At Home Hair Gloss Treatments for Glamorous Hair

What is Hair Gloss Treatment? Hair Gloss is a color enhancing, shine-boosting hair treatment. This treatment can be applied as a final touch after coloring your locks, or it can be performed as a stand-alone treatment to fix dull, discolored hair. The acidic nature of glossing products seals the cuticle layer and creates a smooth … Read more

Make Your Hair Shiny by Using the Right Shampoo

The external layer of your hair, which is known as the cuticle, helps retain moisture inside the hair and provides protection to the inner hair structure. A properly sealed cuticle layer reflects light beautifully, giving your hair a smooth and shiny appearance. Natural shine is perceived to be an obvious sign of clean and healthy … Read more

Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes for Low Commitment Colors

What is a Semi-Permanent Color? Semi-permanent dyes are a gentler alternative to permanent colors. Unlike most permanent formulas, these dyes are free from ammonia, and most don’t require a developer. Semi-permanent dyes only deposit color on the hair, without chemically altering hair structure, so you can get great results without damaging your hair. Semi-permanent hair … Read more

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