How to Keep Gray Hair Healthy and Beautiful

When your first gray strands appear, you basically have two choices. You can try to cover them or you can accept them and make graying work to your advantage. Possible reasons for choosing to hide gray hair: You may feel that you look less attractive if your gray doesn’t look good with your skin tone. … Read more

Hair Shampoos and Sensitive Scalp Concerns

A sensitive scalp is a common condition that affects the skin on and around the scalp. A sensitive scalp reacts strongly and may easily become irritated when exposed to chemicals and environmental factors. A tight, itchy scalp is unpleasant, upsetting and may cause serious discomfort. When your scalp keeps itching, you cannot concentrate on your … Read more

Sprays that Lighten Hair

  Using lightening sprays is a quick and easy way to lighten your hair or to add natural-looking highlights. A hair lightening spray is designed to gradually lighten natural blonde and natural light brown hair. Most of the sprays also work on colored blonde and colored light brown hair. A lightening hair spray is designed … Read more

Shampoos that Gradually Lighten Hair

Hair Lightening Shampoo A lightening shampoo is designed to gradually lighten natural, colored, or highlighted blonde hair. This product works best on dark blonde and medium blonde hair, but lighter brunettes can also achieve good results. This type of shampoo will enhance the color you already have and give you very subtle lightening effects. However, … Read more