Best Blue Toning Shampoos for Brunettes

Unwanted warm tones don’t just affect people with blonde hair. If you have naturally dark hair that’s been lightened, your hair will probably develop red and orange tones over time. This can also happen if you’ve dyed your blond hair to a darker shade. Staying in the sun and using hard water for washing hair … Read more

Five Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoos to Keep your Blonde Bright

Today’s post will cultivate some perky, purple praise, not in the form of old-school Prince songs like “Purple Rain,” but five wondrous ways to keep your blonde bombshell hair happy and bright. As beautiful as they are, the reality is that light hair colors can quickly lose their luster. Blonde-colored and highlighted hair may turn … Read more

Shampoos that Gradually Lighten Your Hair

Are you seeking some new pep in your step in the form of hair color, but in a subtle manner? Well, today’s post with light up your life with guidance about the merits of lightening shampoos. Think of this article as your hair color’s volume button as we learn how to pump up your color in … Read more

Who Should You Use Purple Shampoo and How to Use It Properly?

What Is Purple Shampoo? If you are a salon blonde, you know it can be a pain to keep your hair color looking bright, vibrant, and beautiful. Blonde hair can easily pick up unwanted tones due to lifestyle factors, smoking, or external elements. If you’re in a hard water area or spend much of your … Read more