What to Do Once Your Keratin Treatment Starts to Wear Off?

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last in Your Hair?

Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent straightening process for those with unruly curls. The effects fade over time, with the moisture from each hair wash opening hair cuticles and stripping away some of the keratin coatings. There is no unsightly demarcation line between keratin-treated and regrown hair since the treatment fades away gradually as your hair grows. The straighter your hair is, the harder it is to notice the difference between treated and regrown hair.

By the time the root regrowth of your natural hair becomes too long, the effects of the treatment on the rest of the hair will almost disappear.

a girl brushing her keratin straightened hair

Traditional keratin treatments, if done professionally, last approximately 3-4 months. This is dependent on your hair texture and how well you adhere to the aftercare instructions. Formaldehyde-free smoothing formulas are designed to combat frizz, allowing hair to retain its natural curl pattern. Results can vary depending on the selected treatment and may last anywhere between 1 and 5 months.

How Does Freshly Keratin Treated Hair Looks Like?

Keratin treatment fills the cracks in the hair structure making your hair look healthy and shiny. The treatment forms the layer of keratin around hair strands. This keratin film blocks humidity that would otherwise cause strands to swell, resulting in a frizzy appearance. Curly hair gets straight in shape and temporarily loses the ability to hold a curl. Your morning hair routine is effortless, and you can enjoy gorgeous straight hairstyles. You don’t need your flat iron anymore. After blow-drying your hair feels silky smooth with a sleek and glossy finish.

Beautiful brunette woman with long keratin straightened hair

What Are the Signs that Your Keratin Treatment Has Started to Fade?

Over time your keratin treatment begins to show signs of wear and tear. If your hair grows fast, and your natural texture is curly or coarse, your untreated roots will be more noticeable. The treated portions of your hair will begin to return to their original state, which may result in an uneven and messy texture until your hair eventually returns to its normal shape.

Another problem you may experience when your treatment starts to wear off is frizzy hair. That is exactly what the treatment is aimed to prevent.

A good thing about a keratin treatment is that you can use flat iron without fear that it will speed up the fading process. However, some may not want to return to their flat iron again.

So now what? Some women feel the need to get a new treatment to maintain a straight, smooth look. Others may want to speed up the fading process to return their hair to its natural state faster.

The best thing you can do is to try to be patient and treat your hair gently.

woman holding hair with faded keratin ntreatment

What Options Do You Have Once Your Keratin Treatment Starts to Fade?

There are basically 3 options available:

  1. Re-Apply the keratin treatment.
  2. Speed up the fading process.
  3. Deep condition and use keratin-enriched products.

How Often Can You Do Keratin Treatment?

If you like the results provided by the keratin treatment service and looking forward to making the next appointment, you should be aware of potential side effects.

Keratin treatments are chemical-based, so most hair professionals recommend a maximum of three treatments per year. This means waiting for a minimum of 4 months between treatments. Some stylists advise waiting 6 months between treatments, especially if your hair has undergone a formaldehyde-based treatment. Those with damaged and fine hair should wait longer than those with thick hair.

The next keratin treatment will be applied to the entire hair strand, not just the regrown roots. Frequent applications can result in a flat look and brittle strands that break easily. More frequent keratin treatments can also increase the possibility of unwanted effects due to chemical exposure and damage from repeating passes of the hot flat iron.

I suggest building a good relationship with the stylist you can trust and letting him/her determine when it is the right time to re-apply the treatment.

How to Remove Keratin from Your Hair?

If you are not interested in reapplying keratin treatment and want your natural texture back as soon as possible, you can speed up the fading process to some extent. Just oppositely treat your hair as your aftercare instructions say. Use sulfate and salt-containing shampoos and wash your hair more frequently than usual. Also, use sea salt spray and clarify more often.

However, be aware that harsh shampoos can dry out your hair.  

woman holding hair with keratin treatment washed out

Give Your Hair Some TLC: Deep Condition and Use Keratin-Infused Hair Products

Deep Conditioning

To combat dryness and frizz before your next appointment, deep conditioning is the answer. Deep conditioning hydrates your hair and gives it all the necessary nutrients. Incorporating deep conditioning treatment into your weekly routine will temporarily fix problems with frizz and improve the overall look of your hair.

Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners

Keratin-infused shampoos and conditioners contain small particles of keratin that can adhere to your strands and stay there for 2-3 washes. These products create volume, reduce the appearance of frizz, and make hair look smoother. Check the label and look for ‘keratin amino acids’ or ‘hydrolyzed keratin’ on the ingredient list.

Keratin Enriched Leave-in Conditioners and Serums

Unlike shampoo and conditioner, which are meant to be rinsed after a short application, some products infused with keratin are formulated to stay in your hair. Keratin leave-in conditioners and serums have more potent reparative properties to temporarily restore damaged strands and tame frizzy and flyaway hair.

In Conclusion

If you have fine and thin hair, you are probably not an ideal candidate for receiving keratin treatment. If you do apply keratin treatment, make sure to wait 4-6 months to redo the treatment. If your hair is thick, coarse, and unmanageable, you may see noticeable benefits from receiving a keratin straightening or smoothing service. I suggest opting for formaldehyde- and aldehyde-free formulas that will combat frizz and increase manageability. You also will be able to re-apply formaldehyde-free formulas more often than formaldehyde-based formulas because there are fewer harsh chemicals.

young woman with beauty long keratin-treated hair

Should Keratin Treatment Come Before or After a Color Service?

Growing up there were so many little sayings my parents had. Probably the one that stuck with me the longest was “work hard play hard.” As a child, I’d try to skip outside unnoticed and get caught. I bet you can guess exactly what my mother liked to say each and every time. Working hard didn’t actually bother me. It was the order I couldn’t stand.

Why work hard, then play hard? Why couldn’t I play first? Of course, my parents knew that any kid who played first usually didn’t do their work after. What I didn’t understand back then was the order of things really matters. Like it’s an incredibly important part to make things flow in just the right way.

Can you Do a Keratin Service on Bleached Hair?

An elegant blonde woman with keratin-treated hair

It’s no different in the world of hairstyling where clients are constantly having to think through hair products, services, and what it is they may need next. I’ll let you in on a secret, the one you need next is formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. I know the word keratin has been a big buzzword for a while, but it’s for good reason.

Keratins are beautiful, restorative treatments that can actually fill in the little “holes” or damaged spots on every hair strand. You might be wondering, how exactly does this kind of damage occur? There are a lot of different reasons, which we can go over some time. For now, I’m going to look at a very significant one: Highlighting your hair.

Yup, you heard right. The service you love the most gets your chestnut-brunette locks to have the perfect sunkissed look, making you the bronde of your dreams. Or for you blondes, it’s that level of tone and brightness that screams “bombshell!” The upside is that you look and feel great after all that bleach has worked its magic. The downside is you need to take special measures to ensure the health of your hair.

Remember the little holes? Unfortunately, they can lead to dryness, brittleness, or even breakage. So what can you do? The classic answer is moisture. Get your foundation chalked full of moisture-encouraging products. This means your shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and heat protectant (go for a cream one). It helps tremendously. But the better answer is to get keratin.

How does Keratin Treatment Prep Damaged Hair to Take Color?

You see the holes from the bleach deep inside the hair strand. Many surface products just can’t reach them. Now you’re starting to get why they’re such a buzzword. Keratins are designed to heal hair from the inside out. If you are looking to truly restore the amount of protein and strength in your hair, this is it. These treatments get right down to the damage that products just can’t heal. They make each strand stronger from root to tip, shinier, and less frizzy.

Another cool magic trick they do is actually help your color spread more evenly throughout the hair. If you think about it, what if you have one spot near your bang area that is more damaged than say the back of your hair? This is called porosity (think tiny pores all over the hair strand). By reducing hair porosity, keratin treatment helps you get more consistent coloring results. But, don’t hurry.

The color you apply then will affect these areas differently, providing different results at times when you are going for even and seamless. By filling in all the holes, keratins can help your hair take its color evenly, and guess what? It only yields more accurate results and really helps out your stylist!

A beautiful brunette with smooth hair

Can I Get Keratin Treatment Immediately after the Color Service?

I know what you’re thinking at this point, “I’m going to book keratin ASAP. I’m due for color anyway!” Before I can say hold your horses, you’ve already dialed your favorite colorist’s number. How are you this fast? You keep her number on the speed dial of course. “Hello,” she says. But before she can ask how she can help you, you have already squeaked at a rapid pace “book me the keratin right after my color appointment because I heard they are magic and I want the magic!”

She now can get a word in as you sit breathlessly waiting for her yes. But much to your shock, she says “no.” Not to your services, but to the order and the time frame you requested for them.

Why Can’t I Get Color and Keratin Service on the Same Day?

a woman with colored and keratin-treated hair

She goes on to explain, much like my mother, that the order of things matters immensely. It matters so much, I’m going to say ALWAYS book your keratin AFTER your color service. Why you may wonder? Well, each hair strand has this outer shell called the cuticle. The nature of keratin is that it seals this down after the proteins are embedded. This is why it looks so strong and shiny.

But the nature of the bleach your colorist uses to get highlights has a chemical partnered with it that blows open the cuticles for the bleach to get inside. As you can see, keratins and bleach services operate on the hair in exactly opposite ways and your hair needs some time to recover.

How Soon Can I Dye my Hair after Receiving Keratin Treatment?

So once the cuticles are sealed from the keratin, you’ll have to wait 2 weeks before getting a color or color-lightening service done. Once your stylist explains this, your breath returns to you and you say “Then book my color service before my keratin please.” And that’s when your stylist gives you one more small recommendation. Don’t book your keratin and color service on the same day. Why is that? Didn’t we just cover that it’s safe to do keratin BEFORE color? Yes. But there’s something called a clarifying shampoo that is used before each keratin service.

a woman with highlighted and keratin-treated hair

Does Keratin Treatment Lighten your Hair Color?

Clarifying shampoos are very strong and help open the cuticle in order for the keratin proteins to get inside the hair shaft. Let’s say you’ve just had your color put on or your demi-permanent gloss after your highlights. The clarifying shampoo can actually strip off the color that was just added! So, while the keratin complex is safe with color, the clarifying shampoo is a bit too strong. To recap: Get color or highlights before keratin. It’s recommended not to book the same day as the clarifying shampoo is strong and can strip the color.

How to Get Most of your Color and Keratin Service?

Not all keratin products are formulated equally.

Some straightening products (Express Keratin by Keratin Complex, GK HAIR Smoothing Keratin Treatment, and Silk Touch Keratin Treatment by Hair Bar NYC) don’t tend to strip your color. On the contrary, they work to enhance color vibrancy and shine. However, let your color set for at least ten days and then book an appointment for keratin service.

The results are simply lovely. Even lovelier when the first 3 keratins are booked 4 weeks apart, then they can be done seasonally or 4 times a year. Some do it as needed. Whatever way you go with your keratin, always remember that the order of things matters. 

To avoid possible disappointment, consult a hair professional about the product you are going to use and let your stylist do the job for you.

A beautiful woman with long straight blonde colored hair

At-Home Keratin Treatments for Frizz-Free and Manageable Hair

During pandemics, there is frequently an increased number of hair straightening products advertised as suitable for use at home. Some manufacturers don’t want to lose customers during pandemics, so they respond to an increased demand for DIY products by offering more at-home keratin treatment kits.

That is good news. However, you should be careful when buying one of those products and make sure to read all important information before purchasing.

How to Buy a Quality At-Home Hair Smoothing Product?

In addition to reading product descriptions to ensure that the product is suitable for use at home, take some additional steps to check the product ingredients to minimize unwanted side effects. Read customer reviews and, if possible, try to spot fake reviews. Ask questions at forums and at customer feedback pages. The most valuable step would be to consult a hair professional.

a dark skinned girl with keratin straightened hair

Avoid products that come abroad with insufficient descriptions and instructions for use. Look for products with detailed instructions and a complete ingredient list. Your safety is the priority when deciding what product to buy.  

The most important consideration is to buy a formaldehyde-free keratin straightening product due to the negative side effects associated with formaldehyde.

Some keratin straightening products come in kits that include all you need for your straightening job. If that is not the case, you can buy a starter tool kit with all the must-have tools for performing keratin treatments.  

Do At-Home Keratin Treatments Work?

Yes, they do, but you shouldn’t expect salon results from home keratin treatments. The keratin straightening procedure requires skillful and experienced hands to perform all the steps correctly. The straightening procedure can be labor-intensive, and your hands may get tired before you complete all the stages. You must be well-organized and patient.

If possible, have a friend help you perform some steps properly, especially the flat ironing stage. It is hard to reach the back of your head with your hands and a few missed strands can result in a less successful outcome.

Products that are formulated for home use usually do not contain strong chemicals that enable keratin protein to bind to the strands. So, you may not be able to obtain a perfect straightening effect. Finally, the life of home keratin treatments may be shorter than the life of salon keratin treatments.  

On the other hand, salon straightening treatments are expensive, and you can save money if you do the job yourself.

At-Home Keratin Treatment Kits

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1. Silk Touch Keratin Treatment by Hair Bar NYC

This DIY Treatment is formulated with botanical and organic plant extracts and is intended to eliminate frizz and make hair more manageable for up to five months. It is not supposed to make your hair completely straight.

In addition to reducing volume and frizz, it strengthens and nourishes hair fibers.

There are several good reasons to consider this treatment if you are in the market for a DIY keratin treatment.

The kit includes a straightening product (in a spray bottle), serum, mask, and clarifying shampoo. So, you have everything you need to start, including all the needed information. 

This home kit comes with detailed instructions tailored to different hair types. In addition, there is an instructional video available on YouTube and the manufacturer’s website.

The company also offers free consultations by phone to assist their first-time users.

This is a good product if you have frizzy, unmanageable, overly voluminous hair and don’t want to eliminate your natural curls.

2. Peter Coppola Keratin Hair Treatment Kit

This keratin treatment kit is formulated to reduce frizz and static and improve the manageability of unruly hair. It can straighten curly hair up to 70%. If you have curly hair and want to make it straight, you might be disappointed with the results. Like many other brands, it will lighten your color, so you shouldn’t perform it on freshly colored hair unless you want to get a lighter shade. There are no strong fumes, but your hair can smell unpleasantly when gets wet within a week or two after application.

Things that make it suitable for use outside of a salon:

  1. The kit includes everything you need including step-by-step instructions.
  2. It is free of formaldehyde, and you can find the ingredient list on the bottle.
  3. The instructions are basically the same as for most traditional keratin treatments, so there is nothing that may confuse you. Watching the video beforehand will make the application easier.
beautiful African American girl with smooth hair sitting on the sofa

3. GK HAIR Smoothing Keratin Treatment

This hair taming system is advertised as a salon professional smoothing treatment that you can use at home. Active ingredient- Juvexin promotes hair smoothness and shine.

This treatment eliminates frizz and loosens your natural curls. The plus is that it won’t strip your color, so you can do it on freshly colored hair. A great convenience is that you don’t have to wait if you want to wash your hair.

Is it Good for Use at Home?

This kit includes all tools you will need for the application plus aftercare shampoo and conditioner for post-treatment care. Another good news is that you can see the ingredients list on the packaging, and there is no formaldehyde on the list. So, you may perform it in your bathroom without worrying about ventilation.

Make sure to strictly follow the instruction as every step might be crucial (even the two washing steps) not only for obtaining the desired results but for keeping your hair healthy also.

If you find the difference between printed instructions and those sent by email (the problem reported by many customers), make sure to contact customer service and they will help you to clarify the confusion by sending the appropriate instructions. GK Hair’s customer service is prompt and supportive.

woman with keratin straightened hair

4. OLEZ Smoothing Keratin Hair Treatment Kit

This kit contains clarifying shampoo and smoothing solution in a spray bottle. The product is advertised to eliminate frizz, control volume, and add shine. It is enriched with proteins and essential oils to nourish and strengthen weak and damaged hair.

The descriptions on Amazon are written in bad English (worse than mine), but the brighter side is that you can read the complete ingredient list on the bottle or if you visit the manufacturer’s website. Plus, there is an instructional video on YouTube.

I don’t like when the seller doesn’t invest time and effort to write a decent product description. Time will tell if this product is worth trying. I wouldn’t buy it yet.

5. Searching Plants Complete Keratin Treatment Kit

The convenient feature of this product is that the packaging contains all the necessary tools you will need. The kit includes pre-treatment clarifying shampoo, professional chocolate keratin treatment, 2 hair clips, comb, application brush, and gloves. The printed instructions are easy to follow.

What is less convenient, you are recommended to wait three days before washing your hair. 

Although formaldehyde is not listed as an ingredient, the solution contains other aldehydes which release formaldehyde into the air during flat ironing.

The seller claims that the levels of formaldehyde are below the acceptable level of permitted formaldehyde. Although I appreciate the seller’s transparency about the ingredients, that wouldn’t convince me to buy this kit.

6. Damila Keratin Treatment

This smoothing treatment is supposed to remove curls and block the effects of humidity. It is advertised to last for about two months when you are using the shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

Although the description says that it can be used at home, this treatment is not very gentle, and you need to do it in a well-ventilated area. I suggest you look for a gentler alternative.

Final Words: Start with Realistic Expectations!

If you go for an at-home keratin treatment, make sure to have realistic expectations. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. What is realistic? To get straight hair you need formaldehyde in the formula. At-home and formaldehyde-free treatments are not great at straightening curls. However, those gentle treatments can eliminate frizz and give you smoother, more manageable hair for several months.

Beautiful woman with straight hairstyle

6 Differences between Keratin Treatment and Japanese Hair Straightening

Hair straightening gives your hair a sleek, attractive look that’s always in style. Plus it can reduce volume and tame coarse and hard-to-manage strands.

Styling unruly hair takes forever if you use a hair straightener and can be a daily hassle each morning. And, despite all the efforts, your style can be easily ruined by humid weather.

That is why more women are opting for chemical straightening that treatments make their hair straight and smooth for longer and cut down styling time.

Chemical treatments provide either permanent or semi-permanent effects. Two of the most popular chemical treatments include keratin straightening treatment and Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning.

Girl combing tangled unrully hair

However, there are significant differences between the two straightening treatments. Let’s take a closer look at these differences.

1. How Long Do those Treatments Last?

Japanese hair straightening makes your hair permanently pin-straight, while Brazilian keratin treatment provides temporary straightening effects.

Woman combing her straight hair

Japanese straightening breaks your hair’s bonds and reshapes them making the strands perfectly straight until your hair grows. The new growth may have a different texture from the rest of your hair, and it can take six months or even longer between the treatments.

During the next treatment, your hairdresser will apply the treatment to the newly grown hair to eliminate the line of demarcation and make your strands evenly smooth along the entire length.

On the other hand, keratin treatments do not change the internal structure of your hair. This treatment coats the porous surface of the hair fibers with keratin – the protein your hair is made of. This outer protein layer washes away over time, and the effects of the treatment gradually fade within about three months. Your stylist will reapply the treatment to the entire length of the hair.

attractive dark skinned girl with keratin treated hair

2. What Results Can You Expect?

Thermal reconditioning produces straighter locks than keratin straightening

After the thermal reconditioning service, there is no way to get your natural waves or curls back. Your newly grown natural hair and the hair that’s been straightened won’t match in texture. While treated hair doesn’t require much styling, these grown roots may require some attention to make the contrast less obvious.

With keratin treatments, any frizz will be tamed, making the hair smooth and shiny. You may need little styling with a hot brush to get a silkier finish. Since the effects fade gradually, there is no significant contrast between the treated and newly grown hair.

Mixed-race model with keratin straightened hair

The results of keratin treatments can vary depending on the straightening product, while Japanese straightening produces more straight effects and less variable results.

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3. What Hair Types Will Benefit from these Treatments?

Keratin treatments suit more hair types and conditions than thermal reconditioning 

To be suitable for Japanese straightening, your hair should be in good condition. Weak and brittle hair is not a good fit. Hair that’s recently undergone another chemical treatment may not withstand strong chemicals and high heat without serious damage. Bleached, relaxed, or permanently waved hair is not suitable for Japanese straightening.

When it comes to hair texture, Japanese straightening best suits wavy and moderately curly hair. People with tightly curly hair are not good candidates because the demarcation line once new hair grows out can be a problem.

Unlike thermal bonding, a keratin treatment can be applied to chemically treated hair. Keratin treatment can even temporarily fix damaged hair and make it look healthier. This treatment will most suit women who have problems with frizz or excessive hair volume, so it’s worth considering if you live in a high-humidity area. Finally, a keratin treatment is a good choice for very curly hair as it can loosen the curls and make them frizz-free and shiny. 

Neither keratin treatment nor Japanese straightening is recommended for individuals with thinning hair that lacks volume.

In any case, you should consult a professional who will determine the condition of your hair and suggest the best treatment option.

4. The Differences Between the Two Processes of Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is more labor and time-intensive than Brazilian keratin treatments

Depending on the density and length of your hair, Japanese hair straightening can take up to 5 hours, sometimes even longer. Your stylist will apply a special solution to break bonds that give shape to the hair. When the solution is washed out, the hair is blow-dried and straightened with a hot flat iron to create a pin-straight look.

Your stylist then will apply a neutralizer to balance the pH of your hair and lock in the newly achieved straight look. After rinsing the neutralizer, the hair is conditioned, rinsed, and blow-dried again.

Depending on the hair type and the straightening product, keratin treatments take between 90 minutes and 3 hours. Your stylist will apply the Keratin treatment formula to your clarified and sectioned hair and leave it to sit for about 30 minutes.

The hair is then blow-dried and straightened with a brush until it’s completely dry. In the next stage, your stylist will use a titanium flat iron set at a high temperature to seal the treatment into your hair. Your stylist will then wash and blow-dry your hair.

5. Which Treatment is More Likely to Cause Damage?

Japanese hair straightening is more invasive than keratin straightening

Thermal reconditioning can seriously damage your hair if not done professionally. Weak hair is especially at risk because this method breaks hair bonds.

As keratin treatments do not change the internal structure of the hair, there is less risk of damage. However, keratin treatments have a bad reputation due to formaldehyde in straightening products that can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, and throat when combined with heat. To avoid these unpleasant side effects, choose a salon that uses formaldehyde-free keratin straightening products.

beautiful woman with long keratin-treated hair

6. Post-Care Instructions

Japanese straightening requires greater precautions than keratin treatments

When you leave the salon with thermally reconditioned hair, the neutralizer will keep working for a while. It is essential to avoid getting your hair wet at least three days after the treatment.

After the waiting period, you can wash your hair using a shampoo designed for chemically treated hair. You’re also advised to wear your hair down for at least seven days.

After Japanese hair straightening, you can only wear your hair straight as it won’t hold curls or waves.

Traditional keratin treatments also involve a 72-hour waiting period to set properly. During that time, you should protect the hair from water and leave it down. However, if your hair accidentally gets wet, you should blow-dry and flatiron the affected strands.

Nowadays, many keratin straightening products don’t require a three-day waiting time and you can wash the hair soon after the treatment using only sulfate-free and salt-free shampoos and conditioners. Depending on the keratin straightening product and your original texture, you can wear straight hairstyles or waves and loose curls.

Asian woman with straight healthy hair

10 Don’ts for Keratin Treatment Users

1. Avoid Salons that Use a Traditional Keratin Straightening Method

Traditional keratin treatments use straightening products that contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors to seal the keratin in your hair. The strong chemicals in formaldehyde-based products can damage your hair and scalp and irritate your eyes and throat. Choose a salon that respects your health and cares for the employees.

Another problem with traditional keratin treatments is that the instructions tell you to wait 72 hours before you wash your hair.

Nowadays, a wide variety of modern keratin treatment products don’t require you to go three days without washing your hair.

Beautiful dark-skinned woman taking care of her keratin-treated hair

2. Don’t Apply Professional Straightening Products by Yourself

If the instructions indicate that the straightening product is meant for professional use only, make sure to have your treatment done in a salon. This is especially important if you are new to the keratin straightening process. Once you become more familiar with the procedure, you can try the treatment on your own.

3. Don’t Shampoo your Hair too Often

Keratin treatment washes away a little bit with every shampoo. Shampooing too frequently may shorten the longevity of the treatment. If you sweat a lot or your hair looks greasy, you can use a dry shampoo to refresh your hair between washes.

Since most dry shampoos tend to create buildup in your hair, make sure to choose a lightweight, residue-free formula that is made with keratin-friendly ingredients.

4. Don’t Use Regular Shampoos

Ordinary shampoos contain sulfate detergents that are harsh on chemically straightened hair. They also use sodium chloride to give optimal viscosity to liquid shampoos. However, salt can dissolve the keratin protein in the hair, making your treatment wash away faster.

Look for a shampoo enriched with hydrolyzed proteins or amino acids. These building blocks of keratin will help repair cracks in the hair shaft once your treatment starts wearing off.

a woman is proud of her long keratin straightened hair

5. Stay Away from Salt Water and Chlorinated Pools

Salt in seawater and chlorine in swimming pools tend to strip your hair of keratin. If you go swimming, make sure to protect your hair by wearing a swimming cap or by saturating your hair with a keratin-enriched conditioner before swimming. This will help shield your keratin treatment from the abrasive effects of salt and chlorine.

6. Don’t Use High Heat

Keratin treatment drastically reduces hair maintenance and the need for heating tools. However, once your treatment starts to wear off and your hair becomes more prone to frizz, you might want to use a flat iron to get a smooth and shiny finish.

Make sure to use heat styling tools sparingly, and use only low and moderate heat settings to avoid heat damage and stripping away the proteins from your hair.

attractive young woman with keratin straightened hair on a grey background

7. Use Hair Oils Sparingly

After receiving the keratin treatment, you don’t need to use hair oils for styling purposes. The use of hair oils may result in greasy-looking hair, and we know that frequent shampooing is not good for the longevity of your treatment. However, you can use hair oils when doing a deep conditioning treatment. Once the effects of your treatment start to wear off, you can apply hair oil to the ends of your hair to tame frizz and boost shine.

8. Don’t Overdo It with Styling Products

Make sure to limit the use of hair styling products, as using too many leads to product buildup. To remove the buildup, you need to clarify. Using a clarifying shampoo will shorten the longevity of your keratin treatment. Make sure to use styling products sparingly and choose only lightweight formulas.

9. Don’t Dye Your Hair Immediately After Receiving Keratin Straightening Service

It is a good idea to refrain from coloring your hair for about two weeks after the keratin service. The coloring process opens the hair cuticle and some of the keratin may be removed. You will need to use high heat to seal the cuticle again. Coloring your hair before receiving the keratin treatment can only be done by an experienced colorist as the keratin treatment will make your hair lighter than your desired shade.

10. Don’t Experiment with Different Hairstyles

Once you get that sleek, straight look, you should refrain from experimenting with different hairstyles for a while. Wearing your hair down and straight is the best option after you have received the keratin straightening service. If you get tired of your long and straight hair, you can get a layered haircut that will look glamorous on keratin-straightened hair. Just make sure not to have a haircut immediately after receiving keratin treatment.

Beautiful girl with straightened hair in a beauty salon

Keratin and Collagen Hair Treatment: What Results Should You Expect?

Collagen and keratin are types of fibrous proteins that play a vital role in the structure of our hair.

Collagen: Collagen is the main structural protein in the body that helps hold the body’s tissues together. This protein is responsible for maintaining healthy hair and skin. However, the body’s collagen production decreases as we age. In addition to other signs of aging, the drop in collagen production results in brittle, dry, and lifeless hair.

When added to hair care products, collagen makes your strands more elastic and less prone to breakage. Collagen also calms frizz and makes your hair shinier and more manageable.

Smiling happy girl with straight hair outdoor

Keratin: Keratin is the primary component of hair fibers and is responsible for a healthy hair structure. Keratin-infused hair care products can replenish lost keratin and temporarily strengthen hair. Keratin is also used as an ingredient in hair straightening and smoothing treatments. Keratin treatments temporarily straighten hair, tame frizziness, and add a gorgeous shine.

The new concept in hair care uses a holistic synergy of keratin and collagen proteins. Collagen-infused keratin treatments are available at salons, while some milder formulas can be applied at home.

The main purpose of a keratin treatment with collagen is not to straighten hair, but to bring your hair back to its naturally healthy condition, making it feel soft and frizz-free.

If your main goal is to have straighter hair, a well-trained professional stylist will provide you with the desired results. To make your hair look sleek and straight, your stylist may flat iron smaller sections of hair, do more passes per section and apply more pressure. To tame frizz without straightening hair, your stylist will take larger sections of hair and apply less pressure.

Advantages of Collagen-Infused Keratin Hair Treatments

A keratin treatment with collagen can be done on any type of hair, but they work best on dry, damaged, and overly-porous hair.

  1. The treatment uses a blend of keratin and collagen to deeply repair damaged hair, recover the strength and elasticity of hair fibers, and reduce breakage and split ends.
  2. Keratin treatments with collagen replenish hair strands with protein and moisture, making your hair appear more youthful and healthier.
  3. Collagen-infused keratin treatments repair and strengthen hair cuticles, living your hair sleeker, shinier, and easier to manage and style.
  4. The infusion of collagen and keratin smoothens out the ruffled cuticle layer to lock in moisture, which helps to diminish frizz and make your style more resistant to humidity.
smiling young woman with straight hair outdoor

How to Apply Collagen Keratin Hair Treatment

For straightening purposes, choose to get the treatment done at a salon. The procedure may take 2 to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

If you’re considering doing the treatment by yourself, it’s best to have an extra pair of hands to help you with the application. Choose a formaldehyde-free formula, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all impurities and product build-up, and prepare your hair to receive the treatment.
  2. Towel dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry.
  3. Separate your hair into sections for easier application, leaving the bottom section hanging down.
  4. Starting at the nape of your neck, take 1” sections of hair to work at a time.  Using a color brush, apply small amounts of the product onto the 1” sections from roots to ends, avoiding the scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product along the length of your hair.
  5. Leave the treatment in your hair for the recommended time, while running a comb through it several times for more even distribution.
  6. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water.
  7. Blow-dry your hair using medium heat until it is completely dry.
  8. Seal the product by using a flat iron with titanium plates. Set the temperature according to the thickness and condition of your hair.
  9. For fine, chemically-treated, or extremely damaged hair, set your flat iron temperature at 400°F – 420°F to avoid heat-damaged hair. For fragile hair, also use a smaller number of passes (5 – 7) with the hair straightener.

For virgin, thick, coarse, or extremely curly hair, set the temperature at 430°F – 450°F and pass 8 – 10 times over each section of hair.

Smiling happy woman with straight hair outdoor

Aftercare Routine

Don’t wash your hair for 48-72 hours after application. The longer you wait, the smoother your results will be.

To maintain results, use sulfate-free and salt-free shampoo and conditioner.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

This treatment lasts 2 to 4 months depending on shampoo type and frequency. The results fade gradually with each shampoo.

You can re-apply the treatment every 2-4 months.

Products Enriched with Collagen and Keratin

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

The list of the most popular products includes Hair Smoothing Treatment Zero Formaldehyde-free by KERAGEN, Hair Repair Organic Collagen-infused Keratin treatment formaldehyde-free by KOKO KERATIN, Keratin + Collagen Hair Smoothing Treatment by Irresistible Me, AlfaParf Lisse Design Express Smoothing Treatment Kit and LA Brasiliana Original Keratin Treatment With Collagen.

Smiling beautiful girl with straight hair sitting on the desk

Awapuhi KeraTriplex Treatment vs. Keratin Straightening Treatments

If you bleach or color your hair regularly and frequently use heat styling tools, you have probably reached the point when your hair is very dry, fragile, and hard to manage.

The good news is that with the right treatment, your damaged, over-processed hair can recover to be strong, healthy, and beautiful again.

What treatment works this magic?

Keratin repair!

One keratin repair treatment that is gaining popularity is Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment.

Don’t confuse it with Brazilian Keratin Treatment, as KeraTriplex treatment is not designed to straighten hair.

Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment replenishes the hair with the keratin that has been lost during chemical processing and gets your hair back to its healthy state—without affecting your natural waves.

A mixed-race girl after receiving Awapuhi KeraTriplex Treatment

What is KeraTriplex Treatment?

KeraTriplex Treatment is a 2-step, in-salon treatment that combines a protein hair treatment and a deep conditioning treatment.

Step 1. A blend of protein molecules (KeraTriplex) small enough to penetrate the cuticle and restore keratin in your hair repairs your strands from the inside.

Step 2. The deep conditioning treatment infuses hair with moisture to achieve the proper moisture/protein balance while adding softness and shine.

KeraTriplex Treatment can give any hair type a silky, beautiful appearance and protect it from future damage. However, dry, over-processed, and lifeless hair will benefit the most from the KeraTriplex Treatment. This treatment transforms dry, weak, and brittle strands into stronger and healthier hair while adding a silky feel and glossy shine to the hair.

a woman with awapuhi keratriplex treatment

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment Steps

The Keratriplex Treatment is designed to be performed at a salon. If you decide to do it at home, make sure to purchase both products (Keratriplex vials and Keratin Intensive Treatment) and follow the directions exactly.

  1. Wash your hair with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo and follow with a Keratin Cream Rinse conditioner.
  2. Towel dry your hair.
  3. Apply KeraTriplex Hair Treatment, focusing on the most damaged areas, then distribute it evenly, leaving it in your hair for about 5 minutes. During this stage, the small keratin particles penetrate the hair shaft to repair and seal damaged areas. Do not rinse the product from your hair.
  4. Apply Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment and process under heat for 10 minutes. During this conditioning stage, the Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment provides deep hydration to balance protein and moisture content in your hair, while adding softness and shine.
  5. Rinse your hair without shampooing.
  6. Towel dry your hair, then blow-dry and style as desired.


  • Adds strength and moisture to weak hair
  • Reduces breakage
  • Makes dry, rough hair silky soft
  • Improves shine
  • Makes fine, thin hair look thicker and fuller
  • Tames frizz
  • Makes curls soft and bouncy
  • Prevents color fading

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Keratriplex Treatment Advantages over Traditional Keratin Straightening Treatments

  1. The KeraTriplex Treatment procedure is very simple. While a traditional keratin straightening treatment usually takes more than 2 hours, this keratin repair treatment requires about 30 minutes.
  2. There are no strict post-treatment precautions, and you can wash and style your hair as soon as the procedure is completed.
  3. You don’t have to use a flat iron to seal the treatment in your hair, as you do with keratin straightening treatments. However, you can use a flat iron or curling iron to style your hair after the blow-drying stage.
  4. Unlike most keratin straightening treatments, this product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can pose a health risk for you and your stylist.
  5. While the products involved in the application of keratin straightening treatments can emit harmful and irritating fumes, the products used in the Awapuhi Keratriplex treatment have an incredibly refreshing Awapuhi scent.
  6. You can get an Awapuhi Keratriplex treatment for a fraction of the price of a Brazilian keratin treatment—most salons charge between $30 – $40 for KeraTriplex Treatment. Once you are experienced enough to do the treatment at home, you can save a lot of money and a trip to the salon by doing it yourself.


  • The results of a Keratriplex treatment don’t last as long as the results after keratin straightening treatment. Without the regular use of the entire KeraTriplex system (shampoo, rinse, and deep conditioner) the results will fade within a month.
  • The effects will last longer if you do deep conditioning using Keratin Intensive Treatment once a week. This deep conditioner is designed to prolong the results of the Keratriplex treatment and keep your hair strong, silky, frizz-free, and shiny.
Attractive woman with KeraTriplex keratin treatment in her hair

What is Keratin Intensive Treatment?

Keratin Intensive Treatment is the second step of the KeraTriplex Treatment, where it is used in conjunction with the Keratriplex vials. It is also meant to be used as a follow-up at-home treatment after you have done the Awapuhi KeraTriplex treatment at a salon. However, your hair can benefit from this product regardless of whether you have received the Awapuhi KeraTriplex treatment or not.

This deep conditioner also contains the KeraTriplex protein complex in addition to the highly moisturizing extract of wild Awapuhi. This product can penetrate deep into the hair to put keratin back into hair fibers, replenish lost moisture, and add a smooth and shiny appearance to your hair.

Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment works best on hair that has been color-treated, relaxed, permed, or damaged by heat.

Suggested use: As a deep conditioning treatment, this product should be used weekly. Apply a small amount to your towel-dried hair after shampooing. Work the cream through your hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse. If your hair is extremely dry or over-processed, use the heated gel cap for 10-15 minutes.

Dry and style as desired.

Don’t overuse it. When used more than once a week, this product can weigh your hair down.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment at Perfect Look – video

African-American woman with smooth long hair wearing red dress

Which Styling Products to Use After Keratin Treatment

One of the main advantages of a keratin treatment is a shorter blow-drying time and fewer styling products you will need to obtain the desired style. Your morning hair routine will be easier and faster because your hair is smooth, frizz-free, and manageable.

It is recommended to get a haircut after the keratin treatment to remove any split ends and ensure that your hair looks sleek and healthy.

Once your hair is chemically straightened you will need to take a bit gentler approach to your hair care. To keep the cuticles smooth and shiny, wash your hair with lukewarm water and finish with a short rinse of cool water. Also, keep the dryer on a low heat setting and finish blow-drying with a blast of cold air. Finally, brush your hair slowly and gently.

Beautiful long hair girl vith keratin straightened hair

What Products Can You Put on Your Hair After Keratin Treatment

You can use styling products after the first wash following the treatment. However, to prolong the effects of keratin treatment, it is important to carefully choose styling products for your hair. Besides the appropriate shampoos and conditioners, which must be sulfate and salt-free, you should also look for keratin-friendly leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and hair serums.

You should know that even some organic hair care products may contain sodium chloride – a thickening agent that can break down the keratin and shorten the life of your treatment. So, check the ingredient list to make sure that your hair products are compatible with keratin treatments, or use styling products recommended by your stylist.

Some styling products are enriched with keratin and may offer additional benefits for chemically treated hair. Products formulated with hydrolyzed proteins and keratin amino acids replenish keratin in your hair each time you use them.

The Best Styling Products for Keratin Straightened Hair

Attractive fashion girl with keratin treated hair

Keratin treatment products usually come in kits that include a keratin smoothing solution and aftercare products. You can also purchase styling products made by another manufacturer, but make sure that they are safe for keratin-straightened hair.

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

1. Leave-In Conditioners for Keratin Treated Hair

A leave-in conditioner rehydrates dry hair, gives it softness, and takes the frizz away. In addition to conditioning properties, keratin-infused leave-in conditioner restores depleted keratin protein, repairs damaged strands and reduces the appearance of split ends. When your keratin treatment starts to wear off, your hair will still look smooth and shiny with the use of a keratin-infused leave-in conditioner.

La-Brasiliana Dieci All-In-One Instant Hair Treatment iconwith Keratin and Collagen is designed to prevent hair breakage, eliminate frizz, and tame split ends. It also works as a thermal protector, while enhancing hair shine and manageability. When used on non-treated hair, this leave-in conditioner acts as a mini keratin treatment that lasts until your next shampoo.

Pure Brazilian Leave-in Conditioner With Keratin is made to repair dry and damaged hair by restoring keratin proteins. It infuses hair with hydration, blocks humidity, and adds softness and manageability.

2. Keratin Hair Serums

A beautiful model with straight hairstyle

Hair serums create a protective barrier around your strands, provide UV and thermal protection, reduce frizz, and add brilliant shine.

A lightweight serum with keratin proteins and Argan oil helps to seal the cuticles, smooth split ends, and reduce breakage.

Use this product on damp hair before blow-drying to prevent heat damage and create a sleek and shiny finish.

Some keratin aftercare styling serums from the same brand as the original keratin treatment are formulated with silicone. When you have keratin-treated hair, you need to use a mild shampoo. Styling products with heavy silicone will build up and stay in your hair for a longer period because gentle post-keratin shampoos can’t dissolve them.

The good news is that some keratin serums have light silicone in their formulation. Light silicones are water-soluble and won’t deposit in your hair. You can wash out them easily without the need to use clarifying or sulfate-containing shampoo. 

GK HAIR Global Keratin Serum iconis formulated with KeratinJuvenix, light silicone, and Argan oil, which makes it a good choice for chemically treated hair.

3. Heat Protectants for Keratin Straightened Hair

ORIBE Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray is formulated without harsh ingredients and infused with Oribe Signature Complex and antioxidants to protect hair from thermal damage. This weightless spray helps also preserve the vibrancy of hair color and tames frizz and flyaways for smoother and more manageable hair.

Embelleze Novex Blindagem Brazilian Keratin Heat Protector Leave-In Heat Protectant is formulated to deeply condition the damaged hair shaft and give your hair smoothness and shine.

This product uses natural, non-animal-derived keratin protein to repair the cuticle layer of your hair, making it more resistant to environmental damage and humidity.

Apply the cream to clean and damp hair before blow-drying or flat ironing to protect your lock from the heat and obtain a salon-quality blowout.

4. Deep Conditioners for Chemically Straightened Hair

A woman with a deep conditioner applied to her keratin-treated hair

Although these are not styling products, they give your keratin-treated hair much-needed TLC. Use a deep-conditioning treatment once a week or every two weeks depending on your needs.

A deep conditioning masque helps to keep hair smooth and frizz-free, improves manageability, reduces breakage, and tames split ends.

Look for a moisturizing mask formulated with jojoba and argan oils, hydrolyzed proteins, and Panthenol. For best absorption, apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing.

Fortifying Protein Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil By Arvazallia uses Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Moroccan Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Aloe Vera to repair and strengthen chemically-processed hair.

5. Hair Oils

Natural oils have high humectant properties, but make sure to use them in moderation. Too much oil requires frequent washing. Lightweight hair oils provide hydration, help tame frizz, and add shine without leaving a greasy residue.

So-called “keratin oils” contain keratin proteins and light silicone in their formula. Keratin-enriched oils have moisturizing and protective properties and can provide your hair with much-needed keratin. 

6. Styling Sprays

A hair styling spray helps to style and shape your hair and protect it from humidity, wind, and UV rays.

ORIBE Mystify Restyling Spray helps to refresh your style between washes while nourishing, strengthening, and protecting your strands. As your style becomes worn out, spray a fine mist all over your dry hair. Comb it through or tousle it with your fingers. You can either air dry and brush your hair or touch up your

This hydrating spray smooths out flyaways, leaving you with silky and heavenly-smelling hair. It also gives your hair a light hold and protects against sun damage.

ORIBE Mystify Restyling Spray is formulated without sulfates or sodium chloride, which means that is safe for color- and keratin-treated hair.

a young woman with long hair and a straight hairstyle

Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

There are quite a number of straightening hair treatments that may have a negative effect on your comfort. For instance, most keratin straightening treatments require users to take a 3-day break away from washing their hair to ensure the success of the treatment. For some people waiting as long as three days to wash their hair could be a nightmare.

Unlike traditional keratin straightening, completing the Brazilian Blowout procedure doesn’t extend beyond the salon. It doesn’t require any waiting time before you can wash your hair. You can return to your normal activities without worrying about messing the treatment up. You can exercise and put your hair in a ponytail or style it the way you want. Your hair will remain smooth, frizz-free, and radiant.

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare

a beautiful woman with smooth hair after Brazilian Blowout service

Once the Brazilian blowout process has been completed, you need to follow a few specific rules. This, of course, refers to things you should and should not do to lengthen the lifespan of your treatment. The right aftercare and maintenance are needed to ensure that your hair continues to look good for as long as possible. Since the Brazilian Blowout is an expensive treatment, extending its longevity will help you reduce the bill at the salon since you can stretch out the time between salon visits.

Washing Your Hair after Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowouts generally last longer when there is minimal hair washing involved. Try to wash your hair no more than three times a week. This helps to prolong the effects of the treatment.

Hair professionals warn against using hair shampoos that contain harsh sulfate cleansers in their formula. Another ingredient that should be avoided in hair care products after straightening service is sodium chloride. Salt is often used as a thickening agent in hair shampoos, but it can negatively affect the beauty and longevity of your blowout treatment.

Although most drugstore shampoos are formulated with sulfates to boost the leathering effect, there are also many sulfate-free and salt-free formulas available in beauty stores. Make sure to purchase sulfate- and salt-free shampoo and conditioner, preferably those formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner

With proper aftercare, your hair will stay soft and frizz-free for about 10 to 12 weeks. The Brazilian Blowout procedure requires the use of their associated take-home product line to maintain smooth, frizz-free, and manageable hair for up to 12 weeks. The Brazilian Blowout aftercare line features anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner, smoothing serum, and a deep conditioning masque.

Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner contain the same complex of amino acids that can be found in the Brazilian Blowout Professional Solution. This way amino acids are deposited back into the hair with every hair wash, providing longer-lasting smoothing results.

Pure Brazilian Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner are sulfate and sodium chloride-free formulas that smoothen thick coarse hair and take away frizz, making hair much more manageable. Both products are safe for chemically straightened hair.

Brazilian Blowout and Hair Coloring

It is advisable to color the hair before receiving the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Hair coloring can be done the same day you have received the straightening treatment. The Brazilian blowout will seal in the color and enhance the results of the coloring service. If you plan to color after receiving the Blowout treatment, it would be best to wait at least two weeks. If you apply color earlier, the results will not be consistent. The protective protein layer from the Blowout treatment makes hair more color-resistant.

When applying color prior to Brazilian Blowout, consider coloring your hair a shade darker than your desired color. This is important as the color will fade a bit during the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Choosing a darker shade will give you results closer to the color you want after the Brazilian Blowout treatment is completed.

It is advised that the color should only be applied to the root area after the smoothing treatment for maximum preservation of achieved straightening results.

Protection Before/After Swimming

Before you hit the beach on a hot, sunny day, or take a swim in the chlorinated water, you should know that chlorinated and saltwater could affect your Brazilian Blowout treatment if your hair is not properly protected. Applying the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum on the hair prior to swimming acts as a protective barrier. The serum also provides protection from UVA rays and helps preserve your hair color. After exposure to saltwater or chemicals in the swimming pool, rinse your hair with clean water and then reapply the Brazilian Blowout Acai Daily Smoothing Serum.

Deep Conditioning

Using a deep conditioner twice a month will keep your hair healthy-looking and silky. Apply a deep conditioning masque to freshly washed hair to infuse your strands with essential proteins that seal in the Brazilian Blowout treatment. By doing this, you will keep your hair shiny and smooth for longer.

Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque is designed to replenish your strands with vital moisture and deposit amino acids into your hair. It makes your Brazilian blowout smooth and fresh and keeps the frizz away.

a blonde with smooth hair after a Brazilian blowout treatment

Styling Products

Choosing a hair styling product must be done with a lot of scrutiny. You are required to be very selective during this search. Your hair may get heavy and oily much faster if you over-use styling products.

Each time you wash your hair, allow the strands to dry by air. Avoid blow-drying. If you must blow-dry, make sure to use a heat protectant.

Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray is designed to strengthen weakened fibers, seal the cuticle, and prolong the results of your Brazilian Blowout. It cuts blow-drying time, prevents frizz, and protects your hair from heat and environmental damage. This bonding spray also leaves your hair soft, shiny, and easy to brush.

Apply a few sprays to damp, freshly washed hair before blow-drying. Use a small amount, otherwise, your hair may feel greasy.

Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm is supposed to be used before blow-drying and flat ironing. It makes your hair look like you have just done the Brazilian blowout. It also will keep your hair smooth and shiny once your Brazilian blowout starts to wash out.

Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm can be used as a hair heat protectant regardless of whether you’ve received the Brazilian blowout service or not. It protects the hair against hot tools and makes curly hair easier to straighten with a flat iron. The straightening effect is temporary and lasts until the next wash.

This straightening balm works best for wavy or curly hair that tends to get frizzy in the humidity.

Be careful to apply a small amount, as too much of the product can weigh down the hair and make it look greasy.

Brazilian Blowout Daily Smoothing Serum is designed to smooth, condition, and detangle your hair before blow-drying. It offers heat protection and leaves your hair manageable and flowing with a gorgeous shine. It mends split ends, keeps the curls defined, and tames frizz. Apply to damp hair, concentrating on the ends.

This formula also protects your hair from the sun and the damage associated with chlorine and salt water.

Beautiful blonde woman after receiving Brazilian blowout treatment

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Top Five Shampoo Brands for Keratin Treated Hair

What Are 4 Key Differences between Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

Trying to distinguish between the two treatments can be tricky. This is not helped by the fact that the names are often confused even by professional stylists. As a customer, this can make choosing the most appropriate treatment for your personal needs, particularly difficult. It is essential that you receive the right information before you commit to any kind of smoothing or straightening treatment. A consultation at a salon with a good reputation and experienced stylists is the first and most important step to achieving the desired results.

The “Brazilian Blowout™” is, in fact, a brand name carrying a registered trademark. The name is also used by a company that provides professional hair smoothing products. Many salons use the name Brazilian Blowout to describe their own smoothing service, regardless of the formula they use. They often use some other products instead of the original Brazilian Blowout smoothing solution to achieve similar effects.

A beautiful girl after receiving keratin treatment service

In this post, we are discussing the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment given in a salon by using original Brazilian Blowout products.

What Do both Treatments Have in Common?

While both treatments make the hair appear straighter, neither of these treatments is permanent as Japanese straightening treatments or hair relaxers are known to permanently alter the structure of the hair.

Both treatments create a protein layer around the hair shaft which smoothes the cuticle and makes the hair look more beautiful.

Both smoothing treatments help fight humidity, create a reflective shine, and improve hair manageability. They also cut down the time needed for everyday styling.

With both treatments, you will be exposed to some level of hazardous chemicals (formaldehyde or other aldehydes) during heat application.

With either treatment, you need to wash hair less frequently to prevent washing out the treatments from hair. You also need to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the results longer.

Keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowout treatments both achieve similar effects. However, there are distinct variations that are worth mentioning to anyone considering trying them.

Young brunette with brazilian blowout

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How Do the Two Treatments Differ?

A professional stylist will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment for your hair based on your hair type and needs. Is your hair thick, curly, frizzy, or simply difficult to control? Is excess volume an issue you wish to address?

1. Who are the Best Candidates

A keratin treatment will calm unruly hair, creating a much straighter and sleeker appearance. This is the right option for hair that is overly curly and overly voluminous. The treatment will reduce the volume and make hair far easier to manage. A keratin treatment would not be recommended for use on hair that is already straight or particularly fine or thin as it tends to further reduce the volume.

If your aim is to keep volume and movement whilst making the hair frizz-free and more manageable, then a Brazilian Blowout may be a more suitable choice. This treatment performs well with fine to medium texture, and some slight waves or curls. Brazilian Blowout can also be suitable for transitioning hair textures if a keratin treatment, relaxers, or Japanese straightening treatment has been applied previously.

2. Procedure

One of the notable differences between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment is the time they take to complete.

The Brazilian Blowout process only takes 1 to 2 hours in a salon. A Keratin treatment may take up to three hours to perform.

Both treatments start with preparing the hair by shampooing with a clarifying shampoo followed by a towel dry.

Keratin treatment: The hair is shampooed using a clarifying shampoo, towel-dried, and then blow-dried thoroughly until completely dry. The product is applied section by section and evenly distributed throughout the hair. For best results, a cap is placed over the head for 20-30 minutes to allow the product to soak deep into the hair shaft. The hair is then blow-dried again, and flat ironed, at a 450 F setting. The client needs to refrain from washing their hair for three days.

Brazilian Blowout: The hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and lightly towel-dried to allow some moisture to remain. The product is then carefully applied to sections of hair. The hair is blow-dried and straightened using a straightening iron set at 450 degrees. Your hair is then rinsed thoroughly to remove the product and apply a deep conditioning masque. Finally, your hair will be blow-dried again to get the final result.

a gorgeous woman with Brazilian blowout

3. Results

After a keratin treatment hair will have a much straighter appearance and reduced volume. The frizz is eliminated from your hair for up to 3 months.

After a Brazilian Blowout treatment hair will be frizz-free, but as this is a “lighter” option compared to keratin treatment it will be less straight and sleek. The wavy hair will be straighter with much of a natural wave and body. The curly hair will retain its natural curls, but the curls are softer, frizz-free, and easier to control. Styling the hair with straightening irons or blow drying it straight is easier and produces better results than before.

Both treatments are customizable depending on the desired results, although the Brazilian Blowout is more flexible. By adjusting the amount of product applied to the hair as well as the level of heat, the results can be tailored to suit the individual’s requirements.

4. Convenience

The Brazilian Blowout is a more convenient option because the results are almost instant.

After a keratin treatment, there are certain precautions that must be adhered to, including the 72-hour waiting period to ensure the treatment works successfully. You are requested to leave the salon by keeping the product in your hair and rinsing it after three days. You also should avoid sweating, tying hair back, tucking the hair behind the ears, or any style that may cause a kink in the hair.

A Brazilian Blowout treatment is complete when you leave the salon and your results are visible right after the service. Your hair can be washed that same day, and you can also freely style your hair. The restrictions associated with the keratin treatments do not apply to a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

charming woman with brazilian blowout in her hair

Safe Alternatives to Traditional Keratin Treatments

Keratin straightening treatments have become increasingly popular due to their frizz-fighting abilities and silky, smooth finish. However, many people are still unaware of the possible adverse health effects of exposure to the chemicals that can be found in hair straightening products.

The main issue with the keratin treatments is the formaldehyde vapors that can be released during blow-drying and flat ironing. Although formaldehyde makes the straightening solution more effective, this advantage is not worth the health risk that you and your stylists are exposed to during the straightening process.

The following smoothing treatments are formulated without formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors and are much safer for clients, stylists, and the environment than formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. These innovative smoothing treatments can be customized to your liking and give you more styling flexibility than traditional straightening treatments.

Girl with healthy straight hair

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

1. Keratin Cure Gold & Honey Bio Hair Treatment

Keratin Cure Gold & Honey Bio Hair Treatment is a glycolic-based smoothing treatment. It is designed to infuse your hair with powerful moisturizing and shine-enhancing ingredients. It smoothens rough and unruly hair, adds shine, and keeps your locks frizz-free for up to 3 months. It is not supposed to make your hair pin-straight, but it does make it frizz-free, soft, and silky. If your hair is curly, you will get glamorous loose waves. This hair smoothing treatment does not contain harmful chemicals.

How it works:

Keratin amino acids act as crosslinking agents that link the hair’s protein and the added keratin, strengthening hair fibers from the root to the tip.

Silk Protein fills in the gaps in the hair cuticle, reducing porosity and giving a silky feel to the hair.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is known for its de-tangling, hair thickening, and cuticle smoothing properties.

Hyaluronic Acid nourishes the scalp and moisturizes your hair, improving its softness and shine.

The nourishing blend of organic oils includes coconut, argan, hemp seed, marula, and peppermint oils.

Hair types:

Keratin Cure Gold & Honey Bio Hair Treatment works well on frizzy, unruly dry, damaged, or overprocessed hair.


  • Smoothens your hair and makes it easier to manage
  • Eliminates frizz and leaves hair silky soft
  • Leaves hair hydrated and shiny
  • Rebuilds inner strength and boosts volume
  • Reduces breakage and encourages hair growth
  • Soften your hair’s natural waves
  • Reduces blow-dry time
  • Hair can be washed on the same day of the treatment


  • The product has a strong odor that lingers in your hair.
  • Straightening can make the color lighter, especially if your hair is bleached.

The application and aftercare

The application process takes 2 – 3 hours depending on your hair length and type. You will need a clarifying shampoo, wide-toothed comb, blow dryer, and flat iron that can reach and maintain a temperature of about 450F. For maximum absorption, your hair needs to be clean prior to application. The product comes with detailed instructions on how to use it.

To get optimum results, a licensed hair professional should perform the treatment.

You can wash your hair the same day after receiving the treatment. You can also style your hair the way you want. You are supposed to use sulfate- and salt-free products when washing your hair.

A woman with perfectly straight keratin treated hair

2. Unique Amino Style Keratin Treatment 

This innovative formaldehyde-free keratin treatment product is designed to reduce volume, eliminate frizz, and restore damaged hair. The formula uses a blend of amino acids, sugar cane, and acai extract.

Hair types:

The treatment is compatible with other chemical hair treatments and can be applied to previously straightened, relaxed, or colored hair. However, this treatment can change your hair color to a lighter shade or even leave some brassy tones. To avoid this, it is advisable to dye your hair after, not before the treatment. For your convenience, you can get color service the same day after receiving the Unique Amino Style Treatment.

According to the manufacturer’s claim, this product is completely free of harmful chemicals and safe to use on any type of hair.


  • After receiving the Unique Amino treatment hair looks straighter, shinier, and healthier. The styling time is greatly reduced. The results resemble those obtained after applying a hair Botox treatment.
  • This treatment will not make your hair pin-straight, but it greatly improves the look of dry, damaged, frizzy, or dull hair. If you want to make your hair completely straight, you can do it with a few strokes of a flat iron.

The procedure and aftercare

To obtain the best results, the treatment must be applied by a certified hair professional. The procedure is the same as for most keratin treatments. The product should stay in the hair for about 20 minutes. When your hair is dried up to 70% the stylist uses a flat iron to seal the treatment in the hair. You can wash your hair the same day and style it the way you want.

With proper maintenance, the effects will last between 8 and 12 weeks. The manufacturer offers a complete aftercare line, which includes aftercare shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.

The results are progressive and cumulative so that you can apply the treatment every 8 to 10 weeks and your hair will look shinier and healthier with each application.

African American model with straightened hair

3. Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This hair smoothing treatment (formerly known as Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Hair Treatment) is advertised to reduce frizz and make hair smoother, stronger, and shinier for up to 4 months.

Hair types:

This treatment is especially suitable for people who want to cut drying and styling time such as individuals with dry, frizzy, curly, coarse, and unmanageable hair.

How it works:

The treatment uses a low pH system to raise hair cuticles and infuse hair strands with a blend of keratin, sericin, botanical extracts, and vitamins. These healthy ingredients replenish lost and damaged keratin and help protect the inner hair bonds. The heat in the flat ironing stage helps lock in the treatment and create a smooth and shiny finish.


  • Cezanne Smoothing Treatment improves the strength of the hair, reduces frizz, and adds intense shine.
  • The treatment will soften and loosen your curls, but it won’t make your hair bone straight. Your hair will still hold a curl if you desire that.

The procedure and aftercare

The procedure takes up to two and a half hours, depending on the hair texture and length. The stylist can customize the process to obtain the desired results.

Cezanne Express treatment formula is meant for clients who want a more affordable treatment option or want to cut the time spent in the salon. It is less effective than the classic option and lasts about 8 weeks.

Unlike chemical-based keratin treatments, you can shampoo your hair the same day and style it the way you want. You can also exercise or go swimming right from the salon. Color service can be performed the same day, either before or after the smoothing treatment.

To maintain the results, use sulfate-free and salt-free products. Daily washing is not recommended.

The Treatment can be reapplied after about 4 months. Make sure to consult your stylist, because frequent applications can make your hair feel heavy.

4. Argan Protein Therapy by UNEX PROFESSIONAL

This treatment promises to make hair straight up to 95 % without the use of Formaldehyde or any other harmful chemicals. It doesn’t cause itchy and burning eyes or make your throat hurt.

Hair types:

The best candidates for receiving Argan Therapy are individuals with damaged, chemically treated, bleached, and frizzy hair.

How it works:

The treatment is formulated with hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, cysteine protein, and argan oil which are biocompatible with human hair. The effects last 2-6 months.


  • Straightens your hair up to 95 % with no harm to the strands
  • Restores damaged hair, improves hair elasticity, and reduces breakage
  • Repairs and seals the hair cuticle, resulting in soft, shiny, and frizz-free hair
  • Reduces the appearance of split ends
  • You can wash your hair the same day after receiving the service.

The procedure:

Argan Protein Therapy can be done at home. However, you may need an extra pair of hands during the flat ironing stage to ensure the best results. The procedure will take 2-4 hours, depending on hair length and thickness. To read the detailed directions, visit the manufacturer’s website.

A blonde woman with keratin straightened hair

5. SAFFRON SECRET Formaldehyde Free Saffron Smoothing Treatment

SAFFRON SECRET Smoothing Treatment uses an organic saffron-based formula to make wavy, frizzy, and curly hair straighter, healthier-looking, and more manageable. Saffron is a spice, derived from the flower of Crocus sativus plants. The spice is rich in concentrated Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and niacin. The company claims that the product, when properly applied, gives instant smoothing results that last up to four months.

How it works:

This straightening treatment has several convenient features that can make the application procedure safer and more comfortable:

1. Saffron Smoothing Treatment straightens the hair without the use of damaging chemicals and is claimed to be safe for the user and for the stylist. This product can be used on hair roots, which makes the initial application procedure as well as touchups easier. There are no strong vapors that can irritate your eyes, nose, or throat.

2. This product is easier to apply and the application process takes less time than traditional straightening services. You don’t have to wash your hair before application, which eliminates the initial steps of clarifying as well as blow-drying your hair. This means that you will spend less time in the salon and probably pay less money for the straightening service.

3. The product is poured into a bowl and applied to the hair section by section, using a hair dye brush. A plastic wrap is then placed tightly over the hair for 50 minutes. After removing the plastic wrap, your hair is blow-dried and brushed for 10 minutes. Your hair is then flat ironed at a temperature of 380-450 Fahrenheit.

4. The final steps also differ from standard straightening treatments. After the flat ironing step, the hair is simply washed with a sulfate-free shampoo, blow-dried, and styled.

5. Another convenience is that the treatment provides you with an instant result. Plus, there is no downtime. You can color or style your hair the way you want immediately after the procedure is completed or on any of the following days.

brunette woman with long keratin-treated hair

6. Keratin Komplex Hair Treatment by Damilla

This straightening treatment utilizes a blend of natural keratin, silk amino acids, collagen, soy protein, and wheat protein to replenish the lost proteins and strengthen hair. Argan oil conditions your tresses and boosts shine.

The product is non-toxic and easy to use at home. One bottle is sufficient for multiple applications.


The treatment gives you straighter, frizz-free, and easy-to-manage hair for up to two months.

A brunette woman with shiny hair after receiving a keratin treatment

7. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Treatment (Available at Walmart)

This frizz-fighting treatment uses isolated proteins identical to human keratin to replace keratin lost during chemical services. The treatment is not meant to straighten your hair, so there is no flat-ironing stage. This repairing treatment is designed to reconstruct hair damaged by chemicals and restore hair softness and sheen.

KeraTriplex Treatment is much easier to apply than traditional keratin straightening treatments.

More brands to consider: Keratin Straightening Treatment by Paul Brown Hawaii, Brazilian Perola Organic Hair Straightener Treatment (formaldehyde-free) by ETERNITYLISS, COSMO-9 Proliss Anti Frizz hair Treatment – Formaldehyde Free, Revamp Keratin Smoothing Treatment by Biolustre, and Brazilian Treatment Ingel Maxx by Forever Liss Professional.

a blonde woman with long, smooth hair

8. Amino Acid-Based Smoothing Treatments

This type of smoothing treatments utilize amino acids to tame your curls, control unwanted volume, and make your hair smooth for up to three months. The formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft to fill up tiny gaps, resulting in smoother, frizz-free, and more manageable hair.

The most popular amino acid-based smoothing treatments include Cysteine smoothing treatment, Pravana Perfection SmoothOut, CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment, Argil Therapy, and Thermafuse f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment.

Popular Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment also uses amino acids to smooth hair. However, this line of products has formaldehyde in its formula.

Amino-acid smoothing treatments can be performed on all hair types including color-treated, highlighted, bleached, permed, relaxed, and keratin-straightened hair.

The application process is similar to keratin treatments. However, your hair can be washed the same day using an appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

gorgeous blonde woman with keratin straightened hair

Is there a Safe Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the biggest innovations in the world of hair care. The treatment is extremely popular because it provides fabulous styling results that were never before possible. After a keratin treatment, hair remains smooth, glossy, and easy to handle for up to four months.

However, recent research has revealed that the majority of keratin treatment formulas available in today’s hair care market emit formaldehyde at toxic levels. Formaldehyde is a highly reactive hydrocarbon that has been linked to several health issues, including allergic reactions on the skin and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

While some product lines are labeled “formaldehyde-free”, they actually contain formaldehyde donors that emit formaldehyde as a gas when heated with a flat iron.

Safe Alternatives to Traditional Brazilian Keratin Treatments

A beautiful brunette woman with keratin straightened hair

Healthy Alternatives to Brazilian Keratin Treatments

While traditional keratin treatments remain widely available, new market research indicates that most consumers prefer safe and more flexible hair-styling options. There is a growing demand for safe keratin treatments, without toxic chemicals and dangerous side effects. Safe hair-smoothing treatments can revolutionize hair care while protecting stylists and clients and preserving the integrity of the hair. Some innovative companies have developed products that mimic the results of traditional keratin hair treatments without using harmful ingredients.

These new keratin-smoothing products are safe and effective alternatives to formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. They don’t emit toxic formaldehyde fumes and don’t require the use of special ventilation systems or masks. This new generation of keratin treatments delivers smoother, straighter, and healthier-looking hair, without any risks for the stylists or their clients. These safe treatments can even improve the health and the condition of the hair over time.

Additionally, new alternative treatments offer more flexibility to clients than traditional keratin treatments. A flat iron can be set on lower heat settings than with classic keratin treatments. There is no need for a three-day, water-free grace period after application. You can style your hair immediately after the treatment and go anywhere you choose. You can also choose to wear your hair curly, straight, or wavy.

a woman posing with partially straight and partially curly hair

1. Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Cezanne Perfect Finish is a 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment that delivers similar results as formaldehyde-based keratin smoothing treatments but without the use of harmful ingredients. The treatment does not require special ventilation or wearing a mask in the working area.

Cezanne Perfect Finish uses a blend of botanical extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and proteins, including sericin – a protein created by silkworms, to straighten the hair from inside the shaft and restore hair’s luster and brilliance. Cezanne treatment reduces unwanted frizz and leaves your hair stronger, healthier, and more manageable, without turning it pin straight or flat.

The process includes three easy steps: After a standard wash and dry, the Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment is applied and left to sit on the hair for 30 minutes. The hair is then blow-dried and flat ironed to seal the product in the hair.

Available only in salons, this treatment can be performed on any hair type and texture. The effects will last up to four months. You will enjoy several distinct advantages over common straightening methods:

  • You can leave the salon with whatever beautiful, style you want.
  • Your hair can still hold a curl if desired. You can even style hair with a curling iron immediately after the treatment.
  • Coloring can be performed on the same day (either before or after the treatment).
  • You can go right from the salon to the gym, swimming pool, or anywhere you choose.
  • There’s no inconvenient waiting period before you can wash your hair.
  • You can use pins or wear a ponytail or a bun.
attractive woman with shiny, keratin-treated hair

2. KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System

KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System is a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free keratin treatment designed to improve the health and beauty of the hair. It offers a similar or better result than formaldehyde-based formulas. The KeraGreen system provides soft, silky, shiny, and manageable hair for up to 3 months. This treatment can also help to treat hair loss.

This organic-derived formula won’t expose clients to any health risks through the use of harmful agents. The ingredients include keratin complex, hydrolyzed collagen, silk, L-Cysteine, and Vitamin B5, as well as 18 amino acids and proteins.

Here are some benefits of KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System:

  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Easy application procedure
  • Does not emit toxic fumes
  • Faster drying times with no residue
  • Does not irritate the scalp, so can be applied close to the roots
  • Eliminates frizz and softens curls
  • Adds shine
  • Seals in color 
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Helps to control hair loss

3. KERAPURE Smoothing Products

This keratin and amino acid-based smoothing treatment is another safe alternative to Brazilian Keratin Treatment, without toxic chemicals and dangerous side effects. KERAPURE smoothing products use natural agents to enhance the strength, shine, glossiness, and manageability of all hair types.
KERAPURE smoothing products combine gold peptides, keratin proteins, cross-linked amino acids, and exotic oils to penetrate through the hair cuticle to restructure and rebuild individual strands.

The vapors released by KERAPURE products have been tested by independent laboratories in enclosed environments and actual salon environments to reveal that there are no toxic levels of formaldehyde released at any point throughout the process.

4. Liquid Keratin 30-Day Straight Smooth & Long Treatment

Liquid Keratin’s 30-Day Treatment is an innovative, formaldehyde and aldehyde-free keratin smoothing system. The treatment is also free of all formaldehyde donors, sodium hydroxide, urea, thio, and guanidine.

Lately, Liquid Keratin has launched the new and improved Liquid Keratin 60-Day at-home treatment with results lasting up to 12 weeks.

5. Cysteine Hair Treatment

Cysteine Hair Treatment is the latest innovation in hair smoothing technology, which revitalizes and straightens your hair by infusing cysteine. Cysteine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in the hair. Cysteine smoothing treatment is considered much safer for you and your hair than formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. The main active component in the formula is cysteine, but it can be combined with collagen, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

Cysteine treatment softens the curls, eliminates frizz, helps manage weak and coarse hair, and improves the overall condition of your locks.

A young woman with healthy, smooth hair

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