At Home Hair Gloss Treatments for Glamorous Hair

What is Hair Gloss Treatment? Hair Gloss is a color enhancing, shine-boosting hair treatment. This treatment can be applied as a final touch after coloring your locks, or it can be performed as a stand-alone treatment to fix dull, discolored hair. The acidic nature of glossing products seals the cuticle layer and creates a smooth … Read more

Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes for Low Commitment Colors

What is a Semi-Permanent Color? Semi-permanent dyes are a gentler alternative to permanent colors. Unlike most permanent formulas, these dyes are free from ammonia, and most don’t require a developer. Semi-permanent dyes only deposit color on the hair, without chemically altering hair structure, so you can get great results without damaging your hair. Semi-permanent hair … Read more

Temporary Hair Dyes for Brunettes

Contents: Colored Hairsprays for Dark Hair Hair Chalks for Brunette Hair Colored Hair Pomades Colored Hair Gels for Dark Hair Hair Makeup 1-Day Color Colored Clip in Hair Extensions If you have light hair, temporary hair dyes are an easy way to change up your look. The results can be seen immediately, and you can … Read more

Temporary Hair Dyes for Instant Color Change

Temporary hair dyes are a super-easy way to change your hair color without a long-term commitment. You can color your hair just for a special event, or add a little fun to your night out. According to the color durability after the application, hair dyes can be classified into several basic types: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, … Read more

Purple Hair Masks for Bright and Nourished Blonde Hair

Why do Blondes Need Purple Toning Products? After a few weeks of color appointments, you notice that your gorgeous blonde hair starts to turn brassy or yellowish. Light-colored hair is prone to discoloration because the bleaching process leaves hair incredibly porous. Chemical processing opens up the cuticle which allows the controlling pigment to wash out … Read more

Purple Toners for Blonde Hair

When dying your brown or black hair blonde, the bleaching process cannot entirely eliminate all underlying dark and red pigments in your hair. Your color may look bright and beautiful for a few weeks, but your hair may start throwing undesired warm undertones and lose its desired hue over time. Additional reasons you may experience … Read more

Purple Conditioners for Blonde and Silver Hair

Blonde dyed hair can fade over time, revealing yellow or brassy undertones. This can be accelerated by prolonged sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated pools, and using hard water for washing hair. Purple shampoos and conditioners are developed to tone down the brassiness and maintain the salon-fresh color of blonde and silver hair. These products also … Read more

Color Lock Hair Treatments and Products

The coloring process involves the use of harsh chemicals that can seriously damage your hair if you use them too often. Alkali in your color mixture work to open the cuticle and deposit hair color. Frequent coloring can roughen the cuticle layer, which leaves hair dry and porous. Color fades more quickly on damaged hair … Read more

Hair Pre-Color Treatments and Products

Coloring your hair may seem like a straightforward process, but it can be challenging if your locks are not in optimal condition. While healthy hair is generally easy to dye, some types of hair can be very stubborn when it comes to receiving hair color: Over-processed or damaged hair is highly porous and may process … Read more

Protein Fillers for Perfect Color Results

Multiple bleaching and coloring can leave your hair over-processed, fried and terrible porous. Such hair can have a hard time taking color and the color won’t come out even and nice. When your hair is damaged and porous, color molecules cannot get trapped inside the hair shaft, so your color bleeds out and fades quickly. You … Read more

Five Alternatives to Olaplex

Frequent color processing can leave your hair extremely dry, porous, and prone to breakage. Hair color and bleach contain chemicals that lift up the cuticle to allow the dye to penetrate the hair. While necessary to the coloring process, these harsh chemicals break down the internal bonds that keep your strands strong and healthy. Fortunately, … Read more

ColorpHlex – Protects and Strengthens Chemically Processed Hair

Although chemical processing can make fantastic new looks, it is hard on your hair. The ColorpHlex Reparative System has been developed to address that problem by protecting and strengthening your hair during chemical processing. This bond-building system uses naturally derived active ingredients to strengthen the hair from the inside out. ColorpHlex utilizes ColorStrong Complex, which … Read more

Hair Color Removers- Benefits and Limitations

What is Hair Color Remover? An artificial hair color extractor, also called hair dye remover or hair color stripper, is very effective and one of the least harmful ways to remove artificial color pigments from your hair. A color stripper is specially designed to remove oxidative (permanent) dye from the hair. Color removing products generally … Read more

How to Keep Gray Hair Healthy and Beautiful

When your first gray strands appear, you basically have two choices. You can try to cover them or you can accept them and make graying work to your advantage. Possible reasons for choosing to hide gray hair: You may feel that you look less attractive if your gray doesn’t look good with your skin tone. … Read more

Best Products for Maintaining Blonde Hair

Blonde hair can look stunning, but blonde dyed hair requires extra effort to keep it looking its best. If you don’t care for your blonde hair properly, it can become dry and brittle and may turn yellow or brassy. Due to the bleaching process, blonde hair is more fragile and delicate than other colors. It … Read more