Tape-In Hair Extensions: Installation, Maintenance, and Brands

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Hair extensions in 2022 are going to be one of the most talked-about trends. From clip-ins to hand-tied wefts, there are specific details that make each kind unique and worth your while. With how much they can add to your look, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

Tape-in extensions especially are worth taking a look at due to their easy installation and beautiful results. They sit right in the middle ground of high and low maintenance and offer curious clients easy wear and natural-looking, blended length.

Can You Put Tape-In Hair Extensions by Yourself? 

A sample of tape-in hair extensions

It can’t be stressed enough that tape-in extensions need to be done by a professional. The angles you have to reach to attach each individual tab can’t be reached on your own.

The process needs to be clean, precise, and well-managed for it to provide optimal results. Make sure to research who offers tape-in extensions in your area. Search extension experts in your area on Instagram and Tiktok.

How to Install Tape-In Extensions

There are a variety of brands to choose from, so check with your stylist about the type of tape in extension they love and trust.

The basic steps you’ll go through are straightforward.

  1.  You will either purchase the hair on your own or go through your stylist. It is ideal to get the hair through your stylist as they can match the tones, any highlights, and the base color in just the right way. Doing this on your own can be extremely confusing.
  2. Once you arrive for your appointment, you’ll get a nice clarifying shampoo and a blow dry. This preps the hair to be clean and helps with the precision element of installing the tape in extension tabs.
  3. After the hair is fully prepped, your stylist will begin to section the hair into a pattern. They will take very thin horizontal sections the same width as the tab of hair they are ready to install.
  4. Each tab has medical-grade glue on it that attaches it to the hair. Sometimes you sandwich the paper-thin section of hair between a top and bottom tab. Others are designed to utilize just one.
  5. The location of the hair extension tabs needs to be precise. It can’t be too close to the scalp or too far away. This is where the precision comes in and it’s important for the outgrowth of your hair.
  6. The extension can last anywhere from 4-6 months depending on your upkeep.

How to Take Care of Tape-In Hair Extensions

There are many ways to properly care for your tape-in hair extensions. Once you experience the beauty of this service and the gorgeous results, following the steps will feel like an easy act of self-care.

  1. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes you can fudge on whether you use sulfate-free or regular shampoo. But in this case, sulfate-free is the way to go if you want longevity out of your tape-in extensions.
  2. Wait to shampoo 48 hours after installation. In the meantime, use a quality dry texture spray to refresh your hair.
  3. Avoid putting products directly on the glue tab. When conditioning your hair after your shampoo, you’ll want to keep the product away from the tab where your extension attaches to your hair.
  4. Brushing. Brushing through your tangles becomes more of a delicate process with tape-in extensions. You can gently comb hair up to the tab but avoid brushing the tab or the outgrowth above it. In addition to being gentle, you’ll want to brush more regularly throughout your day. 
  5. Wash less frequently. Extensions of all kinds do well with minimal treatment. Whether it’s shampoo and conditioner, heat protectants, oils, etc. Less is more!
  6. Loose braids. At night, tossing and turning can cause a lot of friction while you sleep, resulting in knots in the morning. Adding in a very loose braid can keep it under control.
  7. Keratin Complex Keratin Treatments. When it’s time to change your extensions, you’ll book a removal service with your stylist. They will go through and gently remove all the extensions then provide a clarifying shampoo. To give your hair the boost it needs after this, getting express keratin by keratin complex is incredible. It plumps each individual hair strand, adding in large amounts of keratin, and is the perfect post-treatment for extensions.
Long smooth blonde hair with extensions

Suggested Brands

There are an overwhelming amount of extension brands to choose from. What’s recommended is to talk with your trusted stylist about the brands they use. Here are some great ones that stand out in 2022:

  1. Stardust Hair Extensions. Created by @roxybeautytouch, these beautiful tape-in extensions are customized to adapt to client needs. Installation takes under an hour as these well-crafted pieces are attached to the hair.
  2. Bellami Hair Extensions. This 100% Remy hairline is hand-crafted with ethical care. It’s the leading brand in extensions and offers a simple and helpful color-matching service.
  3. Tape-In Hair Extensions | Donna Bella Hair. These extensions match beautifully with each individual’s hair. They provide quality-made tape-in extensions and easy installation.

Do Tape-In Extensions Harm Your Hair?

Many women ask this question and for good reason. When using any kind of extension to add length to your hair, there are things to think through regarding how they affect the health of your hair.

The first is what kind of condition is your hair currently in. If your hair feels dry or damaged, it’s a good idea to spend time and effort increasing the health of your hair before getting tape in extensions or extensions of any kind.

To do this, try repair-focused products. Olaplex for example consists of a 9-step system that targets bonds call disulfide bonds. Repairing these bonds increases the strength of the hair, how shiny it is, and its overall integrity.

Doing a series of 3 or 4 keratins on the hair spaced 4-6 weeks apart can rejuvenate hair. The added keratin that goes back into your tresses plumps the hair shaft, making it weighted and healthy, and shiny; ready for those extensions!

Beautiful blonde woman with invisible type-in extensions in her hair

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