Hyaluronic Acid for Your Hair

If you’ve never heard of hyaluronic acid, you might be thinking, “Um, no. No acid in my hair care products, thanks.” But you’d be missing out on one of the biggest cosmetic advancements of the past 30 years, and by now you’ve probably heard of it anyway. Though it was discovered almost 90 years ago … Read more

Seven Awesome Benefits of Wire Hair Extensions

What Is a Wire Hair Extension? In the last decade, one type of hair extension has grown in popularity at a stunningly rapid rate. Wire hair extensions, also known as secret hair extensions or halo-type hair extensions, are innovative products that don’t need to be attached to your own hair. Instead, these extensions are attached … Read more

Silk Protein in Hair Care Products

Silk is a natural protein created by silk-producing insects such as worms and spiders. Silk fibers are known for their incredible strength and glossy shine. In the past silk was commonly used to create fabrics, but also to heal the skin and to produce body make-up powder. In recent years silk protein has gained importance … Read more

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