Brazilian Blowout

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A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent form of hair straightening that makes the hair softer, less frizzy, land cuts down on the drying time of hair. The Brazilian Blowout treatment is the brand name of one of the first and most well-known smoothing treatments performed in a salon by a certified stylist. The term “Brazilian Blowout” is often used to refer to any professional permanent smoothing treatment.

This professional hair treatment is advertised to give you “Wash and Wear Hair”. The popular salon treatment promises to change the way you care for and style your hair in the months after. The treatment adds a protein coating to the outermost layer of your hair known as the cuticle. Even though it will not completely straighten the hair, it will soften your curls and keep your hair humidity-proof, silky, and luxurious

The Brazilian blowout service is ideal for people with overly frizzy, damaged, and unmanageable hair. The effects of the treatment usually last up to 3 months depending on your hair type and the daily maintenance routine. The original texture of your hair will be regained over time with no obvious demarcation between old and newly grown hair. Brazilian Blowout treatments can be repeated when the effects on the hair have worn off to maintain results.

Woman after Brazilian blowout treatment

The Benefits of Brazilian Blowout Treatment

1. More manageable hair

If you are looking for an easier way to style your hair, a Brazilian Blowout treatment is a great choice. This treatment will improve the texture and appearance of your hair, making it much easier to style as desired. Brazilian blowouts can make blow-drying and straightening easier and less time-consuming for up to 12 weeks after getting it done. This is perfect for busy individuals who have no time to style and fix their hair on a regular basis and wish to be able to straighten their hair more easily than they would be able to do on their natural hair.

2. Reduced appearance of frizz

It can be quite difficult to manage dry and frizzy hair in the summer, especially in hot and humid weather. The Brazilian Blowout treatment makes your hair more resistant to the effects of humidity, rain, or sweat to keep your locks soft and frizz-free.

3. Healthy looking hair

This treatment can be beneficial for hair that is coarse, dry, porous, and prone to frizz. The amino-acid enriched solution used in a Brazilian Blowout seals the hair cuticle and smooths out split ends, leaving the hair looking healthy, sleek, and shiny.

The Procedure

The treatment is performed by a professional stylist who is properly trained to go through all of the steps. The solution contains amino acids that are activated by the use of heat and fill the little pores along the hair shaft, binding together. This protective protein coating adheres to the cuticle layer of the hair, preventing humidity from entering the strands and adding a glossy shine to the hair.

Unlike relaxers, perms, or thermal reconditioning treatments, the Brazilian Blowout treatment does not permanently change the internal structure of the hair.

The process usually takes between 90 to 150 minutes from start to finish. The Brazilian Blowout steps are: clarifying, application, blow-drying, flat ironing, and styling.


The hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of oil, dirt, and product residue to prepare the hair for the solution. Conditioner is not applied because your hair needs to be squeaky clean for maximum product absorption. The hair is then patted dry with a towel until it is damp but not excessively wet.


After dividing the hair into sections, your stylist will apply the solution from the base of the hair to the tip using a tint brush. The process is repeated with each section until the hair is completely covered, and then combed to ensure it is evenly coated with the product.


Your stylist will blow-dry your hair for about 10 to 15 minutes using a flat or round brush. The heat from the blow-dryer helps to open up the cuticle to increase the effectiveness of the product as it adheres to the hair.

Flat Ironing

When the hair is completely dry, each section is flat ironed at approximately 450 Fahrenheit to seal the solution into hair strands. The heat from flat iron seals the protein into hair cuticles, creating a glossy finish. At this stage, the changes in the hair texture start to become visible.

Conditioning and Styling

This is the final step of the treatment. A conditioning mask is applied before rinsing the solution out of the hair.

After rinsing the product and drying your hair will be bouncy with a radiant shine. You may ask your hairdresser to help you style your hair the way you like.


The Brazilian Blowout treatment gives you hair that can be managed effortlessly. The hair retains its original fullness but it appears straighter, smoother, and can be styled easily. The treatment works with all hair types including straight, curly, thin, thick, dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. It also works with colored and highlighted hair that has previously been chemically or thermally straightened.

If your hair is straight, the treatment will remove frizz and give your hair a glossy finish. It will also improve the look of curly hair giving a smoother, less frizzy look. The result can be customized, depending on what you want and on the technique your stylist uses.

The effects of a Brazilian Blowout will last up to 12 weeks depending on your hair type and hair washing regimen before you need to repeat it.


Brazilian blowout treatments last longer with the proper care. In order to ensure that the Brazilian Blowout treatment lasts for as long as possible, there are some things you should keep in mind:

Don’t wash your hair more than 2-3 times per week. Frequent washing reduces the effect of any hair smoothing treatment.

Frequent swimming in the ocean or pool may compromise the longevity of your treatment.

Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates and sodium chloride as both chemicals will erode the protective protein coating from the hair. There are many shampoos on the market that are salt-free and sulfate-free.

Consult your stylist about the products you will use to maintain your treatment. Most salons offer a range of post-treatment products that are specifically designed to increase the life span of the treatment you have received.

Safety Concerns

Brazilian blowouts have received criticism due to the chemicals that are used and the reactions they can cause. The biggest concern for customers is high levels of formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout solution. Formaldehyde is added to hair straightening solutions to hold the keratin molecules together. When a solution is heated that contains formaldehyde or formaldehyde-related chemicals, it releases formaldehyde fumes, which can cause adverse health effects. Breathing formaldehyde fumes can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation that may lead to sensitivity to formaldehyde that creates ongoing allergies.

Researches suggest that hairstylists and other salon employees can be exposed to formaldehyde over a long period of time because they are inhaling the gas that is released into the air during the heat application process. According to the United Nations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), formaldehyde is currently classified as being “carcinogenic to humans.”

Some salons offer formaldehyde-free formulas that don’t release harmful fumes during the application process. While they are better in the long term, they’re not quite as powerful as the formaldehyde-based formulas that can adhere better to hair and give longer-lasting results.

Before you receive a Brazilian Blowout, it is important to discuss your pre-treatment concerns with a professional stylist. Look for a salon that specializes in Brazilian Blowouts as they will be more likely to follow the proper precautions. Make sure that your salon has a certified stylist and a proper ventilation system. Ask your stylist to inform you about all the chemicals that are included in the straightening product so you can weigh all possible risks against possible benefits.

Brazilian Blowout treated hair

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