The Truth about Salt Free Shampoos

In addition to cleansing and conditioning agents, shampoo formulas often contain active ingredients for treating various scalp and hair conditions as well as additives to make the product more visually appealing or to increase its shelf life. Thickeners are additives used to increase viscosity, which makes the product less runny and therefore easier to spread … Read more

Five Alternatives to Olaplex

Frequent color processing can leave your hair extremely dry, inelastic, and prone to breakage, but there are products that help to strengthen your hair and improve its shine while protecting it from damage. They are called bond builders, and here’s how they play in chemical processing. Hair color and bleach contain chemicals that lift up … Read more

ColorpHlex – Protects and Strengthens Chemically Processed Hair

Although chemical processing can make fantastic new looks, it is hard on your hair. The ColorpHlex Reparative System has been developed to address that problem by protecting and strengthening your hair during chemical processing. This bond-building system uses naturally derived active ingredients to strengthen the hair from the inside out. ColorpHlex utilizes ColorStrong Complex, which … Read more

How does a Steam Flat Iron Work?

Frequent use of hair straighteners can deplete your strands of moisture because conventional flat irons use your hair’s natural moisture to create smooth and perfectly straight hair. Steaming flat irons are designed to replenish moisture during the straightening process, giving you stick straight strands without over drying your hair. Like using a steaming flat iron … Read more

Use Styling Products to Texturize Hair

What is Hair Texture? The term “texture”, regarding hair, is used to describe the thickness of each individual hair strand (fine, medium or thick). The term “texturizer” can have different meanings: In chemical services, a hair texturizer refers to a chemical product designed to slightly relax tightly coiled curls, giving them more of a wave … Read more

Almond Oil Uses for Hair and Scalp

People are exposed daily to a large number of potentially harmful chemicals in their cosmetic products. The use of chemical-infused hair care products provides short-term effects and may cause damage to the hair. Some chemicals found in your bathroom cabinet can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions, while certain toxic ingredients may harm your health … Read more

Proper Hair Care Routine for Low Porosity Hair

Hair porosity is the term for the hair’s ability to absorb moisture, styling products or chemical treatments. There are three degrees of hair porosity: high, medium (normal) and low. Overly porous hair has raised cuticles that lost their tightness because of excessive heat usage or frequent chemical processing. Highly porous hair can absorb excessive amounts … Read more

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