Hair Coloring Wax: Show your Creative Side

If you think that wax is only for kids’ silly putty and slime products or is limited to the hair removal types when you need to purge those pesky, unwanted hairs, then this article will prove that you can express yourself with stealth by using hair coloring wax!

What’s Colored Hair Wax?

First, hair wax color is a temporary coloring product that holds your hair’s shape at the same time. Are you ready to shape up your color and creativity? Well, hair wax dye works by coating your strands with one or more colors you can freely choose. This product gives your hair a hold and vibrant color that lasts until you wash it out. Your hair doesn’t need to be bleached to take the color.

Get wax and wild today! The waxy texture makes the application easy. You just need to apply the product to slightly damp hair using your fingers.

Plus, different colors can be blended to create your own shades or intermixed to get a rainbow look and express your infinite creative freedom.

Smiling girl with wax colored rainbow hair

Wax Without Flack: Dodge damage since hair coloring wax is made of non-toxic herbal ingredients. It is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. You can use it daily to match your outfit or mood, without fear of damaging your hair.

Color Control: The color’s specific hue and intensity will depend upon your current hair color and how thick you apply the product.  For example, some brands are less noticeable on dark hair, so you may need a lot of the product to achieve the desired effect.

The Whole Nine Yards: Color wax works great for short styles and also for creating streaks in longer hair. If you have very long hair (think Rapunzel), it may be more difficult to apply the wax and get even coverage.

A Blast That Lasts: The color lasts in your hair until you wash it out, but the vibrancy tends to fade after the first day. You can sleep with it without worrying about hair damage or scalp irritation. The only problem is that the color may transfer to your bedding, especially if you sweat.

Wax hair color may also rub off on clothes, chairs, and anything you touch until it dries, but the stains wash out easily. Once it dries, there might be some slight rubbing.

No Stains, No Pains:  Hair paint wax washes out completely with shampooing and doesn’t leave stains, even in light blonde hair. It also washes out easily from hands and clothes.

Holla for Holidays: Other than for daily use, coloring hair wax can be a great choice for Halloween, parties, festivals, sporting events, special themed occasions, etc. It’s widely used for kids for crazy hair days at schools worldwide.

Reality Check: Don’t expect it to look as stunning as the pic on a seller’s website. Just simply regard it as an inexpensive, quick, and safe alternative to dyeing your hair for special occasions and costume events.

woman with multicolored hair playing with her hair

Waxing Ways: How to Use Colored Hair Wax?

It might take some time and practice to figure out how to get it right. If your product lacks instructions, watching a few YouTube tutorials can help.

1. Primp and Prep: It’s recommended to use color wax on clean and styled hair that’s slightly damp. The wax can be hard to work with if applied to dry hair. Sectioning your hair helps to get more even coverage.

Place a towel around your neck and shoulders or wear an old t-shirt since the application can be messy.

2. Wax On:

If you want to color all your hair, first use your fingers to fully saturate the hair with the product. Next, comb it through.

To paint on highlights, take a tiny section of your hair. Rub a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it through the section. To avoid flat and greasy hair, start from the middle of the hair, and don’t apply close to your roots.

3. Easy, Breezy: After the application, allow your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to help the process go faster. Using high heat can make thicker layers of wax unpleasantly hot.

To get a more intense color, allow the first layer to dry, and then add more layers until you obtain the desired color.

Stay Cool: Although the style created before adding the wax may be undone after your application, please refrain from using any hot tools over wax-colored hair. Use your fingers and comb for styling purposes.

blonde girl with coloring wax in her hair

Color Chameleons: How Hair Wax Color Will Show up on Different Hair Textures and Styles

Spiking and Striking: Hair paint wax works great on short hair. Use your fingers to apply the wax and your hair will stay in place. The wax will harden when dry, but this can help you to create spiky hairstyles if you like them.

Long hair: Colored hair wax works great for creating streaks in long hair or for coloring only small sections of the hair. When applied over all of your head, it can make long straight hair feel very stiff and greasy. However, curly and kinky hair isn’t affected that way. Additionally, the product tends to rub off on your clothes, especially if you use a generous amount.

Straight hair: Hair wax dye isn’t recommended for full coverage on straight, long hair. Your hair will be stiff and hard to style. However, you can color only your bangs or create streaks to easily add a pop of color to your straight, long hair.

Curly hair: Coloring hair wax works perfectly on curly and thick hair. It makes natural curls more defined and retains the length of tightly curled locks.

a woman with curly, wax colored hair

DYE Natural curly hair without damaging it!! YouTube Video by TiffanyTV

Fine Line: This product isn’t compatible with fine and thinning hair textures. It can leave fine strands weighed down and sticky. Use your creativity to get some vibrant highlights and don’t apply the products too close to the roots.

Rad and Rasta: Application to dreadlocks is extremely easy, so you can get a great, temporary, new look. Repeat washing your hair a few times to make sure to rid the entire product from your locks.

Wee Ones: Hair coloring wax offers something new and safe for kids who aren’t candidates for traditional hair dyes. Styling capability and a variety of colors will do the trick when they want to play with their hair color and express their wee creativity with glee! 

Gray hair: This product isn’t meant to provide coverage for gray hair, but white-haired people can enjoy playing with different styles and colors. The product washes out easily and doesn’t discolor white hair.

Band of Brands: Color Blast Temporary Hair Makeup Wax by Curls Unleashed (moisturizing beeswax makes your curls pop), Wax A Splash of Color by Hair Paint Wax LLC Store, Wash Out Hair Color Paint Wax by SUNCHARM, and Hair Coloring Wax by MOFAJANG.

If you like vibrant colors, but you’ve never been courageous enough to dye your hair with eye-catching colors, this product will allow you to fulfill your dream, without making a permanent change.

Fashion girl with hair color wax in the hair

Color Styling Mousse: How to Refresh Fading Color while Styling Your Hair

Temporary hair color mousse offers three amazing hair benefits – conditioning, styling, and color enhancing – in one hassle-free product. This product temporarily coats hair with color pigments while providing conditioning benefits to dry, over-processed strands. As a result, you can extend the life of your hair color while also fortifying and protecting your hair.

How to Use Color Styling Mousse

Non-drip texture makes color styling mousse extremely convenient for home use. The product should be applied to damp or dry hair and left in without rinsing. The coverage lasts for 1- 3 shampoos and washes out easily with regular shampooing.

To continually keep your color looking fresh, you need to reapply the mousse after each shampoo. Alternatively, you can use it only on those special days when you wish to look fabulous.

Colored hair mousse is mostly used to refresh the fading color and stretch the time between color touch-ups. This product can be a godsend if your gray roots start showing, and you cannot go to the salon. These tinted mousses come in different shades to match your natural or permanent color.

Optimistic redhead woman indoors

Is Colored Hair Mousse Damaging to Hair?

If you’re worried about the lasting impact on your hair and scalp, don’t! Tinted mousses are gentle on the hair and scalp and can be used whenever you wish. If you do not want to use a permanent hair color too often, this product will be your new best friend. It shampoos out, so you can try it out without fear of an unexpected result.

Some brands like 2Roux Fanci-Full Mousse entered the market decades ago and are still popular among women of all ages. More recently, several color-styling foam products were released to meet the needs of customers who have been looking for a color-refreshing product with all the convenience of at-home applications.

The Benefits of Colored Hair Mousse

  1. Revives hair color: It refreshes your fading hair color and keeps it looking its best between permanent colorings. This makes those highly coveted salon-fresh hair days an everyday possibility.
  2. Versatile: In addition to enhancing faded color, it conditions processed strands, and styles your hair in one easy step. In a world where you already have 10-step skincare routines and long makeup routines, colored hair mousse provides an easy, hassle-free way to fit full-coverage hair coloring into your everyday routine.
  3. Blends away gray: If you have a small percentage of gray hairs, coloring mousse can help you put off committing to permanent coloring. Otherwise, you can use it between colorings to blend the gray with the rest of your hair.
  4. Adds volume: Conditioning texturizers in a coloring mousse add body and texture to fine hair and improve smoothness and manageability.
  5. Gentle on the hair: Being free of harmful ingredients conditioning color mouse allows your dry and over-processed hair to rest and recover between colorings.
  6. Commitment-free: You can try different shades without committing to regular coloring. This gives you the flexibility to experiment without sacrificing the health of your hair.
  7. Little goes a long way: Colored mousses are budget-friendly hair care products, and you can get multiple applications out of one bottle. You use mousse anyway, so why not a colored one?
  8. Convenient to use: Due to its foamy consistency, color-reviving mousses are easy to use, and the application is less messy than when using liquid temporary coloring products. Additionally, unlike working with permanent hair dyes, there is no unpleasant smell. 

The Downside

  1. Not fully sweat-proof: Colored hair mousse may bleed if you are sweating a lot or get caught in heavy rain. This means that you may want to save easy hair coverage for mild days. Also, the color can stain your pillowcases. Don’t worry, though, since it will come out of fabric easily.

Color Mousse Vs Color Rinse Vs Foam Color

Despite the obvious similarity between the two products, a colored hair mousse is much easier to apply and control than a color rinse. Color rinse is much messier and should be applied only in the shower.

A coloring mousse only deposits pigments on the outside of the hair, unlike a foam color that penetrates the hair and involves the oxidation process to color hair permanently. The mousse also does not provide full coverage for gray hair as a foam color will do.

Does Color Styling Mouse Cover Grays?

Color styling mousse does not completely cover gray hair like a dye, but it can cover enough to make it less noticeable. It can be a very convenient option when you need to camouflage your grey roots between coloring sessions.

If you have a few grey strands, this product will refresh fading color and blend in grey hairs. It will lessen the contrast between the gray strands and your original color making the regrowth less obvious.

Color styling mousse may help you to postpone your commitment to permanent coloring. If you are letting your greys grow but most of your natural hair is still pigmented, this product might be the best option for a smoother transition. Just make sure to choose a shade close to your existing hair color.

YouTube Video: Truhair Revive & Style – Instant & Temporary Color Mousse Tutorial

a smiling redhead woman with eyes closed

Related products:

  1. FancyFull Mousse by Roux works as a color enhancer and washes with the next shampoo. Make sure to buy a color that matches the color of your hair. Fancy-Full Mousse Silver Lining brightens gray hair but it is hard to find.
  2. Revive & Style Mousse by TRUHAIR is formulated in Italy and is meant to enhance the look of natural, colored, and highlighted hair. It works quite well for blending away gray hair.
  3. Styling Collection Color Mousse by Rusk works as a temporary color that lasts up to 3 washes. It comes in blue, teal, pink, and purple.
  4. One Night Highlights by Alterna Haircare comes with a comb applicator on the top of the bottle. When the applicator works properly (but usually does not), it will leave highlighted strands in your hair which last until the next shampoo.
  5. Color Style Mousse by Indola is available in 11 shades that work to refresh the existing permanent color.
  6. IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam is enriched with color holographic pigments that are flashing in your hair when you move.
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Hair Color Rinses: Types, Brands, and How to Use Them

What is Hair Color Rinse?

Are you tired of feeling blue amid the Coronavirus lockdown? Well, beat the blues with hair color rinse, and shine your true colors! A color rinse is simply a coloring product that evens out your hair color and extends it in your hair much longer. No more nasty roots playing peek-a-boo with you when you try a hair color rinse!

In sum, the color rinses contain color pigments that temporarily stain the outer layer of your hair. No stain, no gain, eh? They’re readily available in multiple, trendy, versatile shades to fit your style. You can also mix different shades to customize your color. Talk about wash and wow, right? When a color rinse is washed out of the original hair, the original color shows up gradually. It’s like a surprise right before your eyes!

woman with ginger hair posing indoors

Hair Color Rinse vs Dye

Forget the need for a lab coat because the process is easy. First, color rinses merely coat the hair strands and require no ammonia or peroxides. The products come ready to use immediately, providing a risk-free way to instantly improve the appearance of your hair. Besides being easy to use at home, you can also re-apply them as often as needed. Do blondes really have more fun? Find out!

Tick Tock: How Long Do Hair Color Rinses Last?

While the specific longevity of the effects may vary from user to user and depending on the brand, many colors last longer than your former relationships! Some color rinses are classified as temporary coloring products that span until the next shampoo. In contrast, most semi-permanent color rinses usually encompass several shampoos.

Fountain of Youth: Go Away Gray with Hair Rinses

In addition to extending the life of your hair color, hair color rinses also serve as a secret weapon against aging as they combat gray hair and offer deep conditioning benefits. Ready to find that fountain of youth to GLOW like J Lo?

Rinse and Rise Up

Are you ready to rinse and rise to showcase the best you? You can use a color rinse regularly or just for a special occasion. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to enjoy its benefits when swimming in a pool or walking outside in rainy conditions.

The Types of Color Rinses

The two main types of hair color rinses include temporary hair color rinses and semi-permanent hair color rinses. What makes the difference between these two product types is the longevity of achieved results

Temporary Hair Color Rinses

When you aren’t ready to commit to going raspberry red, a temporary hair color rinse could be your jam! Unlike color-depositing shampoos and color-depositing conditioners, temporary color rinses are leave-in products that are meant to stay in your hair. Temporary color rinses can be used for several purposes:

The benefits:

1. Refresh Your Hair Color between Color Services

Color rinses are especially useful for refreshing the color between permanent dye jobs. Refresh the mess and avoid color stress! Rinses deposit pigments on the hair shaft and keep the color looking fresh for longer. They can fix small color mistakes and keep your color looking its best, without exposing hair to harsh chemicals.

A temporary color rinse works perfectly for covering up the hair that’s growing out, too. The pigments remain in the hair until the next shampoo. Rinses get to the ROOT of the problem!

2. Blend Gray Hair

Some color rinses are meant to provide moderate coverage and enhance the appearance of graying hair. This works especially well on hair with only a small percentage of gray. In essence, rinses camouflage any white knight with a translucent stain, so gray strands will blend easily in with your natural hair color and look more like subtle highlights.

Are you ready to blend and mend? Color rinse can be used as a quick concealer for grey roots between appointments. It blends grey roots very naturally with the rest of the hair. It can be a magical tip if you’re making the natural transition to gray hair.

3. Add Manageability and Shine

Hair color rinses help you to shine like a diamond as they smoothen cuticle layers, which results in softer, silkier, and brighter hair. Conditioning agents and keratin are often added to the rinse to repair some damage, pump up the volume, and improve manageability.


  1. Consistency key: To maintain the effects, you need to apply the product every time you wash your hair.
  2. Drip drop: The product is watery and might dribble down while you trying to put it on. 
  3. Sweat bandit: Exercising, swimming, and walking in the rain can cause the color to bleed.

How to Use

Temporary rinses are supposed to be used after shampooing and towel drying. After application, dry your hair as usual.

Useful Tips

  1. Glove with grace: Ensure to wear gloves or you might end up with stained fingers.
  2. Towel times: To make the process less messy, towel dry your hair thoroughly before application.
  3. Style patrol: Apply styling products to your hair before blow-drying, but only after applying a color rinse.
  4. Target practice: If the product is too watery, use a sponge to apply it. Another method is to put the products in a spray bottle and then spray and massage it into your hair. Using a spray bottle or a sponge also helps target the areas that need the most attention.

Related products: Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse by Roux (available in 13 shades) and Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color by Roux (available in 7 shades).

women with hair treated by hair rinse

Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinses

Are you eager to experiment before you commit? One of the best perks of semi-permanent hair color rinses is that they represent a wide range of shades, including a clear gloss. They’re also free of ammonia and peroxide and can even be used on permed and relaxed hair.

Wordup: Manufacturers and sellers interchangeably use the terms semi-permanent color rinse, semi-permanent color, color gloss, and color glaze, yet there’s no distinct difference between these terms. Some sellers preferably use one of the terms, while many others opt for another.

Coat of many colors: Semi-permanent color rinses work by coating the hair shaft, so they work best on pre-lightened hair. They leave intense color on bleached, over-processed hair and can be used for blending in gray hairs.

Mane event: Most brands provide nice results when applied at home. In addition to refreshing the current color, these also work to enhance shine and transform your hair into smooth and silky.

Steps to color success: Semi-permanent rinses should be applied to clean, towel-dried hair and left in the hair for 10-40 minutes, depending on the product and the desired results. Some products should be processed with heat for the recommended time. Unlike temporary rinses, semi-permanent hair color rinses are supposed to be rinsed out after the recommended time interval.

The color or color-enhancing effects typically last for 4-15 washes.

Related products: Rinse Out Semi-Permanent Hair Color by Adore, Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinse by KISS COLOR, Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinse by Avatar, Semi-Permanent Hair Color by Clairol, Stargazer Hair Color Rinse by Ares International, Gloss Color Rinse by Lakme, and Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinse with Aloe Vera by Via.

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What is Color Depositing Conditioner and Do you Need It?

A color-depositing conditioner infuses pigment into your hair when you use it. Unlike standard conditioners for colored hair that only protect against color fading, these tinted conditioners deposit color into your strands. Therefore, a color-depositing conditioner can be a lifesaver when you notice that your stunning color has started to fade.

Color conditioners temporarily coat your strands with semi-permanent pigments. These conditioners don’t use harsh chemicals to lift the hair cuticle. Instead, they only stain the surface of lightened strands to add color and shine. You get both a hair conditioner and a color enhancer in the same product.

These tinted hair conditioners are typically used to refresh the color vibrancy when your shade starts to fade, which makes them a great supplement to your permanent color.

Pigmented conditioners are also the most popular home treatment for adding fashion colors and highlights to pre-lighted hair. If you like experimenting with colors, this might be your holy grail product.

a girl with the hair colored with a color-depositing conditioner

Do Color-Depositing Conditioners Work?

Yes, they work but your hair should be bleached if you want the color to show up. Once the product is applied, the color can last from 5-15 washes. You don’t have to wait for weeks to re-apply it as the product is safe for frequent use. Your color will last as long as you keep using a color conditioner.

What is so great about tinted conditioners is that they can completely transform your look without harming your hair. Moreover, you can switch between fashion colors and have fun without commitment.

Benefits of Using Color Conditioners

  • A color conditioner is typically used to refresh and enhance color tones once hair color starts to fade. It replenishes color pigments with each condition and helps maintain your shade between appointments. You’ll need touch-ups less often and your hair will look freshly colored. It works great for colors prone to fading quickly like red and purple.
  • Color-depositing conditioners can be used to create vivid fashion colors on pre-lightened hair. You can make a big color change or just slightly tint your hair depending on the look you want and your existing color. It’s perfect for anyone not ready to commit to a specific permanent color. It also can be mixed with other shades or regular conditioners to create soft pastel shades.
  • A color-depositing conditioner helps eliminate annoying brassy and yellow tones that often accompany lightened blonde hair. They contain pigments that combat dullness and unwanted warm tones that can appear in between salon appointments. If your base color is darker, this product still works to cancel out unwanted undertones.
  • A pigmented conditioner helps even out hair porosity and enhances shine. Most color conditioners have nourishing ingredients that make your hair look healthier and more attractive.

Color Conditioners for Dark Hair

Most tinted conditioners require a light blonde base to be effective. The color won’t show up on dark hair nor it will affect dark regrowth.

Overtone has a line of fantasy shades specifically developed for brunette hair. Their products are deeply pigmented to suit the needs of darker hair and don’t require bleaching before application.

In addition to shades of rose gold and purple, Overtone recently added blue, green, pink, and orange shades to their brown hair range.

Overtone conditioners for dark hair produce vibrant, rich results on lighter brown hair. Darker strands will pick up some subtle tints that stand out in sunlight. The pigments also neutralize and counteract orange and brassy tones in brown hair.

young redhead girl with healthy hair

How to Dye your Hair with a Pigmented Conditioner

Review the instructions on the packaging to make sure you use the product correctly. Some brands should be used on wet hair while others should be applied to clean, dry hair. Dry, processed hair soaks up the pigments, so you’ll get a more vibrant color.

To achieve bold hues, your hair must be bleached or naturally light blonde. Lighter base colors will ensure more vibrant results.

Longer and multiple applications provide more intense colors. If you use color conditioner every time you wash your hair, you’ll eventually get the nice, bright shade you want. Leaving the product to sit for a longer time than directed won’t damage your hair.

If you want more pastel color, you might want to leave the product in your hair for less time or mix a pigmented conditioner with your regular conditioner. This mixture also can provide more conditioning benefits than undiluted color conditioners.

Make sure to apply enough product to evenly saturate your strands. Leave the product in your hair as directed, then rinse thoroughly.

Always wear gloves as the pigment can be very intense. This product can stain your skin, so in case of staining, wipe it off as soon as possible.

Since pigmented conditioners stain clothing and towels, use only old items. Don’t use this product near porous surfaces as your bathroom may resemble a crime scene.

Reapply when your hair needs a color refresh.

Apply deep conditioning treatments twice a month as some coloring conditioners can leave your hair dry.

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

The most popular brands include Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner, CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner, KeraColor Color Clenditioner, 3 In 1 Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner by N Rage, Joico Color Infuse Conditioner, and John Frieda Radiant Red Red Boosting Conditioner.

Tender redhead girl with healthy hair

Temporary Hair Dyes You Can Use on Dark Hair without Bleaching

People with light hair can easily change how they look by using temporary hair dyes. The results can be seen immediately and they can easily switch to different hair colors.

However, if your hair is on the darker side and you want to play with different hair colors, it may be hard to find a temporary hair dye that will show up on your hair without bleaching. Most temporary hair dyes don’t work well on brunette hair as the color is too subtle.

Although the options are limited, it is not impossible to add fun colors to your dark locks. There is still a range of temporary hair dyes for dark hair that can create a cool effect on dark locks, giving you an instant party look. It does take a little bit more investigation to find available and affordable products that work without involving bleach. Also, remember that the color may take a bit more effort to show up the way you want it.

brunette girl with strakes of temporary color

Colored Hairsprays for Dark Hair

Colored hairspray is the easiest way to cover broad areas of hair. Some brands of temporary hair sprays work on all color shades. If you are a brunette, you may need to apply an extra amount to get the color to show up.

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

1. Color Hair Spray by Graftobian is a professional, transfer-resistant formula made in Germany. Several shades are suitable for covering newly grown or thinning hair but you can also purchase red, green, purple, silver, or white color. All these colors show up well on dark hair.

2. Temporary Hair Color Spray by Jerome Russell comes in many vivid colors that work beautifully on dark hair. The product has a mild and pleasant scent. The color is easy to spray in and wash out.

Drawback: The color can rub on the skin and can also get on your clothing. Once you apply it, refrain from touching your hair.

3. Dark and Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays by SoftSheen-Carson is available in 7 shades. This color spray works well on dark hair. The color appears more vivid in daylight than indoors. The product is easy to apply and washes out completely with shampoo.

Drawback: The color rubs off easily and the product can leave your hair feeling stiff.

Hair Chalks for Brunette Hair

Hair chalks work great for putting streaks of vibrant color in your hair. They produce the brightest results on light-colored hair. It takes patience to get them to show up on brunette hair. If you are a brunette, chalk markers will suit your hair better than hair chalk sticks.

1. Arteza Temporary Hair Chalk Pens are supposed to work on every hair color. Most colors show up well on dark hair, giving you gorgeous, muted pastel hair colors.

2. Hair Chalk Set by Philonext offers hair chalks with a rotating head to control the length. This makes the application more convenient and less messy for your hands. This chalk can be applied to clean, dry hair of any color but it will look brighter when applied to light hair.

Colored Hair Pomades

1. Joyous Hair Dye Wax by Silvercell is a strong-hold hairstyling product designed to color your hair instantly. It comes in gray, purple, red, blue, and golden shades. The colors show up well on dark hair.

Drawback: This product may leave your hair feeling sticky, and the color may bleed onto your skin.

2. White Hair Wax by HailiCare allows you to style and temporarily color your hair simultaneously. The color will show up well on your brunette hair, but you may have to use much of the product to get the desired color.

Drawback: It stains your hands and can leave your hair feeling hard and stiff.

Colored Hair Gels for Dark Hair

1. Moon Glow – Blacklight Neon UV Hair Gel comes in several UV colors that glow under blacklight. The colors are visible in natural light also. The color shows up well on darker hair, but you may have to apply a more generous amount of the product to get a bright color.

Hair Makeup 1-Day Color

1. Colorista Hair Makeup by L’Oreal is an innovative jelly formula that offers a palette of 10 shades for brunettes. Although some shades are made exclusively for brunettes, the colors look subtle on very dark hair.

This makeup for hair is not suitable for full head hair color, but it allows you to have one-day hair highlights. The application is not messy and once dry the color is transfer resistant. To apply, you must massage the drops of color into the tips of your hair and comb through them.

Drawback: The product may leave your hair feeling sticky and greasy.

Colored Clip in Hair Extensions

These small pieces of hair come in multiple colors. You just need to snap them into your hair to get the vibrant rainbow colors that look super bright against dark hair. These colorful pieces are great for experimenting with different colors without having to dye your hair.

Drawback: These clip-ins can easily get tangled.

beautiful young woman with colored hair strands in her hair

Temporary Hair Dyes: Types, Advantages, and Limitations

What is Temporary Hair Color?

According to the color durability after the application, hair dyes can be classified into several basic types: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent.

Temporary hair dyes are the easiest way to change your hair color without a long-term commitment. You can color your hair just for a special event or add a little fun to your night out.

Temporary hair dyes are formulated to change your hair color quickly and will last until you wash your hair. Unlike permanent hair dyes, their pigment molecules don’t penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, they adhere to the hair as a temporary coating outside of the hair shaft. When you wash your hair, the pigment will be rinsed off and your original color will be back to normal.

a student girl with short hair colored with temporary dyes

The variety of color choices and a convenient wash-out nature make these cool products highly popular, especially among teens. Temporary hair colors are ideal for special occasions such as Halloween, festivals, performances, or theme parties.

Types of Temporary Hair Dyes

Temporary hair dyes come in a variety of forms, such as hair chalks, pigmented shampoos, colored waxes, hair sprays, gels, and hair mascaras.

1. Hair Chalk

a girl with hair colored by hair chalks

Hair chalks are becoming increasingly popular due to their beautiful pastel colors and easy application process. The color usually lasts until the next shampoo. But if your natural hair is an ultra-light color, it may take up to four shampoos to wash out.

To help the color adhere to the strands, spray each section of your hair with water. Use protective gloves to prevent getting your hands stained. Using flat iron over colored strands can provide you with longer-lasting color.

A chalk comb is a hairbrush with hair chalk in it, so you can apply the color without staining your hands. You just need to comb your hair with the chosen color. Repeat if you want a more intense color.

Popular brands: Hair Chalk Set For Girls by GirlZone, Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon, and Hair Chalks Set for Girls by Original Stationery.

Refrain from chalking your hair too often because it can strip your hair of its natural moisture.

2. Hair Color Spray

Colored hairsprays coat your hair with pigments and come in a variety of different colors. They are very effective and easy to apply. Hair color sprays deliver rich color without harsh chemicals, so you can use them wherever you’d like without harming your hair, and they are easy to wash out. Some brands work on dark hair nicely.

a girl with multicolored hair

Popular brands: B Wild! by Punky, Temporary Hair Color Spray by Jerome Russell (works pretty well on dark hair), L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray, and Manic Panic Amplified Color Spray.

3. Colored Wax

The colored wax is intended to color your hair while styling it. It stays in your hair until you wash it out. The application is easy, just use your fingers to run it through. Hair wax can give a rigid texture to your hair. It works best for short and thick hair.

Popular brands: Mofajang Hair Color Wax, Color Crazy Hair Wax by Ashley Lee, and Temporary Hair Dye Wax by HailiCare.

4. Colored Hair Gel

Tinted hair gels are used similarly to regular styling gels. They offer a good hold, with the added benefits of no-commitment color. A bright, neon-colored gel that glows under UV light is perfect for completing your outfit on fun nights out.

5. Colored Mascara Wand

Colored mascara is usually used for creating streaks and highlights. It would take longer to apply it to your whole head, especially if you have long or curly hair. This mascara also can be used to temporarily cover your gray roots.

Advantages of Temporary Hair Colors

  1. These color products come ready to use, straight from the applicator, which makes the application easy. No need to use a developer and a mixing bowl.
  2. Temporary hair colors can be applied to hair without bleaching. That is why they are not as harsh on your hair as permanent hair dyes are. Since wash-out hair dyes are made from non-toxic materials, you can use them as often as you want without getting your hair damaged. They are also safe to use on permed or chemically straightened hair.
  3. Washable hair dyes are ideal for experimenting. You can change your color whenever you wish, and there is a wide range of shades to choose from. You can also use them to try out a new color without committing to it before dying your hair permanently.
  4. The added layer of color temporarily increases the volume of your hair, making it look fuller and thicker.
  5. Temporary dyes don’t contain ammonia, so they don’t have a strong and unpleasant chemical smell like permanent hair dyes.
  6. Washable hair dyes can be used to temporarily cover gray roots and prolong the time between root touch-ups.
  7. Temporary hair colors can also be used to remove unwanted yellowish tones in white hair.
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Because of their very low penetrating ability, temporary hair dyes have some limitations.

  1. If you want the color to last longer, you’ll need to re-apply it after each shampoo. The application process can be messy.
  2. The pigment may stain your hands every time you run your fingers through the hair. If you get caught in the rain, the color could run and may stain your clothes.
  3. For people with naturally dark hair, temporary hair dyes are not very effective. When applied to dark hair without bleach, a temporary color may not show up. Fortunately, there are some exceptions.
  4. Damaged and overprocessed hair can grab the temporary color quickly, resulting in unevenly colored hair after washing it. Using Neutral Protein Filler before the application will provide you with more consistent results.
  5. Temporary colors can add too much texture to your hair and leave it feeling heavy, knotty, and crunchy.

How Long Does Temporary Hair Dye Last?

Since this type of hair dye coats only the top of the hair, the effects usually last till the next shampoo. How quickly they will wash out depends on the product and the porosity of your hair.

Some brands can last for several washes, so check the label for the information.

If you have high-porosity hair due to bleaching or other chemical treatments, your hair can “grab” the color and keep it longer than virgin or dark hair. You may need more than one washing to remove the color completely from your hair.

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Color Depositing Shampoos that Keep Your Color Fresh and Vibrant

Freshly colored hair color is gorgeous and eye-catching. Though, after a few washes, your dye job starts to fade and your hair may appear dull and lackluster. This happens as a result of regular washing, heat styling, and harsh environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, sea salt, or chlorinated water.

Is there a solution to fading color without having to constantly run back to the salon? Fortunately, the answer is yes! The revolutionary cure for color fading is a color-depositing shampoo!

If your hair is dyed, a color-depositing shampoo will prevent color fading and revive your existing shade by depositing color pigments with each wash. This product is especially helpful for upkeeping colors that fade easily.

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What is Color-Depositing Shampoo?

Color-depositing shampoo is a tinted shampoo formula that deposits temporary color onto your hair while cleansing it. Unlike regular shampoos, the main purpose of this product is to replenish your color to prevent fading.

The color pigments within the product replenish the color that washes away during shampooing. Your hair looks beautiful and freshly colored.

Color-infused shampoos can also be used to color your pre-lightened hair in bright fashion colors.

Since color-depositing shampoos just deposit color molecules on the hair shaft, your hair needs to be lightened and porous to grab the pigments readily and give you the desirable results. These products don’t work well on untreated low-porosity hair.

Benefits of Using a Color-Infused Shampoo

  1. Salon dye jobs can be expensive and time-consuming. A shampoo with a color tint extends the life of your color so you can stretch out the time between trips to the salon. Regular use of this product keeps your color fresh and glossy between touch-ups.
  2. A pigmented shampoo enhances and maintains bright colors, reducing the need for frequent use of hair dyes. A tinted shampoo doesn’t contain permanent hair dye, so you can use it as often as you want without compromising the integrity of your hair.
  3. It refreshes the color instantly, so you can see a difference after the first use. You can shampoo your hair as often as you want without fear of stripping your color!
  4. Shampoos with color tint are a lifesaver for colors that are hard to maintain, such as red.

Downsides of Tinted Shampoos

  1. Color-depositing shampoos will temporarily stain your hands, fingernails, and light-colored towels. Consider wearing gloves and using dark-colored towels. If you don’t wear gloves, thoroughly wash your hands and nails with soap as soon as you finish the application.
  2. The pigments will also stain your shower walls and other surfaces. To ensure there won’t be permanent stains, you need to rinse all surfaces immediately after shampoo application. Your pillows or clothes won’t get stained unless your hair is wet.
  3. Color shampoos can make your hair a little dry. Make sure to follow with a good conditioner.
  4. Tinted shampoos will not deposit color on virgin hair that lacks porosity. To get the desired results, your need to bleach your hair. These also won’t work on gray hair or your naturally-dark regrowth. However, if you use a generous amount and leave it on for longer than recommended, you may get a bit of color.
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How Long Does Color-Depositing Shampoo Last?

The color will look fresh as long as you use color depositing shampoo regularly. The color will continue to fade if you start to wash your hair with regular shampoo. It washes out a little each time you use regular shampoo before it completely disappears.

How to Use a Color-Depositing Shampoo

You can use a color-infused shampoo for each wash (if your color tends to fade quickly) or alternate it with your regular shampoo. You can also use this product either alone or after your regular shampoo. If your hair is oily or fairly dirty, use your regular shampoo to cleanse it first. Leave the shampoo in your hair for five minutes or for as long as directed. Repeat if you want a more intense color.

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What Is The Best Color-Depositing Shampoo?

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1. Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash is a line of color-rich enhancer shampoos designed to stop fading and boost and maintain fashion shades.

Since fashion colors fade quickly, you need something to extend the life of your color service without having to pay for expensive salon touch-ups. This color-depositing shampoo is perfect for maintaining fashion shades because your color gets brighter and more vibrant with each wash.

It is meant to boost your existing shade; it can’t totally change the color. However, it can create beautiful fashion shades on hair that has been lightened to the palest blonde.

This shampoo will not deposit visible color if you have dark or naturally blonde hair, and it cannot be used to cover your gray strands. If you have highlights, the color will stay just on the bleached hair.

The results last for a few washes or until using the product regularly. Once you stop using this shampoo, the color will start to fade out.

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash is great for experimenting! You can mix it with your regular shampoo for less intense color vibrancy. You can also combine two different shades to create one unique color. The possibilities are endless.

charming girl with red  hair washed with color depositing shampoo walking outdoor

2. Watercolors Color Maintenance Shampoo is supposed to be used to refresh hair color while cleansing your locks. This sulfate-free product comes in a variety of shades formulated to enhance and maintain rich color between salon visits. Watercolors Color Maintenance Shampoo can also be used to enhance the natural hues in virgin hair.

3. Watercolors Intense Shampoo is available in 11 fashion colors and can be used to maintain and intensify existing fashion colors. The product also can be used to provide temporary colors on the hair that has been pre-lightened to level 7 or higher. The color will be more intense if your hair is pre-lightened to a higher level.

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4. Joico Color Infuse collection of shampoos and conditioners are designed to prevent color fading and boost the intensity and shine of brown, auburn, and red hair colors.

Color Infuse Copper Shampoo is formulated for Auburn and red-colored hair to restore rich auburn and reddish color and help slow down fading. It also works for blondes that want to achieve a warmer tone.

Joico Color Infuse Brown Shampoo is formulated to refresh all shades of brunette and ensure that the color will stay rich. It enhances light to medium brown shades, boosts golden highlights, and adds a beautiful shine.

Also available at Walmart.

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