Shampoos that Gradually Lighten Your Hair

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Are you seeking some new pep in your step in the form of hair color, but in a subtle manner? Well, today’s post with light up your life with guidance about the merits of lightening shampoos. Think of this article as your hair color’s volume button as we learn how to pump up your color in a cool, clever, chillaxed type of way.

First, let’s summarize what a hair-lightening shampoo is and does. A lightening shampoo is designed to gradually lighten natural, colored, or highlighted blonde hair. This product works best on dark blonde and medium blonde hair, but lighter brunettes can also achieve good results. This type of shampoo will enhance the color you already have and give you subtle lightening effects. However, if you want to lift shades, or achieve immediate results, you need to use bleach. Let’s learn more about this form of color boost!

A lightening shampoo subtly lightens the hair by neutralizing the color pigments as well as decreasing the brassy and yellow tones. For best results, manufacturers often recommend using it in combination with the complementing conditioner and a hair-lightening spray. Prove to everyone why blondes do have more fun!

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Sunny Days Ahead: Benefits of Hair Lightening Shampoos

The benefits of using lightening shampoos may vary, depending on the color, and condition of your hair. However, you’ll generally have many sunny days ahead with your hair-lightening shampoo’s many perks. Unlike sulfate-containing lightening shampoos that have a drying effect and tend to increase breakage, sulfate-free lightening shampoos are more suitable for very fine or over-processed hair. They could be your hair color’s new BFF for these 6 Heaven Advantages!

  • Booster Shot: Lightening shampoos boost and enhance natural blonde or light brown hair. They also work well for dyed blonde to medium-brown hair.
  • Life Preserver: Keep blonde hair bright and remove yellow, brassy, and orange tones caused due to exposure to chlorine, hard water, and sunlight.
  • Shed Some Light: Make light brown hair slightly lighter.
  • Time to Get Even: Make the new (dark) growth less noticeable.
  • Highlight Helper: Help to extend highlights and keep them fresh between salon visits. They also bring out natural highlights, making the hair look naturally sun-lightened.
  • Color Yoga: Stretch your color appointments by keeping blonde hair color looking bright and fresh longer. They can also stretch your wallet for that same reason!

Clock Talk: How Long does it Take to See Results?

As far as clock talk, a hair-lightening shampoo produces very subtle effects, so you’ll need to continually use the product. The first results may be noticeable after several uses. In sum, consistency is critical to maintaining the achieved results.

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Brand Brilliance: Best Lightening Shampoo Brands

1. Milk Shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo is made with natural ingredients to enhance the color of blonde hair and bring out blond highlights. If you care about ingredients in your hair care products, you should consider Milk Shake products.

The formula uses organic chamomile extract and organic wildflower honey to intensify natural highlights in fair hair. Fruit extracts and organic aloe vera provide conditioning benefits, repair damage, and boost strength and shine.

When used on colored hair this shampoo protects hair color from fading and helps to preserve the brightness of blonde hair and blonde highlights.

The shampoo is suitable for frequent use and it leaves your hair feeling soft and silky.

2. Tio Nacho Natural Lightening Shampoo is formulated with botanical extracts including royal jelly, jojoba, aloe vera, ginseng, rosemary, and wheat. Those ingredients work together to give your hair a lighter appearance. This shampoo also helps to strengthen hair and provides it with volume, shine, and softness. This one will make your color say “gracias!”

3. OGX Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlights Shampoo is infused with lemon extract to enhance natural highlights and to give a summertime look to dyed blonde and naturally blonde hair.

This product doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide and doesn’t need exposure to sunlight to enhance the bleaching effect.

OGX Sunkissed shampoo isn’t meant exclusively for blondes. It helps cultivate some highlights in all hair colors. It’s fun to KISS and tell with this brand!

4. Abbey St. Clare Chamomile Shampoo for Light Hair uses chamomile, and natural oils to intensify highlights, eliminate static, and reduce breakage and split ends. Sun exposure helps maximize the bleaching effect. Natural chamomile and lavender essential oils give this shampoo a pleasant scent and produce calming effects when inhaled. Treat yourself and your color with a spa day!

5. If your hair is in good condition and you don’t mind using sulfate-based shampoos, then you might want to consider John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo. It’s designed to be used on all shades of natural, color-treated, or highlighted blonde hair. It’s a Dear John letter about your color!

This shampoo formula uses a citrus lightening complex and chamomile to gradually brighten blonde hair. It might take a month before you notice any obvious result.

To optimize the brightening effect, the shampoo can be combined with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Conditioner.

Lightening Shampoos for Dark Hair

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo is formulated with honey and marigold flower extract to gently cleanse and gradually infuse your hair with golden tones. This product claims to steadily brighten natural or color-treated brunette hair, bring out the highlights and make the dark roots less noticeable. The downside is that the formula is not free of harsh sulfates.

Like most lightening shampoos, it will not work on very dark hair.

What are Common Ingredients in a Hair Lightening Shampoo?

Lemon juice is a popular and highly effective natural hair highlighter. Lemon has a high content of citric acid which acts as a mild bleaching agent. Lemon juice works with the sun to naturally lighten the hair. It works well on blonde to dirty-blonde hair shades as well as on light brown hair.

Chamomile extract is one of the best natural lightening agents. The natural yellow color of chamomile flowers brings out lighter tones in the hair.

Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which acts as a bleaching agent when applied to hair.

Natural lightening shampoos also may contain conditioning ingredients like botanical extracts, vitamins, and natural oils like rosehip and jojoba.

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Light Lowdown: How to Use Lightening Shampoos

Gentle, natural formulas can be used regularly, the same way you use your regular shampoo. Regular use helps you to achieve the maximum lightening effects.

Drugstore hair-lightening shampoos contain sulfates and harsh chemicals that can dry out your hair. If you’ve purchased such a product, rotate it with your regular shampoo. Make sure to always follow with a good conditioner. Be savvy in your lights, camera, and action hair color care!

If you stop using a lightening shampoo, your hair will return to its previous color shade. How’s that for a light lowdown for color maintenance?

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