Rainbow Ranger: Hair Coloring

gorgeous woman with colored hair

Hair coloring is about more than choosing the right shade; it’s also about selecting the right products and tools to help you obtain the results you want. Choose from an array of color lock treatments to maintain your hair’s vibrant shade for longer. If the color isn’t your style, there are many color correctors that can correct or remove any unwanted coloration to create the perfect base for a new color adventure. To master hair coloring, read more.

Hair Straightening Secrets

straightened hair

If you want to chemically straighten your hair, you can choose from several options.  Permanent hair straightening techniques include Japanese hair straightening and hair relaxing and require more maintenance. The most popular methods of semi-permanent hair straightening include keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, amino-acid smoothing treatments, and gentle smoothing products that don’t use formaldehyde or any other harsh chemicals. If you’d like to know more about the many options out there, keep reading.

After Party Precautions: Aftercare Tips for Chemically Straightened Hair

keratin hair treatment

With chemical straighteners, you’ll enjoy a shorter styling time that requires less effort. While this means fewer bad hair days, your new look isn’t completely maintenance-free. To prolong the results, you’ll need to incorporate some changes into your hair care regimen. All your hair care and styling products must be compatible with the treatment you received.  This means no more drugstore shampoos and conditioners! Continue reading to learn how to prolong the effects of your straightening treatment.

Botox Hair Treatments

woman with hair Botox treatment

In contrast to chemical-based straightening methods, hair Botox is focused on nurturing your hair to achieve a healthy, youthful, and frizz-free look. While this treatment doesn’t completely straighten your hair, curls will become softer and less pronounced. This smoothening method allows you to style your hair however you want, so you can then curl your hair if you want tighter curls or tailor this treatment to achieve a straighter look, depending on your preference. Most importantly, hair Botox treatments don’t use harsh chemicals and are completely safe for any type of hair. Read on to discover more.

Tame to Fame: Frizzy Hair Treatments

Frizy curly hair

Frizz is the enemy of any hairstyle and can be irritating, especially in high-humidity areas. Keeping your hair healthy is a great way to control frizz but if you like to experiment with coloring and chemical treatments, your hair will eventually become porous and susceptible to frizz. Don’t despair! Many treatments and products have been designed to tame frizzy hair and repair damage caused by chemicals and repeated coloring. Continue reading to learn how to ban frizz.

Buff Babes: Healthy and Soft Hair

Healthy hair

The secret to healthier, softer hair is to use natural products with fewer chemicals and avoid heat styling Innovative beauty companies are always looking for ways to stop or even reverse hair damage. Revolutionary bond-multiplier Olaplex offers protection from chemical damage. If you’re looking for an Olaplex alternative, there are a growing number of options on the market.  Choose a hair care product that includes hydrolyzed proteins to temporarily repair damage and improve the look and feel of damaged hair. Uncover more.

Forego the Flakes: Scalp Care

Hair and scalp care

The dandruff-prone scalp can lead to unsightly flakes in your hair and on your shoulders, while an oily scalp results in greasy, unsightly hair. Additionally, excessive sebum can clog the pores of your scalp and interfere with healthy hair growth. If you’re experiencing scalp problems, make sure to visit a reputable dermatologist to find a solution. Some conditions can be worsened or even caused by your regular shampoo. Fortunately, gentle yet powerful natural shampoos can provide relief from scalp conditions and give your hair a healthy foundation for growth. Learn more about how to keep your scalp healthy.

Hot to Trot: Heat Styling

Woman doing hairstyle with hair straightener

When it comes to heat styling, you need to carefully choose your tools and products. If you’ve been using the same appliance for a long time, you should consider investing in new tools. Newer versions of heat styling devices use more advanced technologies that protect your hair’s integrity. Heat protectants should always be a part of your heat styling regime as these are critical for the health of your hair. Read on to find out which heat styling tools and products will best protect your hair.

Nature’s Bounty: Sulfate-Free Hair Shampoos

hair shampooing

Some of the chemicals in your shampoo can damage your hair and scalp. Such harsh chemicals can even be hazardous to your long-term health and harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there’s a growing trend in natural, safer, and greener hair care products. Protect your body from hazardous chemicals in hair shampoos while doing your part for the environment. Uncover the power of natural-based hair shampoos here.