Hair Coloring Wax: Show your Creative Side

If you think that wax is only for kids’ silly putty and slime products or limited to the hair removal types when you need to purge those pesky, unwanted hairs, then this article will prove that you can express yourself with stealth using hair coloring wax! What’s Colored Hair Wax? First, hair wax color is … Read more

Colored Hair Mousse: Grandma Secret Revealed

Temporary hair color mousse offers three amazing hair benefits – conditioning, styling, and color enhancing – in one hassle-free product. It temporarily coats hair with color pigments while providing conditioning benefits to dry over-processed strands. As a result, you can extend the life of your color while also fortifying and protecting your hair. When to … Read more

What is Color Depositing Conditioner and Do you Need It?

A color depositing conditioner deposits color into your hair when you use it in the shower. Unlike standard conditioners for colored hair that only protect against color fading, these tinted conditioners deposit color pigments onto your strands. Color depositing conditioner can be a lifesaver when you notice that your stunning color has started to fade. … Read more

Temporary Hair Dyes: Types, Advantages, and Limitations

What is Temporary Hair Color? According to the color durability after the application, hair dyes can be classified into several basic types: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary hair dyes are the easiest way to change your hair color without a long-term commitment. You can color your hair just for a special event, or add … Read more