6 Heated Caps for Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

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Struggling with dry, frizzy, and rough hair. Plus, the ends of your hair tend to split after years of heat styling. To make things worse, regular conditioning treatments are no longer doing the trick.

A thermal cap for deep hair conditioning is the solution for people dealing with lackluster, dried-out locks. This cap can boost the efficiency of treatments you apply to combat dryness and brittleness, especially if you have stubborn, low-porosity strands.

What is a Heated Hair Cap?

A heat cap is a reusable conditioning cap that helps you maximize the benefits of deep conditioning hair treatments. The principle is simple: the heat helps to open the cuticle, allowing moisture and hair products to penetrate deeper. Without the heat, products just sit on top of your hair rather than penetrating the hair shaft.

A heating hair cap brings your deep conditioning routine to a higher level without hurting your pocket like a salon treatment would. It works great for hair masks and hot oil treatments.

Deep conditioning caps will accommodate any hair type and texture. Plus, they are so easy to use and are much more convenient than sitting under the dryer.

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Types of Heated Caps

There are two main types of thermal hair caps: cordless/microwavable and electric. Which type is right for you depends on several factors, including your personal preferences. Let’s take a closer look at these two heat cap types and at some related products.

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Cordless Heat Cap for Deep Conditioning

This hands-free deep conditioning cap is designed to produce gentle heat for up to 30-45 minutes. The cap is filled with flaxseed or a kind of gel that can hold heat for a while. You need to warm up the cap in the microwave for a minute or two before placing it on the hair. As the name says, you don’t have to struggle with an electrical cord or stay near an electrical outlet during the treatment session. Instead, you can freely move around and continue with your duties.

Deep Conditioning Microwavable Heat Cap by ThermalHairCare

Available at Etsy

When it comes to deep conditioning cordless heat caps, Hot Head is the biggest name in the game. This is a high-quality cap created by a professional stylist to give you access to salon treatments in your home. Hot Head heat caps are made using only all-natural materials and are environmentally friendly products. They are filled with flaxseed and will retain the heat for up to 30 minutes. Additional pluses are that these thermal caps are reversible, soft to the touch, and very easy to use.  

2. Deep Conditioning Thermal Cordless Heat Cap by Glow by Daye

Super comfortable and lightweight, the “Grape” cordless deep conditioning heat cap is an easy runner-up option for all hair types. It’s designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind, allowing for up to 30 minutes of top-notch treatments. Flaxseed inside each bonnet ensures that heat radiates through the cap evenly and gently.

3. Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap by Boloye

This microwave heating cap is made of soft and comfortable microfiber cotton fabric and has an interior filled with flaxseed. Flaxseed ensures even heat distribution through the entire cap.

Boloye Heat Cap has adjustable elastics to accommodate most head sizes and hair lengths.

The packaging includes several plastic disposable shower caps and a nice soft pouch for traveling and storing.

The main downside is that it cools quite quickly. It stays hot for about 15 minutes, so you may have to reheat it to finish your treatment.

Electric Heating Caps for Hair

Electric heating caps must be connected to an electrical outlet to work. Once you plug the unit in, it will start to produce heat. The benefit of going the electric route is that the temperature will remain constant for much longer than when you use cordless options. Plus, they are quiet and comfortable and don’t burn your skin.

4. VICARKO Hair Steamer Thermal Heat Cap

Although labeled as a steamer, this electric heat cap doesn’t produce steam. Instead, the VICARKO heating cap provides consistent heat and distributes it evenly. The heat lifts the hair cuticle, dramatically improving the results of your hair treatment. The VICARKO heat cup reaches 45℃ at the low-temperature setting and 65℃ at the high setting, allowing you to select the comfortable temperature for your hair type.

A wide and deep design ensures that you will easily cover all areas of your head. It is still compact enough to find a place in your cabinet and carry while traveling. Although this cap comes only in one universal size, an adjustable head strap allows it to fit different head sizes.

The most convenient feature is the built-in attemperator. This means that the unit will shut off once it reaches the desired temperature to prevent overheating. It will turn back on after the temperature drops. You can set one of two available temperature options and relax or work on your laptop.

5. Luxebell Hair Steamer Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Luxebel heat cap is designed with a high front and low back to easily cover your head. This heat cap does not put out steam but with the conditioner you use and a plastic cap over the hair, it works like a steamer. It gets hot quickly and distributes heat evenly.

The unit has two levels of heat control 113- and 149 degrees F. When the temperature reaches 149 degrees, the heat will turn off by itself to prevent overheating. When the temperature drops below 25 degrees, the cap will automatically turn on and continue to produce heat.

The unit is compact, foldable, and doesn’t take up a lot of space for storage.

6. Tyche Pro Professional Heat Cap

The Tyche Pro Professional Heat cap is another choice for those looking for an electric option. This heat cap comes with three heat modes to adjust settings for fine, normal, or thick hair. It does a good job of allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft.

However, there are many reports about heat not being evenly distributed through the cap.

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Caps

  1. Helps hydrate dry strands: With a heat cap, you can make deep conditioning treatments much more effective. The heat opens the hair cuticle, which maximizes the effects of your hair products. This helps to hydrate dry strands, reverses the effects of damage, and restores softness and shine.
  2. Easy to use and budget-friendly: When your hair needs a moisture boost but you can’t afford a professional salon treatment, heat caps are a good alternative. They are an achievable option for any budget. They are easy to use and much more comfortable than sitting under a hooded dryer.
  3. Improve hair elasticity: Using heating caps is an efficient way to reduce hair breakage and avoid split ends on your hair. They can straighten both curly and straight hair. Deep conditioning with the heat cap may be the only thing standing between you and gorgeous curls with incredible elasticity and bounce.
  4. Promotes blood circulation in the scalp: Heat improves blood circulation in the scalp area for better oxygen and nutrient supply. Enhanced blood circulation in the scalp area creates an optimal environment for faster hair growth.
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How to Use a Heat Cap to Deep Condition your Hair

Whether you’ve opted for the cordless or electric option, using a heat cap for deep conditioning is really simple.

  1. Wash your hair as normal and gently pat dry to remove excess moisture.
  2. Apply a moisturizing hair treatment of choice to your hair.
  3. Put a shower cap underneath the heat cap to keep the heated cap clean and prevent burning your scalp.
  4. For the cordless heat cap: place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Turn the cap over and microwave for an additional 30 seconds. Flip it once more and heat it for the final 30 seconds.
  5. For the electric heat cap: Plug the heat cap in and set the heat that matches your hair type.
  6. Place the heat cap over your hair saturated with the conditioning product.
  7. Continue the treatment but no longer than 30 minutes per time.
  8. Once completed, rinse the conditioner out with cool water to close the cuticle and lock in moisture inside your hair.
  9. Style hair as normal and enjoy your silky, hydrated locks.

Final Words

A heat cap is a convenient alternative to sitting under a dryer and an easy, inexpensive way to improve the health and hydration of your hair. Whether you opt for a cordless or electric model, you can achieve professional deep conditioning results without expensive trips to the hair salon. You can be sure that your hair will effectively absorb moisture and your favorite hair products for improved softness, and manageability.

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