Rose Gold Hair: Color Variations

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer. Instagram: @evelyndavieshair Rose gold hair is a hot trend that has been dominating the warm color pallet. Is it red? Pink? Or gold? This color leaves people struck on what to call it. It’s a mix of metallic gold with pinky-red hues. The color has the ability to be executed … Read more

Hair Color Trends for Winter 2020.

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairstylist, creative writer. Instagram: @evelyndavieshair Wanna know what’s now? Got an appointment and can’t decide? Let me breakdown our current color trend for you. So, we’ve been trawling through our resources for this year’s winter current trend inspo and it’s time for balayage to go to block, multi tones to turn … Read more

Foam Hair Dyes: Make Coloring Pure Pleasure!

hair coloring with foam hair dye featured image

Coloring your hair at home can be messy and stressful, especially if you’ve never colored your hair yourself. However, when stuck at home because of the pandemic, you may have to opt for a convenient at-home hair coloring system. Some types of hair dye can make the application easier and your dye job more efficient. … Read more

Colored Hair Mousse: Grandma Secret Revealed

gorgeous young woman with colored hair

Temporary hair color mousse offers three amazing hair benefits – conditioning, styling, and color enhancing – in one hassle-free product. It temporarily coats hair with color pigments while providing conditioning benefits to dry over-processed strands. As a result, you can extend the life of your dye while also fortifying and protecting your hair. Colored hair … Read more