Peek-a-Boo Hair Color Ideas

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blonde peekabo color in dark hair

Interested in the latest color trend? Need a new look? Peek-a-boo hair color peeked your interest? Below you’ll find some hidden hair color ideas to try.

First of all, this trend is fresh off the catwalks. The peek-a-boo hair trend is so recent, and if you want to be one of the cool kids I suggest jumping on the peek-a-boo bandwagon.  It’s a look that was about in the 90s returned in the 10s and is back in the 20s. An edgy alternative to the money piece trend, check out our blog to help you decide on your peek-a-boo hairstyle.

1. Peek-a-Boo Bangs

I think the look works really well for those of you that have fringe/bangs. A peek-a-boo panel adds an edge to a hair color that needs an injection of fun.

It is hidden hair color, that peeps through the rest of your hair. When you add a peek-a-boo hair color in bangs well, it complements the cut. Especially if you work a panel into the hair length and bangs. It draws the eye to different levels in your hair cut, gives a cool edge to your hair color, and expresses a quirky side to your personality. 

A girl with hidden hair color

2. Hidden Hair Color on Long Hair

This color technique works so nicely on you long-haired readers too.

The idea behind the peek-a-boo trend is it’s a little hidden. And long hair is great for this. Adding panels of peek-a-boo color underneath is very effective. You can hide it if you have a professional image to maintain, or you can style your hair to show it off!

3. Peek-a-Boo Highlights on Short Hair

a girl with hidden rainbow hair

The peek-a-boo trend can be more obvious on hair that’s layered or short. You want to tailor it more to your look.

If you want it more on show, ask your stylist to layer you up. If you are layered or short and want something subtle ask your stylist for finer panels for gentle pops of color. Really short hair can look patchy if there’s not enough length so best to work the panels in areas with length on shorter styles.

subtle highlights in short hair

4. Peek-a-Boo Hair Color on Dark Hair

I personally love the idea of peek-a-boo on dark hair. Sometimes we can get a little bored with our natural dark brunettes.

As beautiful as a brunette is, sometimes we want a little fun with our hair color. Peek-a-boo hair color is perfect for this. Dark hair can stay dark and you can add slices of colors you wouldn’t dream of doing usually as a natural dark. Because the color is partially hidden, you can play with tones that hairdressers would normally ban on your skin tones. YAY.

peek-a-boo color in dark hair
Image credit: @haircolorandsoul

5. Blonde Hair with Color Underneath

Blonde Hair with Color Underneath
Image credit: @angsbeautyworld

Blondes have so many color options with the peek-a-boo trend. Peek-a-boo highlights? Yes, please.

a woman with blonde peek-a-boo hair in a beauty salon

You guys are already light and bright, meaning you could have a peek-a-boo pastel, a vivid or a dark. You don’t need to pre-lighten the hair because you’re already light!! I quite like the non-commitment of having a toner color over your peek-a-boo hair panels. Something gentle for an interesting contrast. They fade out eventually so your back to blonde ready to try something new!!

Hiden underneat colors in blonde hair

6. Underneath Hair Color Ideas

There are a few color trends I noticed for the peek-a-boo shades, so you best get your hair stylist to pull the charts out for you.

Peek-a-boo copper hair. So coppery warm tones have to be the most ‘in’ choice on the peek-a-boo popularity list. It’s a versatile tone. Peaches are great on blondes, Vivid orange-reds in brunettes and sandy warms on redheads. But as always with color, these are just suggestions and sometimes the best looks are the ones not following the crowd.

Luminescent peek-a-boo. NEON is so cool on this look and there’s been a lot of neon peek-a-boos popping up on the gram. Electric blue? Zingy yellow, UV green? Do it! I dare you. Maybe this is a more summery look but we can work towards it to get our rave hair color prepared.

7. Subtle Peek-a-Boo Highlights

subtle peekaboo hair color

Going not too far from natural adds a beautiful dimension with a peek-a-boo color technique.

Go 1 shade up or down from your natural tone. It adds enough interest without being too ballsy. The panels can go a little chunkier with it being a subtle change and I really like the ‘is it? Or isn’t it’s colored, leaves a lasting impression anyways, and the best hair icons are the ones having you question what they did to get that.

subtle underneath color in long hair

8. Alternative Peek-a-Boo

a girl with peek a boo hairstyle

Weirdo that doesn’t follow the crowd? Hidden hair color ideas for you. Everything works. More is more.

Even though it’s a hot trend and you like swimming upstream, you can make your peek-a-boo color cool enough for the alternative kids. I’ve seen stylists play with root shading, hidden rainbow hair, clashing colors, and even emo-inspired raccoon tail peek-a-boos. Go wild, if it doesn’t work, it probably works for you.

Well, hope my writing has peeked your interest. (not sorry for using this twice or using it at all for that matter) Get peek-a-boo color planning, It’s a versatile trend for everyone!

Blonde hiden color in long dark hair
Bright highlights in long hair
Teenaged girl with peekaboo hair in the salon

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