Rainbow Clip-In Hair Extensions are a Trendy Option for Colorful, Temporary Highlights

Adults and children of all ages enjoy mixing up their look with fun highlights but often shy away from permanent hair colorings for several reasons. Bright hair dyes require harsh chemical treatments and bleaches, which are necessary to strip away hair pigment and are known to seriously damage hair. Permanent hair colorings are also expensive and require a great deal of time at the salon. Brightly colored highlights, in particular, require extensive maintenance and usually fade within a week or two. 

If you are looking to introduce a funky, new color to your look without the bleach, rainbow clip-In hair extensions are the ideal solution! Adding vibrant streaks of color to your hair for a special occasion or fun evening out is easy and painless and requires no commitment to long-term wear or maintenance.

What Makes Colored Clip-In Hair Extensions So Great?

Rainbow Clip-In Hair Extensions are colorful hairpieces. Each extension has a small tooth comb that easily snaps into place near the roots of your hair. This makes our extensions a great choice if you are looking for some fast and easy clip-in highlights! You can wear a single piece or many at a time, depending on your desired look. They are comfortable to wear and blend nicely with natural hair. You can easily take them off and reuse them.

They also offer the perfect “pop” of color, whether you are looking to spice up your Halloween costume or add fun and flair to a birthday party, themed party, or special event. These festive hairpieces are incredibly popular for raves, music festivals, concerts, clubs, and crazy hair days, not to mention how much fun it is to play around with them at home.

They are the perfect children’s gift.

Advantages of Using Colorful Clip-In Extensions Over Permanent Hair Dyes:

Unlike hair dye, these extensions are temporary and easy to remove.

The snap-in attachments avoid the need for damaging treatments.

Rainbow clip-in hair extensions stay bright use after use and never fade.

An especially great option for those with black hair because: 1) black hair requires especially harsh treatments to remove the pigment, and 2) chalks are time-consuming and do not show up well on dark hair.

A mess-free and the safe alternative: parents can avoid the fear of permanently damaging their children’s hair, exposing their children to harsh chemicals, or worrying about the inevitable stains from running hair dye.

Suitable for young children who are too young for harsh bleaches and dyes.

How to Attach Clip-In Colored Hair Streaks:

Brush hair thoroughly.

Lift up and clip a small section of your hair, exposing a section of hair just underneath it where you wish to clip in the extension.

Open the clip and slide the open portion under your hair close to the root line. Then secure the clip by pressing inward.

Unclip the top section of hair and blend it over the extension with your fingers to cover the clip and prevent the appearance of visible ‘bumps’.

It is fun to practice putting in the extensions. To shorten a learning curve, watch an instructional video on how to clip in hair extensions.

Useful videos:

Clip-in Colored Hair Extensions – Nish Hair #STRANDOUT

Affordable Amazon “RAINBOW” Hair Extensions | Halloween Ideas

TUTORIAL: Clip-In Colored Hair Extensions

Styling Instructions:

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before applying heat, as excessively high temperatures can damage the hair extensions. Most rainbow hair extensions are made of heat resistant synthetic fibers and can tolerate temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

To create curls, use a curling iron on the lowest heat setting. Hold the extension in the curling iron for 20 seconds. You can also use hair curlers to set the shape after dipping the extensions in moderately hot water. Then simply let them air dry and remove the curlers. Bam!

Easy Care Instructions:

Wash your hair extensions in warm water using a mild shampoo and conditioner. Immediately afterward, set them on a flat towel and let them air-dry. To help reduce static and prevent tangles, consider spraying with a mixture of conditioner and water. 

It is also important to gently brush through the extensions before putting them into your hair and again when removing them. In order to reduce the shine from the synthetic fibers, simply dab on some baby powder.

Avoid tangles by removing the hair extensions before swimming or going to bed. Easily store them for future use in a plastic bag or hang them in a dry place.

Benefits of Colored Clip-In Hair Extensions:

  • Enjoy vibrant, high quality highlights without permanent hair dyes.
  • The easy lock-in attachment makes taking them in and out a breeze.
  • Our wide selection of colors makes it easy to mix and match with any outfit.
  • The extensions can quickly be trimmed to match hair length.
  • Effortlessly try out new styles or celebrate a special day.
  • The perfect solution for cautious parents whose children demand bright highlights.
  • Super cute, vibrant hair accents that provide endless entertainment.
  • A safe method for adding length, volume, and color without damaging your hair.
  • These high-quality extensions blend nicely into natural hair.
  • Weaving them into braids adds instant bulk and color.
  • Try out fun colors and edgy styles before committing to expensive, permanent treatments.
  • The flexibility, ease of use, and a wide array of colors make these extensions a great value!

Potential Downsides:

  • Synthetic fibers do tend to have static cling and are prone to tangling. Depending on quality, some extensions can get “messy” and tangled fast but work great for a special day. Wearing them in braids and ponytails helps to reduce tangles.
  • Lower quality synthetic fibers are prone to shedding. You may notice colorful strands of hair that have separated from the extension.
  • Natural thin hair does not hide the clip as effectively and can make it easier for the clip to slip out.
  • Most packaging does not include instructions, but you can usually find the instructions on the seller’s website or by watching some YouTube tutorials.
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