What Is the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press?

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What is Silk Press?

Silk pressing transforms naturally textured hair into straight, silky, shiny locks without permanently changing hair texture. The result is temporary, and hair will return to its original shape with shampooing. This treatment is perfect for temporarily straightening curly or coiled hair, adding some length without using relaxers or other chemical straightening products. This is also an ideal, non-committing treatment to make you feel fresher for an event or special occasion.

How to Do Silk Press

Consider doing the silk press at a salon because a skilled professional will help you achieve the best results. Plus, if you have thick, coarse hair, your arms will get tired from straightening each small section of hair repeatedly.

Here are the basic steps to perform a silk press treatment.

  1. Start with a clarifying shampoo to remove all impurities and hair product buildup. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate your tresses.
  2. Apply deep conditioner for 15–30 minutes to add moisture and strength to your hair. Rinse the conditioner with lukewarm or cold water to close the cuticles.
  3. Apply a thermal hair protector with detangling capabilities to minimize heat damage and give your hair a slippery feel for easy detangling.
  4. Blow-dry your hair in sections with a dryer and round brush or use a hot brush for drying and straightening until hair is completely dry.
  5. Divide hair into 1-inch sections to prepare it for flat ironing. The small sections allow for even heat distribution over each strand.
  6. Use a flat iron to grab the section of your hair near the roots and slide it down to the ends. You may need multiple passes with the flat iron for a smooth and glossy finish.
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How Long Does a Silk Press Last?

Your hair will stay silky until the next shampooing, and then your natural curls will bounce back. Any moisture like sweating or getting caught in the rain can affect the look of your hair. If you don’t wash your hair for a week or two and do not expose it to water, your hair will remain straight and silky. Since it is not advisable to refrain from washing hair for more than two weeks, this is the maximum lifespan of your silky press.

How to Maintain Silk-Pressed Hair

To ensure that your hair will remain soft, straight, and shiny, you need to protect it from moisture. This means no swimming, walking in the rain, or activities that may cause sweating.

If you need to use a hair straightener, set it at a low heat setting. Also, do not use styling products; these could make your hair look heavy.

Wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf overnight.

Make sure to wear a shower cap when bathing.

Does Silk Press Damage Your Hair?

If done occasionally and correctly, this treatment will not damage your hair. In the absence of chemicals, the only thing that could damage your hair is excessive heat. That is why you should not use a silk press as a regular treatment. To reduce heat damage, let a hair professional do silk pressing for you.

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Flat Irons for Silk Pressing

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You may see some hair straighteners described as suitable for silk pressing. But some companies may write these descriptions for marketing purposes. So, you need to know what features a flat iron should have to help you obtain the best results.

1. Plate Material

The plate material should be compatible with your hair type. Titanium plates have the greatest straightening capabilities and are the best option for thick, coarse hair. Flat irons with ceramic plates are better for more delicate hair. Also, look for plates infused with tourmaline, which emits negative ions and gives hair more smoothness and shine.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron plates will get your hair straight faster than ceramic plates. This is important for individuals with thick, coarse hair as their silk press straightening process takes longer than other curly hair types. With this hair straightener, you only need one pass over each section to make your hair straight, shiny, and soft.

2. Plate Width

The width of the plates should be between 1 and 1.2 inches. If the plates were more narrow, it would be necessary to pass over each section repeatedly, which would take more time to complete the treatment and could cause damage. Narrow plates could be a good option for short hair. Plates wider than 1.2 inches are hard to get close to the root of curly hair, making it impossible to get a pin-straight result.

3. Flexible Temperature Settings

Natural hair requires a straightener with an adjustable temperature setting. Thick, coarse hair needs higher temperatures to get hair straight. Some curly hair types are vulnerable to high heat, so it is necessary to properly set the temperature to avoid damage.

HSI Professional Flat Iron has temperature settings ranging from 140° F to 450° F. This flat iron works well for straightening naturally curly hair. Regardless of your hair thickness, it is easy to find the right setting within this temperature range. Ceramic tourmaline plates emit negative ions that give your hair smoothness and shine, essential for the silky press.

4. Plate Shape

If you plan to buy a hair straightener primarily because of the silk press, it is better to choose one with straight and sharp plates. Rounded plates make the iron suitable for both straightening hair and curling hair. Plates with sharp edges make the iron less versatile but give you straighter hair and are a better option for silk pressing.

A beautiful African woman with short silk-pressed hair

Deogra Silk Press Flat Iron: Does It Work for Silk Pressing

This hair straightener has ceramic tourmaline plates that emit negative ions which help seal the cuticle and leave your hair silky smooth. This feature is a big plus if you are looking for the best flat iron for silk press, especially if your hair is prone to damage.

1 inch is a good plate width for silk press straightening. You can grab sections of your hair close to the roots and smooth the strands from the root to the tip. 

The rounded shape of plates allows you to create beachy waves and bouncy curls, but it is not the best option for silk pressing. As we mentioned before sharp-edge plates will give you straighter hair.

Deogra Silk Press Flat Iron has adjustable temperature settings from 330℉ to 430℉ allowing you to choose the appropriate temperature for your hair. Ceramic plates are a good option if you have fragile hair, and you definitely won’t need a temperature above 430F. This flat iron may not be the best choice for women with very thick coarse hair and they should consider a straightener with titanium plates.

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