Secrets about Workout Shampoos no One Told you Before

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Short Story about Workout Shampoos 

Sellers of hair products suggest using dry shampoo after a workout and force you to buy their products, but they don’t tell you how to properly use dry shampoo to effectively refresh sweaty hair.

If you use dry shampoo to absorb sweat during a workout session, you should apply it to the hair before a workout. Another way to use dry shampoo to manage sweaty post-gym hair is to apply dry shampoo after a workout session. For best results, make sure to towel-dry your hair before application. If you apply dry shampoo to wet hair, your hair will feel powdery and gritty. Try to remove as much moisture as possible and then use dry shampoo.

However, there is even a better way to deal with sweaty hair after a workout.  Dry shampoo mists and foaming dry shampoos work better on sweaty hair than regular dry shampoos. These types of no-rinse shampoos don’t build on your scalp or leave your hair overly dry. After application, towel-dry your locks and then use a blow dryer to refresh your style.

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In this post, you will learn how to prepare your hair for a workout to minimize the unwanted effects of sweating. You will also discover some dry shampoos formulated especially for absorbing sweat, as well as dry shampoos mists. You will be able to achieve your fitness goals without ruining your hairstyle.

Should you Wash your Hair after every Workout        

Exercising causes sweating, and sweaty hair is messy, limp, and smells unpleasant. Regular exercising requires frequent hair washing. Daily hair washing takes time because the hair must be dried and styled.

Another problem with frequent hair washing is that chemicals in hair shampoos can strip natural oils and leave your hair dry and vulnerable to damage.

But you don’t have to give up the benefits of physical activity because of the negative effects of sweating on your hair. Instead, you can learn how to minimize the effects of sweating and how to quickly refresh your hairstyle after a workout without shampooing.

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How to Prep Your Hair for Exercising

To have as few problems with sweaty hair as possible, it is advisable to prepare your hair before exercising. This makes it easier to exercise and is your hair is less exposed to moisture. Sweatbands help absorb sweat, so less moisture remains in your hair. These headbands also look attractive and add style to your fitness outfit.

Another way to reduce exposure to sweat is to put your locks into a protective hairstyle before you start exercising. If you put your hair into braids, it will touch your sweaty skin less during exercise. Low buns or a ponytail are also useful options. If you tie your hair, use covered rubber bands that don’t leave dents or cause breakage.

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We already mentioned that dry shampoo used before a workout will reduce hair sweating. One of quality dry shampoos that is formulated to absorb sweat during exercising is Living Proof Perfect hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (Available at Sephora).


How to Refresh Hair after Workout                 

Although washing your hair after exercise is not necessary, sweaty hair can look greasy and unsightly when it dries. If you use a dry shampoo to refresh your hairstyle, be sure to towel- dry your hair well and then apply the dry shampoo to the hair roots. Examples of well-known brands of dry shampoos that are designed for use after workouts are DOVE Go Active Dry Shampoo (Package contains dry conditioner and dry shampoo sheets) and Klorane Detox Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint (mint scent and cooling sensation).

If your hair is on the dry side frequent use of dry shampoo can make it even drier. Dry shampoos also tend to accumulate on the scalp and may clog scalp pores. So, consider using foaming dry shampoo or dry shampoo mist instead of standard dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo Mists – the Miracle After- Workout Hair Refreshers

Dry shampoo mists are a good alternative to dry shampoos if you need to refresh your hair after a workout.

These shampoos can be applied to the hair without thorough towel drying. After applying it, wait several minutes, then use a towel to remove moisture and dirt.

Dry shampoo mists don’t dry out the hair because they contain water and other hydrating ingredients. They also do not leave residues or build-up on the scalp. Your hair feels clean and refreshed, even though you have not washed it in the shower. Make sure to always shake the bottle well before use. One of the most known brands is Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist. This liquid mist is formulated specifically to take sweat and smell from the hair after workouts. For people who are sensitive to strong odors, it might isn’t the right choice. 

Other liquid mist brands that are worth considering are SUNDAY II SUNDAY ROOT REFRESH Micellar Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar (soothing to the scalp) and SWAIR Showerless Shampoo.

Foaming dry shampoos are a good concept for cleaning and deodorizing sweaty hair but currently available products are not worth your attention.

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