6 Things You Should Avoid if You Have Fine Hair

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Fine-textured hair lacks volume and tends to get oily and limp quickly. This hair type is also prone to breakage and doesn’t hold a style well. While fine hair is made of strands that are small in diameter, coarse hair has a thicker shaft diameter.

Your genes influence your hair type, so your hair texture is something you’re born with. The width of hair strands also decreases with aging. However, if you dream of having bouncy, voluminous hair, your dream may come true, without an expensive trip to the salon.

The secret is to find body-enhancing products specifically formulated to make fine hair look thicker and fuller. It’s also important to avoid hair routines and products that don’t match your hair texture. Let’s look at what to avoid if your goal is fuller-looking hair. 

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1. Don’t Use Heavy Shampoos

Because hair gets oily fast, you may have to wash it daily to eliminate that greasy look. So, you really want to solve this problem in the shower. Using the wrong shampoo can weigh down your roots and make your fine hair even flatter, so choosing a shampoo that matches your hair type is crucial for bringing limp strands back to life.

When shopping for shampoo, avoid super-creamy formulas that are heavy in oils or moisturizers. As you’re shampooing, remember to massage the scalp with your fingers to lift your roots. Repeat the cleansing action for a more voluminous look.

Look for a shampoo with volumizing ingredients like biotin and keratin that lift hair from the roots to give it more body without adding weight.

Dry shampoo is a secret weapon for women with fine hair. Not only does it eliminate grease and add texture to make the hair appear fuller, but it also makes holding a style much easier.

Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Dry Shampoo absorbs oil, lifts the roots, and adds volume to fine and lifeless hair.

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2. Don’t Apply Conditioner Near the Roots

Conditioners are designed to infuse hair with moisture and make detangling easier. But with fine hair, using conditioner the wrong way can make your freshly cleaned strands look limp.

If you use a rinse-out conditioner, apply a small amount from mid-shaft to ends and avoid the roots.  This will smooth the ends, the driest and most porous part of your hair strands.

When shopping for a conditioner, choose a lightweight and volumizing formula like UAI Fine Hair Conditioner to replenish moisture without weighing hair down. 

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3. Don’t Overdo It with Styling Products

With fine hair, it’s best to go easy with any styling products. Too much product may transform your baby soft hair into lifeless, oily locks!

Instead, start with a pea-sized amount and gradually add more until you achieve the desired results.

Avoid oil-based and creamy products meant to moisturize the hair. Instead, stick with volume-boosting, lightweight styling products like salt sprays and mousses.  A light styling mousse will create a weightless body while providing hold.

AG Hair Natural Cloud Airlight Volumizing Mousse is specially formulated to give thickness and body to baby-fine hair without buildup or flaking.

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4. Avoid Hair Products with Silicones

Silicone-based products offer a multitude of benefits for people with coarse, dry, or porous hair. These silicones create a waterproof layer around the hair shaft to boost smoothness and sheen while protecting your strands from harmful elements.

While this is ideal for people with thick hair, the smoothing effect of silicones can weigh down fine hair, making it look flat and limp. Some silicones can build up in the hair leaving it sticky and heavy. If your hair is fine, avoid silicone-based hair products or use them sparingly.

If you do use silicone-infused products, make sure to avoid non-water-soluble silicones as they can’t be washed with regular washing. Always check the label for ingredients ending with “-cone”.

5. Don’t Grow Hair Too Long

For fine hair, getting the right haircut is crucial. Long fine hair can look lifeless, especially when hair volume is low-density.

Removing length can eliminate the weight that pulls down your hair to instantly refresh your look. Short and medium-length hairstyles are good options for fine-haired people to feel comfortable and look stylish.

Clever cutting techniques can create the illusion of thicker hair. Both the layered bob and tousled pixie haircut add texture, giving the illusion of extra body and volume.

Wearing bangs can also give the appearance of more volume. If you’re not sure about cutting but want to experiment, try clip-in bangs to test out the style.

A proper styling technique can make a big difference. For home styling, rough drying with your fingers before styling with a round brush lifts the roots and adds movement to fine hair.

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6. Don’t Apply Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments have been designed to straighten curly hair, increase shine, and make it frizz-free and manageable.

Because these treatments are formulated to significantly reduce volume, people with fine hair are not the best candidates for receiving keratin treatments.

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Consider Getting a Perm

If your hair is healthy and you want more lasting volume, consider experimenting with a perm.

The spiral perm gives a subtle texture and volume to fine hair while making styling effortless. Body wave perm will give you volume without tight curls. Make sure to consult your stylist to find the right treatment for your fine strands.

Fine hair may absorb chemicals faster than normal or thick hair, so let a professional monitor the process and make the magic happen.

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What Extensions to Wear for Fine Hair?

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hair Stylist. Creative writer. 

So fine hair – it’s a pain, right? Fine hair needing volume? Wanting a guide on hair extensions for thin hair? Well, you’re at the right place!

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Fine hair that never grows? Hair extensions may be your only option for long thick hair. But there are so many types of extensions now. What’s best for your fine hair?

Hair Extensions have many benefits. Extensions can make your hair appear much thicker, longer, stronger and reduce daily styling times. Fine hair needs extra care because it’s delicate. You need to research what’s best for you.

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Extensions Pulling on Fine Hair

Pay attention to your roots and scalp if you have fine hair.

You have to avoid putting too much tension on your delicate roots. The last thing you need is to lose hair from too much weight/incorrect application. So, here’s a list of the hair extension types I recommend for fine hair and their benefits.

Are Nano-Beads Good for Fine Hair?

Nano beads are good for fine-haired people because you have the guidance of a professional. They can advise you, check up on how it’s going, and know when it’s time to remove them.

I think these are the best option for an individual bond hair extension on fine hair. They are more permanent so you can’t take them out and they need to be applied by a professional. They come with a flexible silicone tip and are applied with a tiny bead. They move nicely with the flex-tip and do not put too much strain on the roots.

Please bear in mind your personality and lifestyle. If you don’t like spending time blow-drying, or, if you tie your hair high and tight regular permanent extensions might not be for you.

beautiful woman with fine blonde hair wearing pony tail

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in in extensions on fine hair – is it ok? The answer is yes!

These are wefts/rows of hair that you clip in and out as you please. These are great because you can choose when to put them in, take them out, and even how much you decide to wear. Perfect for tailoring it to your fine hair needs. I recommend having a break from extensions, especially on very thin hair, so the temporary nature of clip-ins is great.

Halo Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Brilliant extensions to avoid pulling on thin hair.

These are super, non-invasive, temporary extension pieces. They suit fine hair types because they are temporary, with just a fine wire that creates a ‘hoop’ that sits gently on the head. Hair falls over the top and hides the hair piece. So, they are pretty good for those of you who want to avoid all clips, beads, glues, and braids.

Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair has to be looked after. The last thing you want is to pull more out. The right hair pieces can help.

The world boomed with SOOO many hair pieces and it’s hard to know what’s best for fine hair. If your hair is particularly fragile, I recommend using something like a faux hair scrunchy. Avoiding heat styling. Tying it up loose and wearing a gentle hairpiece will help give your hair a break.

Top-tip – tie up your natural hair and tease it out a little around the roots, don’t wear it super tight. Tension can cause hair loss.

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Ponytail Extensions for Thin Hair

There are a few fake pony methods. I think the best on fine hair is the one with the clip and wraps around it.

The tie around would put all its weight on your pony. Whereas when it has a clip the weight is distributed and isn’t as intense on one point. Meaning it isn’t pulling your hair around the edges as much. They are great for lengthening and thickening your pony and giving a quick effortless up-do.

Hair Extensions for Short Thin Hair

There are still extension options on short, thin hair.

This is the most difficult hair to blend. Because you’re short and thin, the hair may not be long enough to hide extensions. If you have a little length check out crown extensions that are textured for better blending.

Also, you may want to look into wigs. The wigs on the market for fine hair are of fantastic quality. Lace-fronted wigs are great for a natural appearance. And lace hand-tied wigs are very natural.

Or, there are headband wigs. These have a soft headband around the front to hide the hairline. Nice and easy, no faffing. So why not go for a wig until it’s grown? Then you can try one of our other options.

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair on Top

Thinning on top is never fun. But we got you covered – literally.

Bang and crown extensions are amazing for thickening the top. If you just need an extra boost on the top of your hair, try them out. They just give that fuller appearance. They thicken wispy bangs, plump up flat layers, and hide gaps where your hair splits. There are even great options for thinning guys.

Hope this guide has given you the confidence to find the right hair extensions for your fine hair. Thanks for reading!

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What are the Best Natural-Based Hair Volumizers and Root Lifters

If you have fine hair, you know how frustrating it is when you are trying to make your hair look voluminous. You may have already tried several different cuts and numerous styling techniques to create the appearance of fuller hair.

Finding the right products to give your hair body and movement can also be a challenge. Volumizing products are supposed to add body and lift fine hair from the roots to make hair look thicker and denser.

Today’s market offers a wide selection of products made specifically for individuals with fine hair. Your biggest challenge is to figure out what works for your fine locks and what type of products you should avoid.

When it comes to styling products, look for lightweight products formulated for fine-textured hair. Lightweight styling products will lift your hair from the scalp for more pronounced volume.

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Avoid products that are not designed for your hair texture. Products that are formulated to smooth coarse hair may not be appropriate for fine hair. Stay away from oil-rich products, as they can add weight to fine hair and make it look flatter.

Importance of Using Natural Volumizing Products

Opt for all-natural and organic hair products to avoid scalp irritation and damage to delicate fine hair. Chemicals from personal care products can be absorbed into your body through the skin, causing harmful effects. Haircare products such as hairsprays may affect the quality of indoor air and expose you and your family to harmful air pollutants. These pollutants may linger in the air for a long time, which increases the chances that you will inhale them.

Where to Start?

Start by selecting a volumizing shampoo specifically designed for fine or limp hair.  The range of volumizing hair products also includes body-building mousses, dry shampoos, root amplifiers, and volumizing hair sprays.  

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Volumizing Shampoos

Volumizing shampoos contain special ingredients that can make fine and flat hair look fuller. Many of these shampoos are formulated with wheat, rice, and silk proteins that coat your strands for a thicker look.

Prefer using a shampoo that is formulated with mild cleansers and natural hair-thickening ingredients. The such shampoo will invigorate fine and limp hair with volume and bounce without an irritating effect on your scalp.

Look for shampoos that are translucent (or clear) and stay away from creamy shampoos. Creamy shampoos are too heavy and may weigh hair down, whereas clear shampoos work better for people with fine hair.

Apply conditioner only on the bottom half of your hair and avoid the roots. If you apply conditioner to the roots, it can weigh down the hair and make it look oily.

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Suggested brands:

1. L’ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Shampoo is formulated with keratin amino acids and natural bamboo extract to boost volume and thickness and provide lift to fine, flat, or thinning hair.

This shampoo comes with a matching conditioner which is formulated with natural bamboo extract and keratin amino acids to increase the fiber diameter and boost volume to fine, thin, and flat hair.

L’ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner promises to increase hair thickness by up to 55%, without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down. Don’t use this conditioner if you have keratin-treated hair because it contains sodium chloride in its formula.

2. Davines VOLU Shampoo has mild clarifying properties and is ideal for people who use a lot of styling products. It contains turnip extract, which is responsible for giving body and volume to hair.

Dry Shampoos

Fine hair tends to become flat if not shampooed daily to maintain freshness and bounce.  Unfortunately, too-frequent shampooing can lead to dry, flyaway, and unmanageable hair. Try to minimize the problem by using dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, impurities, and product build-up while leaving hair with an extra boost of natural-looking volume. Dry shampoo is an ideal product for people with a busy schedule.

Dry Shampoo Volume Powder by Beauty by Earth is a cruelty-free and organic product and is a green alternative to aerosol dry shampoos. It takes away the grease and adds instant volume to your style.

Volumizing Mousses

Hair mousse is a foamy styling product formulated to create more body and keep your style fresh for longer. Hair mousse can provide a long-lasting body that fine hair desperately needs. When purchasing hair mousse, opt for a lighter formula that will give volume and texture to your hair without feeling stiff.  

Hair mousse works best when applied to damp hair. You can either allow your hair to dry naturally for voluminous waves or blow dry it to get it an added lift and volume.

a woman with fine hair after using volumizing mousse

Aveda Phomollient Refill Styling Foam is formulated with flower and plant extract to provide flexible hold and add volume to fine hair. It conditions hair, eliminates frizz, and adds a beautiful shine. Apply to damp hair to help with detangling and prepare your hair for a full-body blow-out.

Volumizing Hair Sprays

This popular hair product is designed to infuse your style with blow-dried hairstyles. When shopping for hairspray, it is advisable to look for a product with natural ingredients because you will inhale it during and after application.

If you have fine hair, consider a lightweight spray that offers enough holding power and volume, but allows your hair to move naturally. Use as little as possible to hold your style in shape while still keeping a natural look.

Verb Volume Spray is a gentle and lightweight spray that promises immediate lift, more volume, and touchable hold. The formula uses hydrolyzed proteins and sunflower seed extract to add fullness and bounce to your hair.

Volume Hair Gels

PHILIP B Styling Gel is a multi-purpose soft-hold gel that enhances shine and texture and adds fullness and manageability to your hair. This gel also increases hair strength and gives you long-lasting hold and style.

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Root Lifters

Root lifters work great for hair that needs an extra lift at the roots to achieve a voluminous look.  Root-lifting products get more lift at the roots, making fine and flat hair look fuller and thicker.

Goldwell Style Sign Double Boost 4 Root Lift Spray is a highly effective root lifter. It contains bamboo proteins and a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to make fine and flat hair feel thicker and stronger.

Extensions for Fine Hair

Wire hair extensions are a good choice that will provide you with fuller-looking hair without sacrificing hair health. Clip-in bangs can also give the illusion of fullness and they are easy to attach and take off. Finally, clip-in extensions can add volume and help you achieve the desired look for special occasions.

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How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

Attractive smiling woman with fine hair wearing an autumn coat

The hair texture can be classified as fine, medium, or thick. Fine hair means that your hair strands have a small diameter, while hair fibers with a larger diameter are considered thick. Medium hair texture falls somewhere in between the two. Fine strands are more fragile and prone to breakage than thick hairs.

It is not uncommon for one individual to have a mixture of hair types. You may have fine hair at the ends and thicker towards the roots or you may have hair that is thinner on one side of the head compared to the rest of the hair.

You can identify your hair texture by feeling the thickness of a single strand between your fingers. If you can’t feel the hair strand, it has a fine texture. If you can feel the hair lightly, it is medium. Professional hair stylists may use a calibrator to examine hair texture to provide you with more exact results.

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Thin Hair Vs. Fine Hair

People often confuse hair texture with hair density. Fine hair and thin hair sound similar but they are completely different. Fine hair is determined by the thickness of an individual hair strand, while thin hair means that someone has a low number of strands on the head. A person with fine-textured hair often has a lot of strands, while a person with coarse hair texture may have low-density (thin) hair.

Fine Hair Problems

  1. Individuals with fine hair often complain that their hair is hard to manage and it may appear lifeless end frizzy. People with fine hair texture often experience difficulty in holding hairstyles, because their hair tends to fall flat.
  2. Fine hair typically lacks the body due to the very small diameter of the individual strand. Finer hair textures require some effort to achieve a voluminous look.
  3. Fine hair is prone to become oily and may fall flat and feel greasy soon after washing.
  4. Individuals with fine hair may also find it difficult to grow their hair long.

What Causes Fine Hair?

The diameter of human hair can vary from person to person and it is determined by several factors:

  1. Genetics: Your fine hair is likely a hereditary trait. If you have a family history of fine hair genes likely contribute to your fine hair texture. Genetics may be an explanation for why East Asians have about 30% thicker hair fibers than Africans and 50% thicker than Europeans.
  2. Aging: The diameter of human hair is the smallest when a person is an infant. As the child ages, hair becomes coarser. A study on the hair of approximately 18,000 Japanese females has shown that hair diameter increases to a maximum near the age of 40 and then it starts to decrease. 
  3. Diet: Insufficient protein intake can negatively affect the diameter of hair fibers. To avoid that, include the proper amounts of proteins in your diet and make sure you are not suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  A lot of foods that contain essential omega-3s and minerals such as iron and zinc can lead to an increase in the thickness of your hair.
  4. Chemicals Treatments: Chemical treatments such as dyes, perms, and bleaching can leave the cuticle open or damaged. This leads to more porous hair and gives an illusion of a fuller appearance. Overuse of styling products can flatten the hair, making it appear limp and lifeless.
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How to Wash Fine Hair?

Fine hair requires more frequent shampooing to maintain a healthy glow and bounce. Too frequent shampooing, especially when using drugstore shampoos, can dry hair out and over-stimulate sebaceous glands. Opt for a mild, sulfate-free shampoo that has volumizing properties.

Volume-boosting shampoos are designed to add body to fine, lifeless hair. Make sure to avoid shampoos and conditioners which contain silicone, as this ingredient coats the hair shaft, weighing your hair down.

When shampooing the hair, make sure to use lukewarm water and rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Residual hair products may weigh your hair down, taking the volume out of it.

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove product residues and other deposits that can weigh the hair down. For color-treated hair, it is important to use a color-safe clarifying shampoo that will not cause hair color to fade quickly.

It is advisable to use dry shampoo occasionally for cleaning fine hair. A good powder shampoo will soak up the oil and lift the roots, temporarily improving the texture of fine strands.


Conditioners add moisture and help you with detangling and snags. However, the overuse of conditioners can weigh down fine hair and make it appear flat. Try to give your hair a break from the conditioner to see how it responds.

If you do use a conditioner, choose a lightweight one and make sure that you are using it in the right way. Avoid conditioners with oils and silicones, which can cause build-up or make fine hair look oily. When applying conditioner, focus on the mid-lengths and ends, while avoiding the roots. Make sure to thoroughly rinse both shampoo and conditioner to avoid product build-up.

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How to Blow-Dry Fine Hair

Cover your freshly washed hair with a towel and wait until it’s about 90% dry. Keep the dryer on the lowest heat setting to avoid static caused by heat styling.

Try to turn your head upside down with the dryer focused on the root. This allows gravity to lift the hair from the scalp, resulting in more volume.

Wrapping the roots with a round brush while blow-drying hair will keep the roots lifted.

How to Style Fine Hair

Hair tools made of natural materials are kinder to fine hair because some synthetic materials can encourage static. Natural bristle brushes help disperse natural oils evenly so your fine hair won’t get sticky or weighed down.

You need to clean your styling tools from time to time to remove residual products because the entrapped residues can dull your hair.

Use quality styling tools and set them at lower temperatures, as high heat encourages frizz and can damage delicate fine hair. Always use a heat-protectant spray on your hair before heat styling.

Use styling products in small amounts, as overdoing them can weigh hair down, causing the volume to vanish quickly. It is not advisable to use hair waxes, gels, or heavy styling creams on fine hair because these styling products will weigh hair down, especially if you have long hair. Use a volumizing mousse or lightweight styling spray to add more body and obtain a full-looking style.

Tricks for Getting More Volume

1. The Appropriate Haircut

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Keeping your fine hair mid-length or shorter is the perfect way to manage it. Long, one-length hair will drag your hair down, making it look even finer and flatter. To give movement and volume to fine hair, your hairdresser may add layers. Layered hairstyles create the appearance of fullness, while straight styles emphasize fine hair texture.

Getting regular trims helps remove any damaged ends and keeps fine hair looking healthier and bouncier.

2. Perm for Fine Hair

Women who have fine-textured or flat hair may benefit from getting a perm. Permanent waving helps enhance the body and makes the strands look thicker. The spiral perm is perfect for adding volume to fine, straight hair. A root perm will lift the roots and make short, flat hair look fuller.

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3. Coloring

Permanent hair color expands the hair shaft slightly, which makes fine, lifeless strands appear thicker and more voluminous. An experienced stylist can place color strategically to create a visual of thicker hair.

Semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes coat the hair shaft, providing your strands with added volume and body.

Bleaching makes the hair strands more porous and rougher, which gives the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Additionally, expertly applied highlights can create the illusion of greater depth and volume.

A professional colorist can create a more voluminous and fuller look by coloring your roots darker than the rest of your hair.

Young woman with pink hair smiling

4. Hair Extensions for More Volume

Hair extensions may be an instant solution for individuals with fine hair. Hair extensions are specific hairpieces designed to increase the length or inject volume into the hair.

Clip-in extensions are temporary hair extensions that add volume fast and allow quick style changes. They are easy to apply and remove. Hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors and types to fit everyone’s hair.

Helo-style hair extensions are especially suitable for fine hair as they don’t pull your real hair when attached.

Pretty woman wearing hair extensions and sitting indoors