The Main Differences Between Box Dye and Salon Dye

Home hair coloring vs a salon. You’re wondering is box dye worse than professional dye? And I wanted to do a write-up from a professional hairstylist’s point of view. The study of hair is our profession, and we come across these box dye vs salon questions regularly. Sometimes it can be frustrating to educate. I … Read more

What Are Lowlights and Will they Work for Your Hair?

I’m just going to come right out and say it, lowlights are sexy. They’re sort of the mysterious and understated counterpart to a highlight. Remember in the ’90s when the clothing fashion trend was a short, silky slip dress underneath an oversized blazer? The first thing you saw was the blazer. Chunky and cute, it … Read more

All About Balayage Hair Straight from a Hairstylist

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer.  What is Balayage? Balayage Is a French word, meaning sweeping. The technique we use to balayage color hair is a sweeping effect. Like freehand painting. Balayage can vary so I’m here to clarify some terms and misconceptions. You can get partial balayage’s, reverse balayage’s, ombre is a different … Read more

Taking Care of Rainbow Hair: Colorist-Approved Tips

Written by Jessica Bernard, hair colorist. Beauty Salon A lot of people are eyeing rainbow hair these days, whether it is the working from home careers taking over or bosses have stopped enforcing once strict dress and appearance policies; whatever it may be, we are here for it! Here are a few tips for getting … Read more

Rose Gold Hair: Color Variations

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer.  Rose gold hair is a hot trend that has been dominating the warm color pallet. Blonde Rose Gold Hair Blondes have the ability to guilt-free experiment with color. Rose gold is great for those blondes with yellow tones in their hair. Instead of fighting it, a rose gold … Read more

Peek a Boo Hair Color Ideas

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer.  Interested in the latest color trend? Need a new look? Peek-a-boo hair color peeked your interest? Below you’ll find some hidden hair color ideas to try. First of all, this trend is fresh off the catwalks. The peek-a-boo hair trend is so recent, and if you want to … Read more

Money Piece Hair Trend for all Hair Colors

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hair Stylist. Creative writer.  Money piece hair is the strongest color trend at the moment. This look can be as striking, subtle, and fun as you like! It’s been around in 2020, and it’s here to stay in 2021. This trend re-started recently, super subtle on blondes, back when balayage’s boomed. … Read more

Hair Color Trends for Winter 2020. According to a Hairstylist

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hair Stylist. Creative writer. Wanna know what’s now? Got an appointment and can’t decide? Let me break down our current color trend for you. So, we’ve been trawling through our resources for this year’s winter current trend inspo and it’s time for balayage to go to block, multi tones to turn … Read more

Five Foam Hair Dyes for Convenient At-Home Hair Coloring

Coloring your hair at home can be messy and stressful, especially if you’ve never colored your hair yourself. However, when stuck at home because of the pandemic, you may have to opt for a convenient at-home hair coloring kit. Some types of hair dye can make the application easier and your dye job more efficient. … Read more

Purple Toners for Blonde Hair

When you are dying your dark hair blonde, the bleaching process cannot entirely eliminate all underlying dark and red pigments in your hair. Your color may look bright and beautiful for a few weeks, but your hair may start revealing undesired warm undertones and lose its desired hue over time. Other factors that may lead … Read more