Rose Gold Hair: Color Variations

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Rose gold hair is a hot trend that has been dominating the warm color pallet.

Blonde Rose Gold Hair

Blondes have the ability to guilt-free experiment with color.

Rose gold is great for those blondes with yellow tones in their hair. Instead of fighting it, a rose gold tone will work with it, meaning you don’t have to lift out those yellow tones that make your hair look brassy, leaving it in better condition, but also with a unique eye-catching color.

Rose Gold Hair Variations

Is it red? Pink? Or gold? This color leaves people struck on what to call it. It’s a mix of metallic gold with pinky-red hues. The color has the ability to be executed in many ways but I find the most popular is blonde rose gold. With so many different variations of rose gold, I decided to make this a simple guide.

Vintage rose? True Rose gold? Champagne? There are a lot of variations.

It is a hard color to a cocktail at the color bar. So, take a picture to your hair stylist if you have an image in your head. True rose gold to me looks like, well rose gold! But I have experienced clients asking for a champagne tone, and not having the result they asked for in their head. So always take pictures. There’s a huge spectrum of warm blondes.

1. Vintage Rose Gold Hair

This is my favorite version of rose gold.

Vintage rose gold hair has an undertone to mute it down a little. Giving it an aged vintage effect. Almost a matt neutral hint to move away from bold obvious reflections of color. It’s not as dense as some rose golds. I think it has a more expensive finish. With a really nice two-tone iridescent feel. Now, these words could mean anything to you as I’m a hairdresser but check my image below for a visual:

A woman with rose gold hair in a salon

2. True Rose Gold Hair

This is a classic mix of gold, red and bronzy.

True rose gold to me has a bronze undertone.

This gives it a bit more ‘spice’ than the vintage muted tone. It’s a little closer to warm metallic hair color. It’s a light bronze with a red/pink hue. Like a light copper. Making it subtle and unusual at the same time. Again, check out the image below for a visual of what I mean by true rose gold.

true rose gold hair color

3. Rose Gold Champagne Blonde Hair

This gives a nice more natural classy tone.

Now this color is not classed as a rose personally but it’s in the warm blonde family and it often gets tagged as a rose gold, so I want it to be featured. The champagne tones are a more yellow-golden-based tone. They can have a reflection of pinky silvery hues, which is why this tone kind of crosses into the rosy family. Check my image below for a clear visual.

Rose Gold Champagne Blonde Hair

4. Rose Gold Peach Hair Color

The bolder variant I see popping up on Instagram.

Peachy pinky hues are so delicately beautiful. They add a veil of sparkly warm fun to blondes. I have also seen these tones referred to a ‘rose gold’ and it’s a warm blonde so I can see why. There are no rules to what you want to call a tone, but I think it’s nice if you and your stylist can speak the same language. Check out what I’d call a peach below:

Peach pink rose gold

5. Rose Gold Brunette Hair

So, this is even MORE complex.

The problem with going a darker tone is you lose the brightness of the orange-red-pink hues in there. So, in order to have these tones peeping through, it may be realistic to lighten pieces of your hair for it to appear more obvious. It’s achievable but let me show you an image of rose gold brunettes. It loses the light behind the tone and doesn’t look as unusual.

Rose Gold Brunette Hair

As you can see, the brunette roses have multi-tones. To get that color to appear in your hair you may need to lighten it up. Also, we still have the different variations – though more subtle on a brunette tone. These tones can have more golds, reds, oranges, pinks, and even slight violets.

Looking after Rose Gold Tones

Getting rose gold can be hard and keeping rose gold can be hard.

I always recommend professional quality products for hair care. Washing less frequently in cooler temperatures helps with longevity. Also, heat protection and less heat styling can help. To top it up, toner conditioner treatments are perfect for adding hues at home whilst conditioning your hair.

Rose gold hair is a challenge.

Confusing right?? Try cocktailing it in the salon! We tailor every color.

We have to come up with the right formula for you. I’m hoping this guide gives you more clarity on what you’re looking for. Maybe even helps you and your hair stylist choose what’s best for you. And you’re ready and prepared to understand the process of getting rose gold hair.

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