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Brazilian Blowout by nenetusBrazilian Blowout treatment usually refers to a smoothing salon hair treatment advertised to give you “Wash and Wear Hair”. This popular salon treatment promises to change the way you care for and style your hair. The treatment adds a protein coating to the outermost layer of your hair and even though it will not completely straighten your hair, it will soften your curls, and keep your hair humidity-proof, silky and luxurious.
The Brazilian blowout service is ideal for people with overly frizzy, damaged, and unmanageable hair. The effects of the treatment are expected to last up to 3 months, depending on the hair type and the maintenance routine. The original texture of your hair will be regained over time with no line of demarcation as you hair grows.

Why is Brazilian Blowout so Popular?

1) Hair is Easy to Maintain

For an easy way to care for and style your hair, Brazilian Blowout treatment is a good way to go. The treatment will improve the overall outlook of your hair, making it much easier to style as desired. The treatment will improve the texture of the hair making daily management, such as blow drying and straightening easy and less time consuming. This is really perfect for busy individuals who have no time to style nor fix their hair during the day.

2) Frizz Reduction

It can be quite difficult to manage dry and frizzy hair in the summer, especially with the hot and humid weather. The Brazilian Blowout treatment makes your hair resistant to the effects of humidity, rain, or sweat, thereby keeping your hair fresh and smooth.

3) Healthy Looking Hair

This treatment can be beneficial for hair that has been mistreated and damaged or for hair that is naturally frizzy and dry. The protein enriched solution helps seal the hair cuticle and also smoothen out ragged ends and edges, leaving the hair looking healthy and radiant.

How does this Treatment Work?

The treatment is handled by qualified stylists who can carry out the various steps required appropriately. The solution contains a protein base that is activated by the heat trapped in the little pores along the hair shaft. This protective protein coating that adheres to the cuticle layer of the hair prevents humidity from entering and adds glossy shine to thehair. Unlike the relaxers, perms or thermal reconditioning treatment, Brazilian Blowout service does not change the internal structure of the hair.
The process usually takes about 90minutes to 150minutes and involves multiple steps such as clarifying the hair, applying the product, flat ironing and final drying.

Application Process:


The hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of oil, dirt, and hair product residue. Conditioner is not applied to the hair because it would not allow the treatment to saturate the hair as required. The hair is then patted dry with a towel, leaving the hair damp but not excessively wet.
Solution Application

This is the defining step in the procedure because it gives the hair a smooth texture and determines what the hair will look like at the end of the treatment. The hair is sectioned and the product is applied from the base of the hair to the tip using a brush. This process is repeated for each section until the hair is completely covered, and then combed together to make sure the product is distributed evenly.


After applying the solution, the hair is blow-dried on high heat for about 10 to 15minutes using a flat or round brush. The heat helps increase the effectiveness of the solution that is still in the hair.

Flat Ironing

When the hair is completely dry, each section is flat ironed at approximately 450 Fahrenheit to seal the solution into hair strands. The heat from flat iron seals the protein into hair cuticles and creates a glossy finish. At this stage of the treatment, the changes in the hair start to become obvious.

Conditioning and Styling

This is the final step of the treatment. A conditioning mask is applied before finally rinsing the solution out of the hair. Your hair should have the glossy and radiant look at this stage.
You may ask your hairdresser to help you style your hair the way you like as an added service.


The Brazilian Blowout treatment gives you hair that is effortlessly manageable. The hair retains its original fullness but it appears straighter, smoother and can be styled as desired. The treatment works with all hair types including straight, curly, thin, thick, dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. It also works with colored and highlighted hair as well as with chemically or thermally straightened hair.
For straight hair, the treatment removes frizz and gives your hair a glossy finish. It also removes frizz and improves the look of curly hair. The final result can be adapted to either curly or straight hair depending on what you want and on the technique your stylist uses.
It should be noted that the effect of the Brazilian Blowout treatment is not permanent and will only last up to 12weeks, depending on your hair type and hair washing regimen. New hair growth blends in without a noticeable hairline.


In order to ensure that the Brazilian Blowout treatment lasts for as long as possible, there are some things you should keep in mind:
Reduce the number of times you wash your hair to about 2-3times every week. Frequent washing reduces the effect of any hair smoothing treatment.
Regular swimming in the ocean or pool may compromise the longevity of your treatment.
Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates and sodium chloride as both chemicals will erode the protective protein coating from the hair
Ask your stylist for the best products to use in maintaining your hair. A number of salons offer the range of take-home products to their clients that are specifically designed to increase the life span of the treatment you have received.

Safety Concerns

The biggest concern for customers is high levels formaldehyde, a key ingredient used in this treatment. Formaldehyde is added to hair straightening solutions to hold the keratin molecules together. When solution that contains formaldehyde or formaldehyde related chemicals is heated, it releases formaldehyde fumes, which can cause adverse health effects. Breathing formaldehyde fumes can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation that may lead to sensitivity to formaldehyde and on-going allergies.
Some research suggest that hairstylists and other salon employees can be exposed to formaldehyde over a long period of time, because they are inhaling the gas that is released into the air during the heat application process. According to United Nations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) formaldehyde is currently classified as being ‘carcinogenic to humans’.
Some salons offer formaldehyde-free formulas that have no known harmful fumes during process. They’re not quite as powerful as the formaldehyde-based formulas that adhere better to hair and last longer.
Before you receive a Brazilian blowout, it is important to talk to your hairstylist and discuss your pre-treatment concerns. Ensure that your salon have certified stylist and proper ventilation systems.
Ask your stylist to provide you with the facts about all chemicals that are included, so you can weigh all possible risks against possible benefits.

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