Introduction to Botox Hair Treatment

Right now, there is a new revolutionary hair treatment out on the market that’s been garnering a lot of attention. It’s called Hair Botox, and can actually reverse damage to the hair cortex and hair cuticles while straightening, hydrating, and bringing your hair back to life.
The way that Botox procedure can wind back the clock for your facial wrinkles, Hair Botox can transform hurt and abused hair back to its lustrous, natural form. With this moisture-injecting procedure, your hair will become healthy, radiant and much more manageable.

Don’t let the name of this fool you, though—Unlike Botox injections, this version of the miracle treatment is a little different. It contains no Botulinum and is applied on the hair to work a brand of magic similar to a Keratin treatment, where it penetrates the cuticles and fills in the gaps and breakages. It easily mends tears in the hair follicles, creating a sleeker, shinier, and tougher strands.

What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox contains a protein-rich formula which fixes the imperfections in each individual strand of hair with active ingredients. This mixture of proteins, caviar oil, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, natural acids, and healing agents promises to moisturize, nourish, and restore hair from inside out. Hair becomes softer, frizz-free, and further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.

Did you know that a bad hair day is not just a one-time problem? This is your hair’s way of showing you that it needs immediate help! With all the coloring and styling we do, our hair is crying out. Just using conditioner is not enough to keep your hair healthy. Hair Botox literally reverts your hair back to its healthiest state by plugging up all the holes, repairing internal damage, fixing the tears, and hydrating withered hair.

As we age, so does our hair. It produces less Keratin over time, a protein complex essential for vitality. Dying can cause the cuticles to remain open for long periods of time, which makes hair lose its strength. Hair Botox works through each piece of hair, from root to tip, restoring from the destruction that we wreak upon ourselves.

Who is Hair Botox For? 

Hair Botox works on all types of hair! Straight hair, curly hair and any type in between will benefit from this treatment. Everyone deserves manageable hair, and this protein-packed formula delivers noticeable results. Here are a few of the reasons why you may need hair Botox:
• If your hair is dry or damaged
• Your once lovely locks appear dehydrated and frizzy
• Your hair is dull and lifeless
• If your scalp and hair have dandruff
• Hair that has gone through bleaching, coloring, or highlighting
• Hair with split-ends
• Overly curled, straightened, or styled hair

What are the Benefits of Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair Botox contains acidic compounds that make it safe to use without any harmful chemicals that are in common smoothing treatments such as Keratin treatment. There is no formaldehyde and no parabens. This newly popular conditioning mask cannot hurt your hair. It instead repairs any tears. Going through this process will establish that your hair is healthy and beautiful for a long time. It also protects against dandruff, psoriasis and other scalp conditions, as well as minimizing hair loss.

How to Apply Hair Botox at Salon

What is the Treatment Experience Like?

First, the professional administering the treatment will clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo, to strip the strands of all residues and open hair shaft cuticles. After sectioning the hair the product will be applied to the hair and scalp and allowed to soak for approximately 45 minutes.

Once the product is fully absorbed, the hair is then washed with a sulfate-free shampoo and blow-dried carefully to ensure no breakage occurs. The flat iron is then used to seal the ingredients into the hair strands, resulting in healthy, silky, shiny and easy to style hair.

How to Do a Botox Hair Treatment at Home 

Will My Hair be Completely Straight?

Definitely not! This treatment enhances your hair’s natural texture in order to make it more manageable and radiant. If your hair is naturally straight it will become shinier and smoother. Heavy curls will become smoother and frizz-free. Coarse hair will see an immediate reduction in frizz and the treatment will make dry and brittle hair shinier and healthier.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Botox hair treatment generally lasts between two to four months and is recommended to be reapplied afterward. You must use sulfate-free shampoos, similar to those used after a Keratin treatment, to maximize the effects.



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67 thoughts on “Introduction to Botox Hair Treatment”

  1. Where can I purchase the hair botox treatment? What are the best brands? And what do they cost?

  2. You can explore price options at website. Here are some product ASIN numbers:

  3. Hi ,
    Recently i did Hair botox in a salon whoch is an expensive treatment. But after applying botox waited for 2 hours and without washing they ironed my hair. They said after three days i can wash my hair. But now its straight but so sticky not easy to comb bcz of the product in hair. Is this process of botox?
    Thanks & Regards

  4. Hello
    I am sorry to read that you are not happy with the results you have got.
    There is no exact definition of hair botox treatment. There are many products and treatments being marketed as hair botox. The application process and aftercare instructions may vary from salon to salon. Generally, hair botox is an organic re-constructive treatment that help damaged hair get back to its normal, healthy state.

    Please keep in mind that consultation is the first step of any hair treatment. If you are not satisfied in this step look for another stylist. Do not stop until you find one you do trust. Good stylist will take his time to carefully examine your hair and provide you with detailed information about the treatment process, results and aftercare. Good lack!

  5. Hi all,

    Was looking for suitable Hair Botox products online and came across this post and a few others.

    I saw a few products mentioned here from Amazon.

    There’s another website that shows a bit more about the products. The Inoar package seems to be the best right now.

    Check it out here:

    Hope that helps.


  6. No, it is not. The treatment takes about two hours. After the treatment is rinsed out you can wash your hair when you want, and you can also style it as you wish.

  7. I had a pemenent perm done to my hair on june 25, 2015 it damaged my hair. I was thinking to do hair botox. But not sure if i can after the perm. Also i feel when i do make that the one with collagen efect my face. Will that be the same if i do botox please let me know soon

  8. Although often sold in ampoules hair botox is a topical hair treatment and will not effect your face. However, the treatment can greatly improve the condition of your chemically treated hair.

  9. I’m concerned about the hairbotox but not really sure which one is the best brand to go for.
    Because nowadays there’s a lot similar hairbotox companies and don’t which is suitable for my hair. but I was recommended of crystal Dna hairboost from a friend.need a little information help.

  10. You can oil your hair after receiving Hair Botox treatment. The choice depends most on your hair type.
    Look for cold pressed oils lake argan, coconut, avocado, jojoba, or extra-virgin olive oil. Some pure essential oils can greatly improve the condition of the scalp and hair. For dry hair consider using natural essential oils such as lavender, geranium, and rose essential oil. If your hair is more on the oily side look for essential oils of eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemongrass, sage, rosemary, basil, tea tree, or peppermint.

  11. I had the treatment done last Sunday, it is now Wednesday and i was supposed to go back for a wash but im not able to because i just know it’ll be kinda pricey,
    but im afraid to wash my hair with jut any shampoo but im also afraid of going back to the salon and paying 40 dollars for just getting my hair washed.
    is there any shampoos that i can buy at Walgreens that will do good to my hair and my wallet?

  12. Be sure to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Mastey Enove Natural Bodifying Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair, Sulfate-Free and Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo are reasonably priced and gentle enough to maintain your treatment results.

  13. Hi:
    I did hair Botox in a salon one month ago but it damaged my hair and I had to cut it. Can I have a keratin treatment now or should I wait? Thank you

  14. Find a reliable hair salon and trusted hairdresser who will take his/her time to carefully evaluate your hair and suggest you how to take best care of your hair and tell you if it is suitable for Keratin treatment.

  15. Hi, I used semi perm hair color and started using hair Botox. My questions is can I apply the semi perm hair color the same day I do the Botox and if so should I apply the color first and the Botox after or what is your recommendation? My hair can easily brake and with the Botox treatment I’m trying to give it some strength. Thank you so much in advance for your feedback!!

  16. Semi-permanent hair dyes only deposit color, and they will not cause any damage to hair if applied on the same day as Hair Botox. But both treatments may be less effective if performed on the same day. Your color results will be less effective if you dye hair before the treatment because Hair Botox treatment include using a clarifying shampoo which may partially wash out your semi-permanent color. Your Botox treatment if performed in such order also might be slightly less effective as hair will be less porous after conditioning effect of semi permanent hair color. Dying hair immediately after the treatment using semi permanent dye will not affect the results of your Hair Botox treatment but your hair will be less receptive to color than before the treatment. Conclusion: For optimal results it is recommended to wait at least 4-5 days before applying semi-permanent hair dye.

  17. I’ve been getting keratin treatments for a few years. Last few were Brazilian blowout zero. My hair is long and very shiny when dry but porous, tangly, and pulls out easy when wet. Can I do a hair botox to help put some strength back into my hair??? It’s been four months since my last keratin treatment.

  18. Hi,since last six months I have been loosing hair my hairdresser examined my hair an said it was because of the stress. I am doing AMOS green tea hair treatment at the moment, my hair dresser also recommended hair botox but im not sure,may be it will make my hair to fall out even more, I am thinking to do it but worried.should I go for it?

  19. I had done a botox treatment on my hair 2 weeks back the results were not good and i am not happy. After complaining to the salon manager she offered me to reoeat the process os it safe to repeant the procedure again ..just worried about the outcome don’t want to damagey hair further …..plz help

  20. You seem to be the perfect candidate for Hir Botox treatment. Disscus with your stylist or saloon owner about specific hair Botox product they use. Since you prefer using chemical free formulas be sure that your choosen salon uses a safe and high quality product.

  21. I always emphasize the importance of finding a stylist you can trust too. Hair Botox can be applied two weeks after the previous treatment if the saloon uses safe and quality products and has a certified stylist to perform the service. Make sure that your hair is in good hands.

  22. Hello, I did the hair botox treatment today but instead of 45 minutes they let it soak for 20 minutes or less. After that they rinsed my hair with water and blow dried it without flat ironing it afterwards. Can this damage my hair? I’m so unhappy after I read this article because it was very expensive and they clearly did not do the process well.

  23. Different products require different application procedure. It is important that you get the result you want and that your salon uses safe, non-toxic products.

  24. Where do you get hair botox treatments? what salon on south shore in MA? if I had a Bosley hair transplant and my hair is thinning and fragile, should I do it? what can girls with horrible thinning hair do to take out frizz. please help please send answer to my email address thank you

  25. Can I color and highlight my hair the day after a hair Botox treatment? I have an unexpected trip and my color got washed out a bit after the treatment. Can I go to the salon the next day or Do I have to wash my hair before getting it colored?

  26. For best results, wait at least two weeks after Botox hair treatment to perform color service. To correct previous color mistakes or to refresh existing color after several washes, consider having a tinted hair glaze or tinted hair glossing treatment which is less harsh to your hair then permanent hair dyes.

  27. I am getting hair botox done on the 20th. Can I bleach and dye my hair a few weeks after getting it done? I have jet black hair and want to bleach it so I can dye it pink or purple so it would undergo a lot of damage but I am planning on using olaplaex. Will bleach & dye reverse the effects of hair botox?

  28. I was told that sweat especially after gym will damage the hair after the botox treatment. How true is this?

  29. Hi
    I was wondering should I dye my hair first or do hair botox first
    My hair is very damaged and I’m trying to make it silver and already bleached my hair only the silver dye is what I have to apply

  30. I had botox treatment at salon yesterday. My hair is smooth + frizz-free. I’m suppose to go back Sat am for mask treatment. My hair looks so FLAT + THIN. Advised mask will make treatment last 3-4 months. I know healthy treatment… but I hate how it looks! Is it because the botox is still in my hair and not really rinsed out?? Will I be able to set/curl it.. and will it look like my hair has body again?
    Should I skip the mask? Help asap please!

  31. The product will wash out of your hair. You can curl your hair if you like. To get some volume use volumizing products based on natural ingredients like Blow up the Volume Foam from Shear Miracle Organics or Volumizing Hairspray by Natures Therapy. You can also try a sugar based styling spray to add body and help tame frizziness.


  33. It is advisable to wait at least a week after color service before performing hair Botox treatment. Light colored hair might experience slight color fading after applying certain Botox hair products. Discuss the possible outcomes with your stylist.

  34. I have really curly hair, kind of dried out. If I keep repeating the Botox treatments, will it become more wavy than curly? Will it look longer? Thanks

  35. I just had a Keratin treatment on Tuesday and they have me coming back on Friday to have my hair washed and a Botox treatment put on. In reading here it looks like you would have one or the other not both. Is there a type of botox treatment for after Keratin?

  36. Your ends are dry because of the bleaching process. Select a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner designed for dry, colored, or damaged hair. Do deep conditioning treatment once a week and rotate between protein and hydration hair mask. Getting regular trims helps keep split ends at bay and makes your overly processed hair look healthier. Discus with your stylist using Olaplex when you decide to bleach again. Consider less harsh treatments, such as hair gloss and hair glaze.

  37. I just got Botox treatment a week ago. However, when I went to my address to get a touch up she highly recommended me to do the Botox. So I did. I love it but my roots and edges are still kinky but soft. Can I still get a perm touch up around the edges and roots? If not, what is your recommendation for my roots and edges.

  38. For those still looking, Prismax has a really good hair botox product with a lot of Vitamin B to support hair growth. I found them on Facebook. The product comes in concentrated vials, and you can just add water. It comes with clear instructions on how to use it in different applications. (You can bring the instructions to your hair stylist if that makes you more comfortable, too.) I just did it at home. It was pretty easy to follow. My hair felt so soft and was nice and shiny while it lasted. I loved the results. Next time I have an event, I’ll be sure to try it again.
    Here’s the link I bought from:

  39. Hi
    I had hair Botox done today 1st we colored my hair which I know was harsh because I wanted the Ombré then we applied the hair Botox, my stylist said I should come back after three days to wash and put the correct toner in to achieve the colour I want and he will re iron it for me and then only after three days I can wash it again. Do you think this will work or is it going to damage my hair. Really worried after seeing all these comments . Please advise

  40. Hair Botox treatment is not damaging to the hair if you use the right product. The temperature should be set in accordance with your hair type and condition. Feel free to discuss your concerns with your stylist. Make sure that you chose a stylist you can trust. If you are worried about hair damage due the lightening process, ask your stylist to incorporate a bond multiplier like Olaplex, ColorpHlex or B3 Brazilian Bond Builder into your color service. Protein fillers are also of great help. Those products will also help with heat damage. Most of bond builders have a milder version of the product for use at home to keep bleached hair strong and healthy.
    Consider Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment, which is affordable, easy to apply and doesn’t require a flat iron to seal the treatment in your hair

  41. Hi
    I was wondering should I dye my hair first or do hair botox first
    My hair is very damaged and I’m trying to make it silver and have to bleach it again.
    Please advise,

  42. I would suggest performing coloring service before applying Hair Botox, or waiting at least two weeks after Botox hair treatment. Your hair is not ideally receptive to color pigments immediately after Botox hair treatment.
    Ask your stylist to integrate Olaplex or any Olaplex alternative (such as ColorpHlex) in your color service to prevent chemical damage from bleaching. You might want to read this post about protein fillers, which also help prevent hair damage from bleaching:

  43. Your article is very helpful
    I want to know only one-thing I have curly hair as I read in your article in Botox procedure they use flat iron my question is that after Botox treatment whenever I wash my hair it will straighten or back to curly?? And I have to use flat iron after every hair wash and I am also interested in your product please let me inform how can i buy. Hair Botox also for men?

  44. Hair Botox treatment doesn’t have strong straightening effect, but it may loosen your curls for a few weeks. Your hair will not be as curly after washing as it used to be before doing Hair Botox. If you wish tighter curls, you can use curling iron to achieve the desired style. Ask your stylist to tailor the treatment to your needs.
    I don’t know any reason for sex based limitations in using hair Botox products.
    If you are interested in keratin treatment that will not affect your waves, read this post please:

  45. Prismax Botox hair product can be used on color treated and chemically straightened hair. It would be best to consult a professional to evaluate your hair and decide which method to use to apply the treatment to your hair. Application method can vary depending on the condition of your hair.

  46. Yes, you can but the product won’t be effective if used immediately after the Botox hair treatment. Wait at least two weeks, and when your hair starts to become more porous use Olaplex No.3 to reconnect damaged bonds and improve the overall look of your hair.

  47. Hi, I had hair botox done today. The hairdresser told me not to wash it until tomorrow but my hair got wet by accident. I dried it quickly with a towel and after half an hour with hairdryer. Will the treatment still be effective? Thank you

  48. The effectiveness of your treatment will not be diminished by getting your hair wet. Regarding washing your hair, take suggestions from your stylist. Aftercare direction for Botox hair treatment can vary depending on the product. For most products, there is not a requirement to wait a certain period before washing your hair. For some other products, it is recommended to refrain from washing your hair 1-3 days to ensure that you will get the best results.

  49. You can if your hair is in good condition. Hair Botox treatment gradually washes away. A few weeks after receiving the treatments your hair is ready to absorb chemicals from hair treatments including a perm. Your stylist will evaluate your hair and suggest the best answer.

  50. just got Botox treatment a week ago. However, when I went to my hairdresser to get a touch up she highly recommended me to do the Botox. So I did. I love it but my roots and edges are still kinky. Can I still get a perm touch up around the edges and roots? If not, what is your recommendation for my roots and edges.

  51. Hair Botox is a gentle treatment and wouldn’t harm your hair. If performed too frequently, Hair Botox treatment can weigh down the hair. But since your hair is kinky, it shouldn’t be a problem. I wouldn’t recommend a chemical treatment for your edges. You can purchase an edge tamer to control your edges.

  52. I have a client whose hair was burnt by another stylist with a perm today. Can I apply botox a day after perm application and will it help the condition of the hair

  53. As you know, there is no cure for fried hair. Hair Botox treatment will not do any harm, but it is not able to repair badly damaged hair. If the damage had been reversible, an Olaplex stand-alone salon treatment would be helpful. For fried hair, trimming or even cutting are options that should be considered. There is also some porosity control leave in products that can temporarily hide the damage and provide good sleep for detangling to reduce breakage and add shine to over-processed hair. Some of the products to consider are KCP 3.5 Clinic Keration Silk Hair Treatment, Earth Vibes Natural Hair Detangler, Senscience CPR Cuticle Porosity Reconstructive Treatment, and Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment.

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