10 Hair Bond Builders for Home Use

What Happens Inside the Hair During Chemical Processing? Sometimes you are impatient and want a drastic change in your appearance immediately. Changing the color of your hair could be a great way to create a new look. Although you get the desired results, you can accidentally over-process your hair and make it feel like dry, … Read more

Ban the Bad Breakups: Best Anti-Breakage Shampoos

Are you ready to ban the bad breakups? This article won’t address romantic, work, family, or relationship problems, but it’ll target some quick fixes to prevent bad breakups from happening to your beloved mane. Check out our list of best anti-breakage shampoos to let your light and hair shine. Whether you’re into Lady Gaga’s “Bad … Read more

5 Bond-Building Shampoos for Stronger Hair

Constant coloring, curling, and straightening can leave you with weakened and damaged hair that breaks easily. If you are looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your hair, bond-reinforcing haircare products can be of tremendous help. Bond-building shampoos are usually a part of home treatment kits meant to be used after … Read more

These 5 Keratin Leave-In Conditioners will Make Your Hair Stronger and Smoother

Keratin is a major component of human hair and protecting it is crucial to have strong and flexible strands. Keratin content decreases with age, resulting in weak, lifeless, and brittle hair. Other factors that may cause keratin damage are frequent heat styling, regular coloring, and harsh chemical treatments. When keratin in your hair gets depleted, … Read more

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner – Do You Really Need Them?

Olaplex revolutionized the process of coloring hair, enabling professional colorists to achieve higher levels of lift without compromising the integrity of the hair. The line of innovative products was developed to protect the hair during the lightening and coloring sessions and to repair damage caused by previous chemical treatments. These Olaplex products can restore structurally … Read more

A New Generation of Products for Damaged Hair

If you’ve been coloring, perming, or straightening your hair, you probably have some signs of damage.  Chemical treatments can compromise the protective outer layer of the hair, leaving it porous and prone to further damage and breakage. Unfortunately, that damage also affects the appearance of your hair—it may turn into a tangled, frizzy mess and … Read more

Best Washing Routine and Shampoos for Damaged Hair

Can Shampoo Damage Your Hair? The most common causes of hair damage include chemical processing, thermal styling, vigorous brushing, sun exposure, and harsh shampoos. Excessive shampooing can damage keratin in the outer layer of your hair, resulting in dry, porous, and frizzy strands. Harsh sulfate-containing shampoos can also strip the natural oils from your hair. Studies … Read more

Innovative Salon Treatments for Damaged Hair

What are Common Causes of Damaged Hair? Excessive chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers, color treatments, and bleaching can change the structure of your hair, leaving it drier, weaker, and more prone to breakage. Everyday manipulation like vigorous brushing and backcombing can lift and tear the naturally smooth cuticle layer, resulting in dry, unmanageable, and … Read more