How to Care for Your Platinum Hair Between Salon Visits

Written by Gaga Edited by Ms. Stacy J. Shaneyfelt Platinum hair color is always on-trend. It looks sophisticated and suits every hair length and texture. However, achieving this wintery white color isn’t easy, especially if your hair is naturally dark. Plus, platinum is one of the highest maintenance colors. That’s why you need to be … Read more

Silver Colored Hair: Washing, Conditioning, and Toning

Written by Gaga Edited by Stacy J. Shaneyfelt, editor, proofreader, freelancer, and children’s author  Going Silver Isn’t an Easy Process To get beautiful, silver hair color, you must first use bleach until your hair becomes almost completely white. The darker your current color is, the more bleaching sessions you need to gradually lighten your hair. … Read more

How to Maintain Purple Colored Hair

How Long Does Purple Hair Dye Last? Purple hair color is one of the latest trends and one of the most fascinating colors to dye your hair. Violet hair color has a lot of beautiful shades to try on, ranging from dark amethyst to light lavender. Unfortunately, this gorgeous color requires frequent touch-ups and a … Read more

At-Home Hair Gloss Treatments for Smoother, Shinier Hair

What is Hair Gloss? Hair Gloss is a color enhancing and shine-boosting hair treatment. It can be applied as a final touch after coloring or can be performed as a stand-alone treatment to refresh dull, discolored hair. The acidic nature of glossing products helps to seal the cuticle layer. This creates a smooth surface that … Read more

Purple Hair Masks: The Royal Treatment for Blonde Hair

Why do Blondes Need Purple Toning Products? After a few weeks of color appointments, you typically notice that your gorgeous blonde hair starts to turn brassy or yellowish. Light-colored hair is prone to discoloration because the bleaching process leaves hair incredibly porous. Chemical processing opens up the cuticle, which allows the controlling pigment to wash … Read more

Color Safe Clarifying Shampoos

Regular shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, and styling products can cause buildup on your hair over time. Hard water minerals and chemicals in swimming pools also tend to build up in the hair. The gunk from styling products, minerals, and environmental pollutants causes hair to appear dull, greasy, and lifeless. Such hair is hard to comb … Read more

6 Color-Safe Dandruff Shampoos

If you’re plagued by an itchy, flaky scalp, you have surely wondered how to treat it without damaging everything else you’ve worked so hard to achieve with your hair. You’re not alone in dealing with this problem; dandruff affects almost half of the world’s population.  The most common causes of dandruff include fungal infections, overactive … Read more

The Best Products to Maintain Blonde Hair

Blonde hair can look stunning, but blonde dyed hair requires extra effort to keep it looking its best. If you don’t care for your blonde hair properly, it can become overly dry and brittle and also may turn yellow or brassy. Due to the bleaching process, blonde hair is more fragile and delicate than other … Read more

How to Keep Red Hair Color from Fading

Although your red-colored hair can look stunning, red is the second hardest hair color to maintain, next to blue. Before taking the plunge, you need to understand that red is a high-maintenance color that is highly prone to fading. It takes time and effort to keep the color looking fresh and vibrant. If you get your … Read more