Does Hair Brush Straightener Work for Your Hair Type?

Traditional straightening tools like flat irons may take a while to give a sleek, shiny look that many women are aiming for. To resolve that, creators have developed a new straightening appliance that combines the heating feature of the flat iron with the convenience of an ordinary hairbrush. This new appliance is – Electric Straightening Brush.  This innovative styling tool has a heated base and bristles that enable you to straighten your hair while brushing it. This new generation of hair straighteners is claimed to be a great alternative to traditional straighteners, as they can provide faster and easier straightening.

In recent years, heated styling brushes have become a hot topic in the hair care industry and must-have beauty aid for busy individuals. But this revolutionary straightening tool hasn’t met everyone’s expectations. Some women were dissatisfied with the results and decided to stick to their conventional flat irons.

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Can a Heated Hair Brush Replace Your Flat Iron?

It depends on your needs. If pin-straight hair is what you are aiming for, you should stick to a conventional flat iron. For straightening purposes, electric brushes are less efficient than flat irons. It’s particularly hard to get your ends totally straight. But you may find this appliance good enough for quick straightening in the morning. You may want to have one for the days you don’t have time to use a flat iron.

Does Electric Hair Brush Work on all Types of Hair?

Manufacturers claim that this “new revolutionary device” can be used on all hair types. But is it possible that a single styling appliance can work perfectly for all hair types, lengths, and conditions?

In most cases, straightening brushes work well for individuals with slightly wavy hair to make their locks straighter without reducing volume and bounce.

A heated styling brush is a great time saver for individuals with curly hair and those with very thick unruly hair. Some curly-haired women are delighted with the reduction in styling time that the new straightening brushes provide, while others may be disappointed with the additional volume.

This brush may not perform well if your hair is too short, because you may experience difficulty in creating the tension needed to straighten your hair.

Some individuals with naturally straight hair use a heated brush to get more volume or to get their hair slightly curled at the ends.

For frizzy hair, ceramic hair straightening brushes with anion anti-static technology can eliminate static electricity and reduce frizz.

Does it work?! |Hair Straightener Brush on Natural Hair – video by Lovely Bryana

Hair Brush Straighteners vs Flat Irons

It is true that a heated hair brush can provide some benefits that outperform those of a traditional straightening iron. How much benefit you will experience depends on your hair type and your personal preferences. Below is the list of potential benefits that you can obtain from a quality electric hair brush:

1. Saves you time

Compared to a flat iron, by using a heated styling brush, you can shorten the time needed to straighten your hair. How is this possible? When using a heated brush, you can work on larger sections of hair, compared to when using a flat iron. A heated hair brush can handle quite a large portion of hair at once, covering the entire head faster, which definitely cuts down the time of your styling routine. It is useful for occasions when you need to smooth and style your hair fast.

2. Gentler on the hair than a flat iron

The straightening process is less damaging to the hair if you use a quality appliance and if you use it properly. Your hair will not overheat, as you don’t press it between hot plates. The duration of exposure to heat is also shorter than when you use a flat iron.

3. Straightens the hair without flattening it

A straightening brush smooths your hair without reducing the volume. Your hair will retain more body and appear less flat than it will after using a flat iron. If you want volume in your hairstyle, then this is the product for you.

4. Easy to use

Once you learn the technique, electric hair brushes offer an easier way to straighten hair, compared to ordinary flat irons.

Are there any Disadvantages?

  1. If you want to achieve pin-straight hair, then you’ll be disappointed. Your hair will not be as straight as much as you want.
  2. It may be particularly difficult to smooth the ends of your hair because they will slide away. To straighten a portion of your hair, you have to apply some tension. To create the necessary tension on the ends, use a protective glove that usually comes with the product. You may also choose to shape the ends inwards or outwards if you don’t like them pin-straight, but this may require multiple attempts.
  3. The roots may not get enough heat to straighten and your natural curl pattern may still be noticeable.
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What Makes a Quality Electric Hair Brush?

1. MCH Heat Technology

The MCH (metal-ceramics heater) saves power, heats instantly, and delivers a consistent temperature for efficient and damage-free straightening.

2. Ceramic 3D Design

A multi-dimensional ceramic heated surface design provides a larger contact area than ordinary flat surfaces and enables you to style larger portions of hair with one stroke. This ensures more even heating and helps shorten the straightening time.

3. Anti-Static Technology

Anti-static technology helps prevent static from building up on your hair by supplying hair strands with negatively charged ions. The ceramic material in a straightening brush emits negative ions that seal the cuticle, cut down frizz, and tame flyaway hair.

4. Anti-Scald Design

The anti-scald design of brush straighteners protects the skin from heat, eliminating the risk of getting burned. The handle and the bristle tips stay cool while the brush is hot inside.

5. Adjustable Temperature Control

An adjustable heat setting is a must-have feature that enables you to set the temperature according to your hair type and the desired style.

Temperature setting guide:

  1. Fine or bleached hair: up to 290℉
  2. Fairly healthy slightly wavy hair: up to 350℉
  3. Thick and curly hair: up to 390℉

MIROPURE Hair Straightener Brush – video

Tips for Using a Heated Styling Brush

Although using an electric hair brush is a fairly simple process, you should follow the directions carefully to make sure you use it properly.  There are some specific precautions and tips to follow when using a hairbrush straightener in order to achieve the best results and prevent heat and mechanical damage from occurring:

  1. Use only on freshly washed, conditioned, and dried hair. Residue and dirt in your hair can cause your hair to get tangled which may lead to breakage.
  2. Also, keep your brush clean by wiping it regularly with a dry fiber cloth to clean residue and dust that collects over time. Remove any hairs that are trapped between the bristles.
  3. Never use a heated styling brush on wet hair. If applied to wet hair, electric brushes can cause heat damage, similar to damage from flat ironing wet hair. Also, the brush won’t slide smoothly when your hair is wet. Use an electric brush straightener only when your hair is completely dry and clean.
  4. Make sure to remove any tangles before you start straightening. Using a heated brush over knotted hair may cause breakage.
  5. Apply a heat protectant to wet hair to lock in moisture and minimize the chance of heat damage.
  6. An electric hair brush straightener is more effective if you brush from underneath, by lifting a portion of hair and moving the brush from the roots to the ends. Stretching the hair slightly with your other hand can help.

What else should You Know Before Buying a Heated Hair Brush?

  • A hairbrush straightener can be a great time saver for individuals who are looking for a way to reduce the amount of time they need to flat-iron their hair.
  • You won’t be delighted with this product if you prefer pin-straight hair.
  • If you decide to have one handy when you are short of time, keep your flat iron for special occasions.
  • Try the brush before purchasing if possible.
  • Go to YouTube and watch video tutorials.
  • Take into consideration the latest models, as hair brushes are a relatively new product and may have undergone some improvements since they had been launched.
  • Select a returnable product, so you can make sure you will not waste your money.
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Disclaimer: All content on this blog is created for informational purposes only. You shouldn’t use it as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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