Synthetic Wig Brushes for Gentler Detangling Experience

How to Detangle a Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs, especially longer ones can easily get tangled and messy. The lack of natural oils makes synthetic fibers more prone to tangles and static. To prevent the knots from forming, it is recommended to gently brush the wig before and after each wear. Wigs must be combed and brushed gently as vigorous brushing may damage synthetic hair.

Detangling a messy synthetic wig can be an annoying and time-consuming task. To make this process easier, you need to use the right tools and learn appropriate techniques. Fortunately, there are brushes, combs, and detangling sprays made specifically for synthetic wigs. These products will help you eliminate knots and restore your messy wig to life.

Always use your fingers to gently unravel severe knots, then use the appropriate comb or brush to work out the remaining tangles. Stabilize your wig by putting it on a mannequin head or wig stand. Spritz a wig detangler throughout the wig before you start detangling. A good leave-in detangler not only makes detangling a breeze but makes synthetic hair much softer and prevents knots and fly-aways. Always start untangling from the ends and gradually move up to the roots.

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Wig Brushes

To keep your wig in good condition and prevent excessive shedding, make sure to use appropriate brushes and combs. Regular brushes tend to create tension and can get caught up in synthetic hair or in the cap. Wig brushes are designed to treat synthetic hair gently and prolong the life of your wigs and extensions.

Loop Brushes

Looped brushes work for various types of wigs and extensions but are especially efficient for brushing synthetic wigs. The loop-style bristles glide easily through synthetic hair because they don’t have tips that can catch on the fibers. These brushes work quicker and produce a smoother finish than standard hair brushes.

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1. RemySoft One Twenty-Three Loops – Loop Brush

The RemySoft loop brush is designed especially for wig and hair extension wearers. This looper brush glides effortlessly through the wig hair without catching on the foundation. It works great on long wigs.

RemySoft loop brush also works nicely with all types of hair extensions. You can brush the hair close to the scalp and over the bonding area without catching the bonds or pulling your real hair. The bristles feel nice on the scalp. This brush makes long extensions easier to manage.

This loop brush can be used for detangling real hair. It helps save over-processed and brittle hair from breaking.

Downside: This brush is 9″ long and isn’t travel-friendly.

2. Spornette Super Looper Wig Brush

The Super Looper Wig Brush is designed for detangling wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. It works great for long synthetic hair prone to tangling. This looped brush also works nicely for natural hair and is suitable for those with sensitive scalps.

This brush has flexible looped nylon bristles that are gentle to hair. They don’t pull the strands like regular brushes. The loops glide through and remove tangles without grabbing or breaking wig fibers.

The cushioned body reduces tension on the strands, preventing breakage and damage to your wig.

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3. Jon Renau’s Wide Tooth Combs for Synthetic Hair

This set of combs is recommended for combing synthetic and human hair wigs, heat-friendly synthetic wigs, and also for detangling natural hair. They comb curly hair without unraveling the curls and work nicely for lifting the hair on synthetic wigs.

Jon Renau’s combs fit easily in your hand and are small enough to slip into your purse. Their wide teeth gently release tangles in longer wigs without stressing the fibers.

4. Wig Lift Comb by REVLON

This comb is made of plastic with widely spaced teeth. The teeth are thicker at the base, which makes this comb gentler to hair than standard toothed combs. It has been originally designed for wigs but can also be used for detangling and styling naturally curly hair.

This comb is especially handy for adding volume and lifting flat areas in your synthetic wig. Apply a wig spray to the roots, lift them with the comb, and let your wig dry.

Downside: The ends of the plastic teeth are not perfectly smooth and can be rough on the scalp.

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