At-Home Keratin Treatments for Frizz-Free and Manageable Hair

During pandemics, there is frequently an increased number of hair straightening products advertised as suitable for use at home. Some manufacturers don’t want to lose customers during pandemics, so they respond to an increased demand for DIY products by offering more at-home keratin treatment kits. That is good news. However, you should be careful when … Read more

Six Differences between Keratin Treatment and Japanese Hair Straightening

Hair straightening gives your hair a sleek, attractive look that’s always in style by reducing volume and taming coarse and hard-to-manage strands. Styling unruly hair takes forever if you use a hair straightener and can be a daily hassle each morning. And, despite all the efforts, your style can be easily ruined by humid weather. … Read more

Top 10 Don’ts for Keratin Treatment Users

1. Avoid Salons that Use a Traditional Keratin Straightening Method Traditional keratin treatments use straightening products that contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors to seal the keratin in your hair. The strong chemicals in formaldehyde-based products can damage your hair and scalp and irritate your eyes and throat. Choose a salon that respects your health and … Read more

Keratin Hair Treatments Enriched with Collagen

Collagen and keratin are types of fibrous proteins that play a vital role in the structure of our hair. Collagen: Collagen is the main structural protein in the body that helps hold the body’s tissues together. This protein is also responsible for maintaining healthy hair and skin. However, the body’s collagen production decreases as we … Read more

Which Styling Products to Use after Keratin Treatment

One of the main advantages of a keratin treatment is shorter blow-drying time and fewer styling products you will need to get manageable and shiny hair. Your morning hair routine will be faster because your hair is smooth, frizz-free, and easy to style. It is recommended to get a haircut after the keratin treatment to … Read more

Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

There are quite a number of straightening hair treatments that may have a negative effect on your comfort. For instance, most keratin straightening treatments require users to take a 3-day break away from washing their hair to ensure the success of the treatment. For some people waiting as long as three days to wash their … Read more

What are the Four Key Differences between Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment

What is a Brazilian Blowout? Trying to distinguish between the two treatments can be tricky. This is not helped by the fact that the names are often confused even by professional stylists. As a customer, this can make choosing the most appropriate treatment for your personal needs, particularly difficult. It is essential that you receive … Read more

Safe Alternatives to Traditional Keratin Treatments

Keratin straightening treatments have become increasingly popular due to their frizz-fighting abilities and silky, smooth finish. However, many people are still unaware of the possible adverse health effects from exposure to the chemicals that can be found in hair straightening products. The main issue with the keratin treatments is the formaldehyde vapors that can be … Read more

Is there a Safe Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the biggest innovations in the world of hair care. The treatment is extremely popular because it provides fabulous styling results that were never before possible. After a keratin treatment, hair remains smooth, glossy, and easy to handle for up to four months. However, recent research has revealed that the majority … Read more