Silver Jubilee- Blending Gray Hair with Highlights

By Rose Keefe Gray hair is finally getting the respect it deserves. Not too long ago, we reacted to those first grays by running to the stylist for permanent color. Now we’re embracing the change. Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close are all celebrating their silvers, and even younger stars like … Read more

How to Color Gray Hair with Highlights

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer. Instagram: @evelyndavieshair Highlights to blend gray hair? Lowlights for gray hair? Blending grey hair with highlights and lowlights? Transitioning to gray? You’re at the right blog post. I’m a hairstylist who specifically works on gray blending and natural hair. One thing that I’ve noticed is an issue with covering or … Read more

Hair Fill-In Powders: From Thinning to Winning Hair

Written by Gaga Edited by Stacy J. Shaneyfelt, freelancer, author, and educator Have you literally been through thick and thin with your hair lately? There are several possible causes why your hair is getting thinner, exposing your bright and shiny scalp and making you feel self-conscious uncomfortable. 1. Act Your Age: One of the causes … Read more

Dancing in the Dark: The Truth about Hair Darkening Shampoos

Permanent hair dyes are the most efficient product for covering gray hair. In fact, permanent colors cover gray hair most evenly and provide the longest-lasting results. However, this type of hair dye also contains the strongest chemicals that can damage your hair. Permanent coloring also requires commitment because you’ll need to visit the salon every … Read more

Taking Care of Rainbow Hair: Colorist-Approved Tips

Written by Jessica Bernard, hair colorist. Instagram: @cincibombshellbabe and @bbbombshellbeauty A lot of people are eyeing rainbow hair these days, whether it is the working from home careers taking over or bosses have stopped enforcing once strict dress and appearance policies; whatever it may be, we are here for it! Here are a few tips … Read more

How to Maintain Purple Colored Hair

How Long Does Purple Hair Dye Last? Purple hair color is one of the latest trends and one of the most fascinating colors to dye your hair. Violet hair color has a lot of beautiful shades to try on, ranging from dark amethyst to light lavender. Unfortunately, this gorgeous color requires frequent touch-ups and a … Read more