Purple Toners for Blonde Hair

When you are dying your dark hair blonde, the bleaching process cannot entirely eliminate all underlying dark and red pigments in your hair. Your color may look bright and beautiful for a few weeks, but your hair may start revealing undesired warm undertones and lose its desired hue over time. Other factors that may lead … Read more

Color Lock Hair Treatments and Products

The coloring process involves the use of harsh chemicals that can seriously damage your hair if you use them too often. Alkaline substances in your color mixture work to open the cuticle and deposit hair color. Frequent coloring can roughen the cuticle layer, which leaves hair dry and porous. Color fades more quickly on damaged hair … Read more

Hair Pre-Color Treatments and Products

Coloring your hair may seem like a straightforward process, but it can be challenging if your locks are not in optimal condition. While healthy hair is generally easy to dye, some types of hair can be very stubborn when it comes to receiving hair color: Over-processed or damaged hair is highly porous and may process … Read more

Protein Fillers for Perfect Color Results

Multiple bleaching and coloring can leave your hair over-processed, fried, and terribly porous. Such hair can have a hard time taking color and the color won’t come out even and nice. When your hair is damaged and porous, color molecules cannot get trapped inside the hair shaft, so your color bleeds out and fades quickly. You … Read more

Hair Color Removers- Benefits and Limitations

What is Hair Color Remover? An artificial hair color extractor, also called hair dye remover or hair color stripper, is highly effective and one of the least harmful ways to remove artificial color pigments from your hair. If your desire to look like Gwen Stefani’s platinum pixie transformed into a “Yellow Submarine,” then read on! … Read more

Should You Choose Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes?

More and more people are coloring their hair these days, causing the range of colors and types of hair dyes to rapidly expand. Sadly, the number of harmful substances in hair dyes is also growing at the same rate. Ammonia is one of these harmful chemicals that is widely used in hair dyes. This chemical … Read more

How to Minimize Damage to Your Hair from Bleaching

What is Bleaching? Bleaching is an oxidation process that lifts the original hair color from your hair. Bleaching chemicals penetrate the cuticle and degrade existing hair pigments, thus removing the original color from the strands. This process turns your hair white or colorless. Bleaching kits contain bleach in powder form and a cream developer with … Read more

Six At-home Hair Glaze Products

Hair glaze refers to hair treatment that uses lightweight, water-soluble silicones to smoothen and coat the hair cuticle, thus enhancing its shine. The treatment softens and nourishes the hair leaving your strands healthy and shiny. There are two types of Hair glaze: Clear and Tinted versions. Clear glazes soften your strands, enhance hair’s natural tone, … Read more