What Is the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press?

What is Silk Press? Silk pressing transforms naturally textured hair into straight, silky, shiny locks without permanently changing hair texture. The result is temporary, and hair will return to its original shape with shampooing. This treatment is perfect to temporarily straighten curly or coiled hair, adding some length without using relaxers or other chemical straightening … Read more

Benefits and Limitations of Battery Operated Flat Irons

Need to straighten your hair while you are away from home? In this post, we’re about to find out whether or not a battery-powered flat iron will do the job. Battery-powered flat irons are preferably designed for quick hair fixes when you’re on the go, or for occasional full styling when you don’t have access to … Read more

The Proper Way to Use a Wet to Dry Flat Iron

Straightening your hair using a conventional flat iron can be an inconvenient and time-consuming process. You must blow-dry your hair completely before straightening it. This two-step process ensures that you won’t experience severe heat damage when straightening wet hair. The new generation of flat irons claims to solve this problem by enabling you to straighten … Read more

How does a Steam Flat Iron Work?

Frequent use of hair straighteners can deplete your strands of moisture because conventional flat irons use your hair’s natural moisture to create smooth and perfectly straight hair. Steaming flat irons are designed to replenish moisture during the straightening process, giving you stick-straight strands without over-drying your hair. Like using a steaming flat iron to remove … Read more