove traditional Brazilian Keratin treatments safety. Because of the high amounts of formaldehyde used in some products, medical experts recommend that you should stay away from formaldehyde containing Keratin treatment products.


Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.


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