Which Styling Products to Use after Keratin Treatment

One of the main advantages of a keratin treatment is shorter blow-drying time and fewer styling products you will need to get manageable and shiny hair. Your morning hair routine will be faster because your hair is smooth, frizz-free, and easy to style. It is recommended to get a haircut after the keratin treatment to … Read more

Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

There are quite a number of straightening hair treatments that may have a negative effect on your comfort. For instance, most keratin straightening treatments require users to take a 3-day break away from washing their hair to ensure the success of the treatment. For some people waiting as long as three days to wash their … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Relaxed Hair

The hair relaxing process involves the use of chemicals designed to break down the protein bonds in your hair. To do the job, the chemical straightener needs to remove the invisible hair’s protective layer. This can result in dry, porous, and breakage-prone hair. To ensure that your relaxed hair stays bouncy, smooth, and frizz-free, proper care and … Read more

How to Maintain your Hair after Japanese Hair Straightening

What is Thermal Reconditioning? Japanese Hair Straightening, which is also called Thermal Reconditioning is a permanent straightening treatment developed for those who want to spend less time styling their hair. The hair gets straightened using a combination of heat and chemicals. Once you’ve gotten Japanese straightening treatment, your hair requires little or no effort to … Read more

Five Shampoo Brands for Keratin-Treated Hair

After spending tons of money and time to smooth and shine your locks, you want to ensure that such a sleek look and silky feel lasts as long as possible, right? Well, check the “5 Alive” Top Shampoo Brands for Keratin-Treated Hair. These “5 Alive” products will make your hair and self-esteem thrive! Because your … Read more