Five Keratin Leave-In Conditioners for Stronger and Smoother Hair

Keratin is a major component of human hair and protecting it is crucial to have strong and flexible strands. Keratin content decreases with age, resulting in weak, lifeless, and brittle hair. Other factors that may cause keratin damage are frequent heat styling, regular coloring, and harsh chemical treatments. When keratin in your hair gets depleted, … Read more

How to Moisturize Dry Hair and Keep it Hydrated

What Causes Dry Hair? Many factors can lead to hair dryness, but the most common causes of excessively dry hair are: Lack of natural oils: When the glands in your scalp do not produce sufficient amounts of sebum, your hair will be dry and will not have shine. Harsh shampoos: Regular use of sulfate-based shampoos that … Read more

Best Keratin Masks for Damaged Hair

Keratin is a tough, fibrous protein naturally found in our hair, skin, and nails. It’s also a vital structural component that makes our hair strong. The hair is up to 85% keratin which forms both the interior structure (cortex) and the outermost layer of the hair (cuticle). The amount of keratin in human hair diminishes … Read more