Should You Choose Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes?

More and more people are coloring their hair these days, causing the range of colors and types of dye to rapidly expand. Sadly, the dangers of certain additives in the dye are also growing at the same rate. Ammonia is still a chemical that is widely used in many dyes. It is an increasing danger … Read more

How to Protect Red Hair Color from Fading

While your red-colored hair can look stunning, red is the second hardest color to maintain, next to blue. Before taking the plunge, you need to understand that red is a high-maintenance color that is highly prone to fading. It takes time and effort to keep the color even, fresh, and vibrant. If you get your hair … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Hide Your Gray Roots

Hair grows approximately 1.27 cm a month, causing a visible line between the new growth and the rest of your colored hair. Your grown roots start to show 1-3 weeks after a coloring service, depending on how fast your hair grows. If you have opted for coloring your gray hair, the root touch-ups are needed … Read more

How to Keep Your Bleached Hair in Good Condition

The bleaching process can have negative effects on your hair’s health, leaving it quite fragile and susceptible to split ends and breakage. To prevent further damage and an unwanted haircut, you need to take special care of your processed blonde tresses. Below are some effective tips on how to keep your bleach blonde hair in … Read more

How to Minimize Damage to Your Hair from Bleaching

What is Bleaching? Bleaching is an oxidation process that lifts the original hair color to lighten the color of your hair. With this process, bleaching chemicals penetrate the cuticle and degrade existing hair pigments, thus removing the original color from the strands. The oxidation process breaks down the pigment that sits in the cortex, turning … Read more

Six At-home Hair Glaze Products

Hair glaze refers to hair treatment that uses lightweight, water-soluble silicones to smoothen and coat the hair cuticle, thus enhancing its shine. The treatment softens and nourishes the hair leaving your strands healthy and shiny. There are two types of Hair glaze: Clear and Tinted versions. Clear glazes soften your strands, enhance hair’s natural tone, … Read more

Hair Gloss vs. Hair Glaze Treatment – Which Option to Choose?

The shine is produced when light reflects a smooth surface. When the cuticles smoothly cover the hair shaft, the hair is able to interplay with light like a mirror, thus producing a shiny appearance. Chemical treatments, excessive heat, swimming in chlorinated water, and extreme environmental conditions can cause damage to hair, disturbing the naturally smooth … Read more

Five Uses of Olaplex

What is the Olaplex Treatment? Olaplex is a new reconstructive treatment developed by top scientists in Santa Barbara that enhances the internal structure of the hair and prevents damage that occurs during chemical services. Olaplex treatment repairs and restores disulfide bonds in the hair shaft which give strength and elasticity to the hair and prevent the … Read more