Purple Conditioners for Blonde and Silver Hair

Blonde dyed hair can fade over time, revealing yellow or brassy undertones. This can be accelerated by prolonged sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated pools, and using hard water for washing hair.

Purple shampoos and conditioners are developed to tone down the brassiness and maintain the salon-fresh color of blonde and silver hair. These products also help to brighten gray hair and prevent natural blonde hair from turning yellow.

blonde hair treated with purple conditioner

How Purple conditioners Work?

Purple shampoos and conditioners use violet pigments to help neutralize brassiness and achieve a clean, whiter tone. The purple is the opposite color of yellow on the color wheel, so if your hair starts turning brassy, purple shampoo and conditioner will help cancel out worm undertones.

Purple conditioners contain the same yellow reducing ingredients that you can find in purple shampoos, but with added emollients and moisturizers to condition and hydrate your hair.

A purple conditioner can be used with the corresponding purple shampoo or after your regular shampoo. Most purple shampoos can leave the hair quite dry, while purple conditioners add moisture and leave your hair soft and manageable. If you have a drying issue using a purple shampoo, try to use a purple conditioner in combination with your regular shampoo or try a purple mask instead of purple shampoo.

5 Purple Hued Conditioners

1. ORIBE Bright Blonde Conditioner for Beautiful Color contains special violet pigments to eliminate brassy and yellow tones while restoring the softness and shine of blonde hair. A blend of Lemon, Chamomile Extract, and Ginger Root work to lighten your hair gradually.

This formula contains special ingredients to nourish porous, color-damaged hair. Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Flower Extracts) helps preserve natural keratin and reduce hair porosity while protecting your hair from oxidative stress and color fading.

Shea butter and plant oils help hydrate your hair and enhance sheen.

Sunscreens are included to protect the hair from over-drying and color fading.

Unlike other purple conditioners that are supposed to be used once a week, this conditioner claims to be safe for daily use.

2. Oribe Silverati Conditioner is specially developed to brighten gray and silver strands while restoring youthfulness, elasticity, and shine to the hair.

3. Theorie Purple Sage Brightening Conditioner is designed to keep brassiness at bay and to restore beautiful blonde and silver hair tones.

Sage herb helps regulate sebum production, combats hair loss, and stimulates hair growth.

Grape seed extract moisturizes hair, prevents frizz, and promotes hair growth.

Helichrysum extract detangles and hydrates hair, treats dandruff, and imparts shine. 

Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes hair and stimulates keratin production to strengthen the hair fiber.

This conditioning formula is infused with keratin to reverse the damage and reduce porosity.

Other natural ingredients include Salvia Officinalis Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.

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4. Loma Hair Care Violet Conditioner is an innovative blue-violet pigmented conditioner formulated to brighten blonde and grey hair. It is infused with Aloemoist Complex to prevent drying out your hair while removing brassy or orange tones.

This conditioner keeps blonde hair vibrant between color appointments and also embraces natural grey tones and prevents white hair from turning yellow.

It smells great and leaves your hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

5. Joico Color Balance Purple Conditioner is formulated to enhance your color and banish yellow tones in blonde, gray, and highlighted hair. It uses Smartrelease technology that continuously releases rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin to improve the condition of chemically processed hair. Violet pigments attach to the hair and instantly neutralize unwanted warm tones.

When combined with Color Balance Purple Shampoo it will keep your hair brass-free for up to 12 washes.

How to Use a Purple Conditioner

As previously mentioned, you can use a purple conditioner in conjunction with the matching shampoo or after your regular shampoo. It is not supposed to be used every time you wash your hair. To prevent developing a bluish tinge, limit the use of a purple conditioner to about once a week.

Shake the bottle well before use. Work the product through your hair and make sure to allow it time to work. If left longer than recommended, purple conditioner can leave a purple hue in your hair, especially if your hair is light blonde, over-processed, or overly porous. To get rid of the purple hue, just wash your hair again.

If you notice your hair feels dry, apply a deep conditioner to moisturize your strands from the inside out.

Blonde hair nourished with purple conditioner
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