What Extensions to Wear for Fine Hair?

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So fine hair – it’s a pain, right? Fine hair needing volume? Wanting a guide on hair extensions for thin hair? Well, you’re at the right place!

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Fine hair that never grows? Hair extensions may be your only option for long thick hair. But there are so many types of extensions now. What’s best for your fine hair?

Hair Extensions have many benefits. Extensions can make your hair appear much thicker, longer, stronger and reduce daily styling times. Fine hair needs extra care because it’s delicate. You need to research what’s best for you.

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Extensions Pulling on Fine Hair

Pay attention to your roots and scalp if you have fine hair.

You have to avoid putting too much tension on your delicate roots. The last thing you need is to lose hair from too much weight/incorrect application. So, here’s a list of the hair extension types I recommend for fine hair and their benefits.

Are Nano-Beads Good for Fine Hair?

Nano beads are good for fine-haired people because you have the guidance of a professional. They can advise you, check up on how it’s going, and know when it’s time to remove them.

I think these are the best option for an individual bond hair extension on fine hair. They are more permanent so you can’t take them out and they need to be applied by a professional. They come with a flexible silicone tip and are applied with a tiny bead. They move nicely with the flex-tip and do not put too much strain on the roots.

Please bear in mind your personality and lifestyle. If you don’t like spending time blow-drying, or, if you tie your hair high and tight regular permanent extensions might not be for you.

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Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in in extensions on fine hair – is it ok? The answer is yes!

These are wefts/rows of hair that you clip in and out as you please. These are great because you can choose when to put them in, take them out, and even how much you decide to wear. Perfect for tailoring it to your fine hair needs. I recommend having a break from extensions, especially on very thin hair, so the temporary nature of clip-ins is great.

Halo Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Brilliant extensions to avoid pulling on thin hair.

These are super, non-invasive, temporary extension pieces. They suit fine hair types because they are temporary, with just a fine wire that creates a ‘hoop’ that sits gently on the head. Hair falls over the top and hides the hair piece. So, they are pretty good for those of you who want to avoid all clips, beads, glues, and braids.

Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair has to be looked after. The last thing you want is to pull more out. The right hair pieces can help.

The world boomed with SOOO many hair pieces and it’s hard to know what’s best for fine hair. If your hair is particularly fragile, I recommend using something like a faux hair scrunchy. Avoiding heat styling. Tying it up loose and wearing a gentle hairpiece will help give your hair a break.

Top-tip – tie up your natural hair and tease it out a little around the roots, don’t wear it super tight. Tension can cause hair loss.

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Ponytail Extensions for Thin Hair

There are a few fake pony methods. I think the best on fine hair is the one with the clip and wraps around it.

The tie around would put all its weight on your pony. Whereas when it has a clip the weight is distributed and isn’t as intense on one point. Meaning it isn’t pulling your hair around the edges as much. They are great for lengthening and thickening your pony and giving a quick effortless up-do.

Hair Extensions for Short Thin Hair

There are still extension options on short, thin hair.

This is the most difficult hair to blend. Because you’re short and thin, the hair may not be long enough to hide extensions. If you have a little length check out crown extensions that are textured for better blending.

Also, you may want to look into wigs. The wigs on the market for fine hair are of fantastic quality. Lace-fronted wigs are great for a natural appearance. And lace hand-tied wigs are very natural.

Or, there are headband wigs. These have a soft headband around the front to hide the hairline. Nice and easy, no faffing. So why not go for a wig until it’s grown? Then you can try one of our other options.

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair on Top

Thinning on top is never fun. But we got you covered – literally.

Bang and crown extensions are amazing for thickening the top. If you just need an extra boost on the top of your hair, try them out. They just give that fuller appearance. They thicken wispy bangs, plump up flat layers, and hide gaps where your hair splits. There are even great options for thinning guys.

Hope this guide has given you the confidence to find the right hair extensions for your fine hair. Thanks for reading!

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