How to Store a Shampoo Bar and Keep It Dry

How to Store Shampoo Bars in the Shower Solid shampoos are a more economical and longer-lasting option than bottled shampoos. However, if you want your solid shampoo to last, you need to store it properly when not in use. To prolong the life of your shampoo bar, it is necessary to keep it dry between … Read more

Five Shampoo Bars for Dandruff that Won’t Pollute the Environment

Solid anti-dandruff shampoos can be as effective flake fighters as bottled dandruff shampoos. The main difference between solid and liquid dandruff shampoo is in the water content, although both versions contain the same active ingredients that work to get rid of flakes. However, many people prefer shampoo bars over bottled shampoos for the following reasons: … Read more

Six Color-Safe Shampoo Bars

Truly Plastic-Free Shampoo Bars Solid shampoo bars are a gentler alternative to regular liquid shampoos that are often full of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and other substances of chemical origin. Rather, these bars are commonly made from natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh sulfates that can cause premature color fading. What they do contain are plant … Read more

Shampoo War: Bar Shampoo vs Liquid

In today’s climate-minded culture, shampoo bars and shampoo bottles are fighting for space on store shelves. Though these bars were once a thing of the past, this growing trend of environmentalism coupled with a keen eye for chemical-free products is continuing to grow. The traditional shampoo bottle still has its diehard fans, with some refusing … Read more

5 Purple Shampoo Bars that Instantly Tone Down Brassy Hair

Should You Opt for a Purple Shampoo Bar? Purple shampoos, regardless of their form, are designed to combat brassy tones in blonde and gray hair. Lately, more and more people have switched to shampoo bars as an alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. Here are a few reasons for that: 1. Environmentally friendly packaging Switching to … Read more