What Is the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press?

What is Silk Press?

Silk pressing transforms naturally textured hair into straight, silky, shiny locks without permanently changing hair texture. The result is temporary, and hair will return to its original shape with shampooing. This treatment is perfect for temporarily straightening curly or coiled hair, adding some length without using relaxers or other chemical straightening products. This is also an ideal, non-committing treatment to make you feel fresher for an event or special occasion.

How to Do Silk Press

Consider doing the silk press at a salon because a skilled professional will help you achieve the best results. Plus, if you have thick, coarse hair, your arms will get tired from straightening each small section of hair repeatedly.

Here are the basic steps to perform a silk press treatment.

  1. Start with a clarifying shampoo to remove all impurities and hair product buildup. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate your tresses.
  2. Apply deep conditioner for 15–30 minutes to add moisture and strength to your hair. Rinse the conditioner with lukewarm or cold water to close the cuticles.
  3. Apply a thermal hair protector with detangling capabilities to minimize heat damage and give your hair a slippery feel for easy detangling.
  4. Blow-dry your hair in sections with a dryer and round brush or use a hot brush for drying and straightening until hair is completely dry.
  5. Divide hair into 1-inch sections to prepare it for flat ironing. The small sections allow for even heat distribution over each strand.
  6. Use a flat iron to grab the section of your hair near the roots and slide it down to the ends. You may need multiple passes with the flat iron for a smooth and glossy finish.
Beautiful African woman with silk pressed hair

How Long Does a Silk Press Last?

Your hair will stay silky until the next shampooing, and then your natural curls will bounce back. Any moisture like sweating or getting caught in the rain can affect the look of your hair. If you don’t wash your hair for a week or two and do not expose it to water, your hair will remain straight and silky. Since it is not advisable to refrain from washing hair for more than two weeks, this is the maximum lifespan of your silky press.

How to Maintain Silk-Pressed Hair

To ensure that your hair will remain soft, straight, and shiny, you need to protect it from moisture. This means no swimming, walking in the rain, or activities that may cause sweating.

If you need to use a hair straightener, set it at a low heat setting. Also, do not use styling products; these could make your hair look heavy.

Wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf overnight.

Make sure to wear a shower cap when bathing.

Does Silk Press Damage Your Hair?

If done occasionally and correctly, this treatment will not damage your hair. In the absence of chemicals, the only thing that could damage your hair is excessive heat. That is why you should not use a silk press as a regular treatment. To reduce heat damage, let a hair professional do silk pressing for you.

a beautiful dark-skinned woman with silk-pressed hair

Flat Irons for Silk Pressing

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You may see some hair straighteners described as suitable for silk pressing. But some companies may write these descriptions for marketing purposes. So, you need to know what features a flat iron should have to help you obtain the best results.

1. Plate Material

The plate material should be compatible with your hair type. Titanium plates have the greatest straightening capabilities and are the best option for thick, coarse hair. Flat irons with ceramic plates are better for more delicate hair. Also, look for plates infused with tourmaline, which emits negative ions and gives hair more smoothness and shine.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron plates will get your hair straight faster than ceramic plates. This is important for individuals with thick, coarse hair as their silk press straightening process takes longer than other curly hair types. With this hair straightener, you only need one pass over each section to make your hair straight, shiny, and soft.

2. Plate Width

The width of the plates should be between 1 and 1.2 inches. If the plates were more narrow, it would be necessary to pass over each section repeatedly, which would take more time to complete the treatment and could cause damage. Narrow plates could be a good option for short hair. Plates wider than 1.2 inches are hard to get close to the root of curly hair, making it impossible to get a pin-straight result.

3. Flexible Temperature Settings

Natural hair requires a straightener with an adjustable temperature setting. Thick, coarse hair needs higher temperatures to get hair straight. Some curly hair types are vulnerable to high heat, so it is necessary to properly set the temperature to avoid damage.

HSI Professional Flat Iron has temperature settings ranging from 140° F to 450° F. This flat iron works well for straightening naturally curly hair. Regardless of your hair thickness, it is easy to find the right setting within this temperature range. Ceramic tourmaline plates emit negative ions that give your hair smoothness and shine, essential for the silky press.

4. Plate Shape

If you plan to buy a hair straightener primarily because of the silk press, it is better to choose one with straight and sharp plates. Rounded plates make the iron suitable for both straightening hair and curling hair. Plates with sharp edges make the iron less versatile but give you straighter hair and are a better option for silk pressing.

A beautiful African woman with short silk-pressed hair

Deogra Silk Press Flat Iron: Does It Work for Silk Pressing

This hair straightener has ceramic tourmaline plates that emit negative ions which help seal the cuticle and leave your hair silky smooth. This feature is a big plus if you are looking for the best flat iron for silk press, especially if your hair is prone to damage.

1 inch is a good plate width for silk press straightening. You can grab sections of your hair close to the roots and smooth the strands from the root to the tip. 

The rounded shape of plates allows you to create beachy waves and bouncy curls, but it is not the best option for silk pressing. As we mentioned before sharp-edge plates will give you straighter hair.

Deogra Silk Press Flat Iron has adjustable temperature settings from 330℉ to 430℉ allowing you to choose the appropriate temperature for your hair. Ceramic plates are a good option if you have fragile hair, and you definitely won’t need a temperature above 430F. This flat iron may not be the best choice for women with very thick coarse hair and they should consider a straightener with titanium plates.

smiling African American woman with silk pressed hair

5 Pencil Flat Irons for Short Hairstyles

So, you have chopped off all your hair, and now your regular flat iron is too big for styling your pixie cut. The plates of traditional flat irons are too wide to get close to the root of short hair without the risk of burns. Short hair needs a specific type of flat iron that is designed to effectively straighten short strands – a pencil flat iron.

Pencil flat irons are a must-have tool if you want to style those hard-to-reach places, such as around the face or very close to the scalp. Narrow plates are easier to maneuver than wider ones, allowing you to handle small sections of hair, without burning your scalp or face.

Not only does this device work perfectly for styling bangs and smoothing out your unruly edges, but it will serve you nicely even when your hair grows because it can double as a curling tool due to its small size. If you have straight hair, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy is to create little curls or waves with this tool.

a hair stylist uses flat iron for short hair

How to Choose Quality Straightener for Short Hair

If your hair is very short, there are a few things you should consider when investing in flat iron.

1. Plate Size

For short hair, you will need more precision, and for that, you need a hair straightener with a thin, narrow plate that allows you to straighten from your roots without burning your scalp. A thinner plate will allow for precise and efficient straightening.

2. Plate Material

Another thing to determine is the material of your plates. There are two main options: titanium and ceramic.

Ceramic plates are gentler because they don’t rise to very high temperatures and heat evenly, helping you to avoid hot spots which means less heat damage. But if you have thicker hair that requires higher heat then you may want to opt for titanium plates.

3. Weight

The weight of your flat iron also matters. If you get a big, bulky device there are more chances of hurting yourself. A lightweight tool is easier to hold, and thin plates will allow you to get closer to your scalp without burning yourself.

girl holding mini hair straigntener

Pencil Flat Irons that May Be Worth Buying

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1. Bed Head Pixie 1/2″ Straightener

1/2″ plates are ideal for pixie short hair. Once you find the right method, you will be able to handle this mini-iron without the risk of burns.

The ceramic plates protect hair from damage while tourmaline technology smooths strands, removes frizz, and adds shine.

The variable heat settings allow you to choose the temperature that accommodates any hair type.

Due to its small size and dual voltage, the Bed Head Pixie ½” is a good companion for international travel.

The main downside of this pencil hair straightener is no automatic shut-off. Another weak point is that the heat indicator numbers are too small to read without interrupting the process.

Bottom Line: This is an average pencil flat iron with a price that matches the quality, but many users have expected more from this brand.

2. Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron

This little hair straightener has several qualities that make it a great choice for straightening short hair.

Its 3/10 plates can easily reach the roots and can also be used for styling men’s beards.

The floating plates adjust the angle and slide easily without pulling hair, and the ceramic tourmaline surface creates negative ions that seal the cuticle and help retain moisture inside the hair.

Adjustable temperature ranges from 122 to 450 degrees, and because the real-time temperature is displayed on the monitor, choosing the temperature specific to your needs is easy. Also, it reaches 450 F within 15 seconds, saving you precious time.

This is a great travel iron due to its lightweight and dual-voltage feature, and it even comes with a velvet storage pouch.

young woman with short hair straightened with a pencil flat iron

Safety is a bonus with the Terviix as it has an automatic shut-off, so you can be relaxed in case you forget to turn it off.

Overall, this is a decent pencil flat iron for anyone with a pixie haircut

Important: Regardless of what the description says, don’t use this iron on wet hair.

3. Small Flat Iron, Professional Styler for Short Hair by FRRASUN

With this 1/3-inch plate flat iron, you can easily straighten or curl very short hair. If you have a beard that you want to style, there will be no problem with this petit iron. Despite being lightweight, this iron seems well-built and durable.

Floating titanium plates and a temperature that reaches 450 F are perfect for straightening thick, coarse hair. Ceramic tourmaline technology releases negative ions, making hair smooth, frizz-free, and shiny.

The temperature control dial has 5 settings ranging from 300℉ to 450 F, offering appropriate choices for any type of hair. A handy beeping sound alerts users when the desired temperature has been reached. The device will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of non-use.

This mini flat iron for thick short hair and beards is worth its price.

4. H2Pro BDM310 3/10″ Black Diamond Mikro Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

This premium quality mini flat iron has very thin plates infused with diamond dust. Ceramic heating elements and tourmaline-enriched plates emit negative ions, leaving the hair smooth and shiny. Even dry hair feels silky after you have straightened it with this pencil flat iron.

Although lightweight, this flat iron has a durable construction and an attractive, elegant finish.

You can choose the temperature settings between 250F – 450F degree range, depending on your hair type. A blinking signal indicates when the tool reaches the chosen temperature adjustment.

The dual voltage feature makes it ready for travel. However, the biggest drawback is the absence of a shut-off feature.

Overall, this is a high-quality pencil that suits all hair types and is very gentle on weak and damaged hair.

5. Le Angelique Hummingbird 1/4 Inch Thin Flat Iron

With 0.25″ ceramic tourmaline plates, this is one of the thinnest flat irons on the market. It works perfectly for really short hair, natural hair, kinky strands at the crown of the head, and baby hairs along the hairline. Also, does a great job of curling short hair.

The temperature is consistent within the range from 210F to 450F, and the floating ceramic tourmaline plates smoothly glide through all hair textures. This flat iron is gentle enough for delicate fine hair.

This pencil flat iron comes with a heatproof pad and thermal sleeve.

Overall, this is an excellent flat iron for short hairstyles.

yang beautiful woman with short straightened hair

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Prep for Easier Straightening

While the main step is flat ironing, there are other steps you can take to ensure perfectly straight hair such as:

1. Shampooing

First, you need to make sure that your hair and scalp are clean. A good idea would be to use straightening shampoos as they help tame your strands before you get to straightening them.

2. Blow Drying

Thoroughly detangle your hair and make sure there are no knots or tangles. Then, take a round brush and your blow-dryer to make your hair as straight as possible.

3. Heat Protection

The next step is to use a heat-protectant before you move on to flat ironing to prevent damage and ensure your hair will stay straight for a longer time.

The bottom line is that short hair needs styling just as long hair would. It takes time to learn, but it’s worth the effort to get that stylish sleek look!

beautiful dark-skinned girl with short straight hair

Titanium Flat Irons: Advantages and Suggested Products

The plates of hair irons come in a wide array of materials, including ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Though each of these materials has its benefits, if you’re in the market for a flat iron that will completely straighten your hair in a short amount of time, you may want to consider titanium plates.

Titanium is a popular coating for flat iron plates due to its lightweight and excellent heat-conducting capability. Titanium straighteners are the top choice for professional stylists because the non-porous plates glide through hair easily and provide excellent straightening results—even on hair that’s hard to straighten. However, not all types of hair will benefit equally from titanium hair straighteners.

Who Needs a Titanium Hair Straightener?

Women with thick/coarse hair: A titanium straightener is the best choice for women with thick, unruly hair that’s hard to manage. If you have thick/coarse or kinky hair, a titanium flat iron can transform your rough-textured locks into glossy, smooth hair with minimal time and effort.

beautiful young brunette straightening her hair

Women who need to straighten their hair fast: If you have long, curly hair, it can take hours to get it completely straight. Titanium-plated flat irons heat up faster than ceramic ones, and they also get the job done quicker than ceramic straighteners. A titanium straightener is a miracle worker when you need to straighten your curly hair quickly.

Women who perform keratin straightening treatments: Titanium plates are the best choice for keratin treatment users. The flat-ironing stage of keratin straightening treatments requires heated plates with serious and consistent heat. Titanium hair straighteners quickly produce high heat (up to 450° F) and can maintain an even temperature for an extended period, which makes them the perfect choice for performing keratin straightening treatments.

Who Should Avoid Titanium Hair Irons?

Titanium plates may not be suitable if you have fine and/or thinning hair that could easily be damaged. Care should be taken if your hair is already damaged since the high heat could cause further harm to over-processed hair. Titanium plates can make over-processed hair shinier and more manageable—just make sure you use a heat setting that’s appropriate to your hair condition.

Benefits of Hair Straighteners with Titanium Plates

Longevity: Titanium is an extremely strong metal that offers exceptional durability under high heat. It’s also scratch and corrosion-resistant and doesn’t wear out like other plate materials.

Consistent heat: The heat is evenly spread and maintained across the whole plate. Homogeneous heat allows for more effective straightening and reduces the chance of damaging hair.

Easy gliding: Smooth titanium-coated plates glide easily and quickly over stubborn, unruly hair without catching or snagging the strands. Fewer strokes and less friction reduce the risk of hair breakage.

Faster styling: Titanium straighteners heat up very quickly, so you can start styling your hair in no time. They also get the job done quicker than ceramic straighteners—you won’t have to go over the same section multiple times to achieve the desired result. Fewer passes can significantly reduce straightening time while also minimizing damage.

Negative ions: Another reason to go for a titanium flat iron is titanium’s ability to generate negative ions when heated. Negative ions help restore moisture balance, counteract damaging positive ions, and smooth down the cuticle. As a result, you get sleek, silky, and shiny hair.

hair stylist holding titanium flat iron

Downsides of Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium can achieve high heat quickly. However, if the temperature is set too high for your hair type, or if you fail to use proper heat protection, titanium plates can burn your hair. For colored or damaged hair, the temperature should not exceed 350°F.

Types of Titanium Plated Hair Irons

1. Titanium Hair Straighteners with Negative Ions

Unlike classic flat irons, which tend to cause split ends and breakage, straighteners with a built-in ionic generator create smoother hair and offer more protection from hair breakage. Hair straighteners with negative ion technology eliminate static and frizz and impart gorgeous shine. They work wonders on coarse hair that’s susceptible to frizzing.

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Related products: INFINITIPRO Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron by Conair, V5 Professional Hair Straightener by KIPOZI, and BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron.

2. Irons with Ceramic Plates Infused with Titanium

Infusing ceramic plates with titanium helps strengthen the plates, extending the appliance’s lifespan. It also gives the plates a smoother surface for a quick, snag-free glide and healthier, shinier hair. This combination of plate materials is ideal for kinky hair types. Ceramic fights frizz and promotes damage-free styling, while titanium makes straightening faster and more efficient.

Related products: CHI G2 Ceramic Titanium Infused Hairstyling Flat Iron Straightener and Pro 2″ Professional Titanium Ceramic Hair Straightener by Remington.

3. Tourmaline Infused Titanium Plates

Titanium coated with tourmaline is a great blend for more moisture-locking capability and less static. Since tourmaline emits negative ions when heated, titanium plates infused with tourmaline provide silky soft and smooth hair. People who have thick, curly hair will benefit the most from tourmaline-infused straighteners, though they’re also suitable for damaged hair. If your hair is overly porous due to coloring or other chemical treatments, titanium plates with tourmaline will give you silky smooth hair with a healthy sheen.

Related products: The Glider Titanium Hairstyling Flat Iron by HSI PROFESSIONAL and Infrared-Ionic Pro Nano-Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron by FemJolie.

4. Titanium Hair Straighteners with Diamond Technology

When infused with diamond, silver, tourmaline, and other mineral powders, titanium is better able to lock in moisture for frizz-free hair. Titanium plates infused with diamond dust glide through hair flawlessly and seal the cuticle to give you a healthy, radiant shine and long-lasting style.

Related products: Pro Diamond Titanium flat iron by Brilliance New York and Mikro Black Diamond Nano Hi-Tech Flat by H2PRO.

5. Titanium Flat Irons with Infrared Technology

These titanium-plated hair irons are equipped with an integrated far-infrared heat strip. The strip emits gentle heat that penetrates the cortex to smooth hair from the inside out and minimize heat damage. Infrared heat also helps hair to retain its internal moisture, thus resisting humidity and maximizing shine.

Related products: Croc Infrared Classic Professional Flat Iron (Walmart), Silver Bullet Titanium 230 IR Elysium Infrared Hair Straightener.

curly young woman with a half of her hair sleek

2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler: Your Morning Time Saver

Women are always looking for ways to simplify their morning routine while keeping their locks looking fabulous. A 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler is a hair styling tool that promises to deliver it. This innovative product can help you to create breathtaking waves with less effort and in less time than when using conventional styling tools.

A 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler is a versatile styler that offers more hair-styling variations. The rounded circle design allows you to smooth and curl your hair in one single go. If you have frizzy hair that doesn’t always cooperate with you, you might want to give this appliance a try.

Advantages Over Conventional Flat Irons and Curling Wands

hair stylist uses hair straightener and curler to style client's hair
  1. Faster styling: A 2-in-1 straightener and curler will give you smooth hair with loose beach waves easily. You can smooth out coarse hair and create waves without switching between different tools, significantly reducing overall styling time.
  2. Budget-friendly: Curling iron and straightener combo is easier on your budget since you don’t have to buy separate curling and hair straightening tools. You only need one device for both styling choices.
  3. Travel-friendly: These tools are the perfect travel companion. They’ll help you save some space in your travel bag since you won’t need to carry two separate appliances with you. So, you can have beautiful, bouncy curls while traveling!
  4. Space savers: There are days when you like to straighten your hair and other days you love to wear it wavy. A 2-in-1 hair straightener can be versatile and is a great choice if your bathroom is short on space. Having fewer tools helps save some room in your small bathroom.

How to Use 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler?

Hair stylist uses hair straightener and curler to style client's hair

When combining two styling tools into one unit, it’s important to know how this new design affects its use. With 2-in-1 hair straighteners and curlers, a rounded outside plate makes it easy to wrap the hair around and through the straightener to create a wave. Overall, the straightening process is similar to using a traditional flat iron.

Curling, however, is a little different, but the process is still simple. Be sure to purchase the unit with the one-inch plate or narrower because it works best for curling hair. Next, divide your hair into several sections. If you have a lot of hair, you may need to do three or four sections; otherwise, two should be enough. Take a small section of hair. Clamp the flat iron around the hair and start gliding down the section like when using a straight iron. Give it a turn where you want the curl to begin and continue to slide down.

It does take some practice and learning to get the curls of your dreams, especially if you have never curled your hair with a straightener. But after watching a few tutorial videos and making a few attempts, you will master the technique.

As with other hot tools, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this appliance. First, you must know your hair type. Hair has a variety of textures and thicknesses. Fine hair requires very little heat to get the job done, while thicker, more coarse hair will require some extra heat. Many of these hair straighteners and curlers have a large heat range to accommodate all hair types. The proper heat setting can make a big difference in the health of your hair. As a good rule of thumb, you should keep your iron between 250 and 340 degrees with fine hair and between 350 and 400 degrees with thick hair. Also, make sure to use a heat protectant regardless of your hair type.

Brands to Consider

This post contains links to Amazon. The publisher may get paid if You purchase something through the links without additional costs to You.

1. Homitt 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler (Walmart)

This hair straightener & curler releases negative ions to lock in moisture and tame frizzy hair. It makes split ends less noticeable and leaves hair shiny and silky. It has five temperature levels, ranging between 250 and 400 degrees to meet the needs of all hair types and textures.


  1. You can easily adjust the temperature by rotating the device. Once you select the desired temperature, it clicks and stays firmly in place. A large LCD allows you to monitor the current temperature.
  2. Ceramic-coated floating plates provide even heating and prevent damage to your locks. The iron glides smoothly without catching or knotting your hair.
  3. The curls last longer than with most curling wands.
  4. The set comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand from getting burned.
  5. The compact design makes this device easy to put in your travel bag. It has a dual voltage, so it can be used abroad if you purchase a standard plug converter.
  6. This device stands in an upright position on flat surfaces, which prevents damage to counters and tables.


The heat radiates throughout the handles, so it is hard to hold. You must wear protective gloves and be careful to avoid burns.

2. CNV Twist Straightening Iron 2 in-1 Hair Straightener

CNV Hair Straightener and curler can give you straight, sleek, and frizz-free locks while reducing overall styling time. The unique convex and concave design of heating surfaces helps to create beautiful natural curls. 3D floating plates hold your hair tightly, providing more control over styling. The device has four adjustable temperature settings, ranging from 300 to 450 degrees to suit all hair types.


  1. Ceramic titanium plates glide smoothly through your hair to create a shiny, silky finish and protect your strands from thermal damage.
  2. This ergonomic hair straightener is easy to use without tiring out your arms.
  3. You can easily create fashionable hairstyles with this 2-in-1 hair straightener.
  4. The compact design and its dual voltage capability make this tool travel-friendly.
  5. The unit comes with a flat iron bag and a heat-resistant glove. The package also includes two plastic clips to help you separate your hair when styling.


You will need some time to get used to it.

3. Professional Hair Straightener 2 in 1 by FURIDEN

This one-step straightener and styler is claimed to give you ultra-smooth silky hair much faster than conventional hair straighteners or wands. The device has one-inch-wide floating plates with curved edges. To adjust the temperature, rotate it clockwise and choose between five different temperature settings, ranging between 250 and 400 degrees. The temperature dial clicks into the chosen place and stays there until you decide to change the heat settings.


  1. This flat iron curler has an elegant, sleek design.
  2. When used properly it gives you loose long-lasting curls.
  3. It heats up in 15 seconds.
  4. You just need a socket adapter to use it worldwide.
  5. A safety lock allows you to lock it closed for easy and safe storage.
  6. The package also includes a heat-resistant glove, velvety sleeve bag, comb, and two hair clips.


It might take several tries to get a great curl, so you may have to contact the seller and watch tutorial videos to avoid giving up.

4. BAIYEA 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

This is another styling tool that combines straightening and curling functions in one unit. Its ceramic tourmaline-coated plates produce negative ions to reduce frizz and keep hair shiny. The unit is equipped with a PTC heater that enables it to heat up in less than 30 seconds. Temperature settings range from 212 to 392 degrees to accommodate all hair types.


  1. The smooth ceramic plates glide through hair without snagging.
  2. The plates have anti-scald rubber tips to prevent burns.
  3. The LCD makes it easy to monitor the temperature.
  4. Worldwide dual voltage makes it travel-friendly (when used with a compatible adapter).
  5. It comes with a traveling bag, heat glove, and two hairdressing clips for sectioning your hair.


This device is not equipped with an automatic shut-off timer.

a girl curling her hair with a hair straightener

Benefits and Limitations of Battery Operated Flat Irons

What do you do if you need to straighten your hair but you are out of the house? Or if you just need to make a small touch-up to fix it on a humid day. A small, rechargeable straightener could be the answer. With this magic tool, small enough to fit in your bag, you can style your hair anywhere. In this post, we’re going to explore whether a battery-powered flat iron can do the job.

Battery-powered flat irons are preferably designed for quick hair fixes when you’re on the go, or for occasional full styling when you don’t have access to a power source.

This appliance is not meant to take the place of your regular flat iron although can be incredibly helpful in situations when using a traditional hair straightener is not possible.

Women with short, fine, or already straight hair can use battery-operated flat Irons for full straightening jobs, while those with long, thick coarse hair may find them useful to freshen up their hairstyle and tame flyaway hair.

Whireless hair straightener

How Do Battery Powered Straighteners Work?

A battery-operated flat iron comes with a removable lithium battery that needs to be charged to enable the appliance to work. Some models include a wall charger, but most new cordless straighteners can be charged with a USB cable plugged into a wall adapter, laptop, or iPhone.

The charging process takes about 2-3 hours, which gives you 30-60 minutes of usage. The actual usage time depends on the battery capacity and the temperature settings you’re using.

The battery should have about 500 discharge/charge cycles before you need to replace it.

Benefits of Battery Powered Flat Irons

1. Can be used everywhere: A battery-powered hair straightener enables you to style your hair without a power outlet. The rechargeable battery makes it portable and suitable for traveling, camping, music festivals, etc. It’s also great for touch-ups in the car, in a restroom, at the office, or any other place.

2. Compact and very portable: A battery-powered hair straightener is small enough to fit in your purse or your gym bag. Its compact size will take up less space in your suitcase than regular heat-styling appliances.

3. Comfortable to use: Battery-operated flat irons are more convenient than regular hair straighteners. The absence of a cord allows you to focus on the desired results instead of constantly dealing with a tangled cord.

4. Great for touch-ups: This tool is perfect for occasions when you need a quick touch up such as when traveling, after the gym, or at a party. It is the perfect tool to make you photo-ready on special occasions.

5. Convenient charging: Newer models come with a USB cable, so you can charge your flat iron with any device that has a USB outlet. Conventional flat irons need to be compatible with different international voltages, but micro-USB is a worldwide charging solution, making battery-operated flat irons easy to recharge, regardless of the destination. In addition, USB out ports can make your battery-powered straightener an emergency power bank. You can use it to charge your phone or tablet when you are traveling.

Limitations of Battery-Operated Flat Irons

1. Don’t get hot enough: A battery-powered hair straightener does not get as hot as regular flat irons, so this may not work for you if your hair requires a temperature of over 400 F. If you try, it will take time and effort to get your hair straight. Also, using it at a high temperature continuously will drain the battery rapidly. This is a good reason not to use it for full straightening if you have coarse unmanageable hair.

2. Small plates: Rechargeable flat irons also have fairly small and narrow plates, which is another reason why they are not effective for straightening thick, coarse, or long hair. To get your curly hair straight, you must go over the same section several times. To recap, this type of wireless flat iron will work best on fine, short, or straight hair.

3. Can only be used when unplugged: You cannot use a rechargeable straightener during the charging process; you must wait until the charging cable is unplugged.

If you decide to use a portable flat iron for straightening, make sure your hair is completely dry before flat ironing it. Let your hair air dry after washing or thoroughly blow dry it if possible. To obtain the best results, press the plates tightly, and slowly run the hair straightener down the length of your section of hair.

Other Types of Cordless Flat Irons

1. Butane-Powered Flat Irons

Unlike battery-powered flat irons, this flat iron runs on replaceable butane cartridges that can last 3-6 months, depending on how often you use the tool. Butane refills are available for purchase online or you can find them in the camping section of your local store.

Butane-powered straighteners are very convenient for trips and camping. They are more suitable for touch-ups than for full straightening since they don’t get as hot as electric straighteners. The heat they produce is not consistent enough to straighten curly hair. When used for full styling, butane-powered flat irons can smooth the strands, but will not make your hair pin-straight like regular flat irons would.

Some restrictions may apply if you bring this type of hair straightener on the plane.

cordless hair straightener

2. Hair Straighteners with a Rechargeable Base

Some cordless flat irons are heated by inserting them into a stand that is plugged into the wall. You remove the straightener from the stand and use it for about five minutes until it starts to cool down. It takes 1-2 minutes to get it ready for the next pass over the sections of your hair.

The main advantage of cordless irons is cord-free straightening. You can take them with you if you stay at a hotel, but generally, this type of hair straightener is not as highly portable as battery-powered hair straighteners.

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How to Properly Use a Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron

Straightening your hair using a conventional flat iron can be a time-consuming process. You must blow-dry your hair completely before straightening it. This two-step process ensures that you won’t experience severe heat damage when straightening wet hair.

The new generation of flat irons claims to solve this problem by enabling you to straighten towel-dried hair without having to blow dry it first.

How Is it Possible?

Wet-to-dry flat irons are designed to straighten your hair, whether it is slightly damp or completely dry. New wet-to-dry straighteners are equipped with a special venting system that extracts excess water from damp hair, converts it to steam, and releases it through specially designed holes in the plates. Unlike conventional flat irons, these innovative straighteners dry and straighten the hair in one step.

The manufacturers claim that the steam vent technology helps prevent hair damage.

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Advantages of Wet-To-Dry Straighteners

Time Savers: Wet-to-dry flat irons are designed to dry and straighten hair simultaneously, which can speed up your styling routine—but don’t expect miracles.

Straightening damp hair takes longer than straightening dry hair, and the wetter the hair, the longer it takes. If you use a wet-to-straight flat iron on dripping wet hair, it will take several passes to get your hair dry and straightened, and it can cause heat damage to the hair as well as a frizzy appearance—not what you’re going for!

If your hair is almost dry, the flat iron will straighten your hair much quicker. In the end, a wet-to-dry straightener can still save you time on your styling routine.

Lasting results: When used on almost dry hair, a wet-to-dry hair straightener leaves hair straight and smooth for longer than a conventional flat iron. It makes curly hair look straight and sleek until the next shampoo without needing frequent touch-ups.

Less Frizz: When used properly, a wet-to-straight flat iron eliminates static and keeps your hair frizz-free for longer than regular flat irons. Natural moisture is retained inside the hair, while excess water is converted into steam. The cuticle is closed and smooth, keeping hair shiny, silky, and frizz-free.

How to Use a Wet-to-Dry Hair Straightener

A wet-to-dry flat iron should be used on towel-dried and untangled hair.

If used on very wet hair, a wet-to-dry straightener will produce quite a bit of steam, which can burn you, especially when you use it for the first time and aren’t expecting it. For best results, blow-dry your hair about 80 percent before drying/straightening with this iron.

The entire process goes like this:

  1. Wrap your hair in a towel to get out excess water.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb to get all the tangles out.
  3. Use a heat protectant to prevent damage.
  4. Since you can’t get the straightener close to the roots, blow-dry them before straightening; leave the rest of your hair slightly damp.
  5. Make sure the unit is set to wet mode. Choose the appropriate temperature setting for the type and condition of your hair.
  6. Style the lower sections of your hair first. The unit makes a hissing sound as excess water escapes as steam.
  7. Point the vent holes away from your head and hands to avoid burning yourself, especially if you’re not used to this type of flat iron. Steam burns are still painful burns!

Some wet-to-dry straighteners are equipped with comb teeth built into the plates; they help disperse and detangle hair while you dry and straighten it. The straightening combs also give you more control than traditional smooth plates when grabbing and straightening a section of hair.


Despite their name, wet-to-straight flat irons shouldn’t be used on wet hair—only lightly damp hair. Styling wet hair can result in a wavy or frizzy look, damaged hair, and a much longer styling time. With almost dry hair, you will get smoother and more lasting results.

To avoid heat damage, avoid going over a section more than twice. Wet hair is harder to grip and you need to go over the section a couple of times to get it dry and straight—yet another reason to get your hair drier before you start straightening.

Since you cannot come close to the scalp, this kind of flat iron still leaves the roots wet, making it difficult to achieve volume at the roots. This can make thin hair look even thinner and can leave an unnatural contrast between your roots and the rest of your hair. To prevent this, use a blow dryer for a few minutes to lift the roots, then use the hair straightener to finish drying and add a straight and glossy finish to the hair.

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How to Purchase a Quality Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron

Since a hair straightener is a long-term investment, carefully read the product description to know what you’re getting. A wet-to-dry straightener, like most regular flat irons, has either ceramic or titanium plates.

Ceramic flat irons generate far-infrared heat, which is the gentlest way to straighten your hair with a flat iron. Ceramic plates also produce negative ions that counteract the positive ions in damaged and frizz-prone hair. Ceramic plates are often infused with the mineral tourmaline for better heat protection and a shinier finish.  Plates that contain tourmaline produce six times more negative ions than plain ceramic plates.

A wet-to-dry straightener with ceramic plates infused with tourmaline could be the right choice if you have fine and delicate hair. 

Titanium flat irons are lightweight, fast-heating, and very durable. Titanium plates also produce negative ions and can be infused with tourmaline. Wet-to-dry flat irons with titanium plates are suitable for individuals with thick or coarse hair.

This new generation of flat irons is a great help. Just be sure to use them properly and you’ll have great and lasting results in much less time than before!

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How does a Steam Flat Iron Work?

Frequent use of hair straighteners can deplete your strands of moisture because conventional flat irons use your hair’s natural moisture to create smooth and perfectly straight hair. Steaming flat irons are designed to replenish moisture during the straightening process, giving your hair a sleek and shiny look without over-drying it.

Like using a steaming flat iron to remove wrinkles from your delicate clothes, the vapor emitted from the plates of the hair straightener enables you to achieve perfectly straight and silky hair.

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Steam Hair Straighteners Vs. Conventional Flat Irons?

  • The steam feature is optional, so you can turn it off and use the steam flat iron just like a regular flat iron. You can select high, medium, or low steam settings depending on your hair type and desired results.
  • Both types of hair straighteners can only be used on dry hair.
  • Steam flat irons use Vapor Infusion Technology to straighten your strands more efficiently than regular straighteners while preventing heat damage to the hair. The released steam adds moisture to prevent over-drying.
  • Thick, coarse hair is difficult to tame with a conventional flat iron. This type of hair requires more time and heat to create the style you want and frequent touch-ups to keep the hair straight. Steam-infused flat irons use bursts of steam to effectively straighten problematic hair that resists heat straightening, giving you longer-lasting results than traditional hair straighteners.
  • Vapor hair straighteners come with a removable water tank, which should be filled with distilled water before straightening. Using plain water can shorten the lifespan of the steaming iron.
  • The steam function activates only when the unit is pointed at a downward angle. Once you press the plates together, the steam will flow through specially designed holes in the plates.
  • Depending on the brand of the steaming iron, a full tank provides 8 to 20 minutes of continuous styling.

Advantages of Steam Flat Irons

1. Works well for coarse hair: Using a steam straightener helps straighten natural, kinky, and coarse hair, giving you salon-like results at home. Using a steam iron can be a safe alternative to chemical relaxers. If you do relax your natural hair, you will need to get relaxer touch-ups less often.

2. Less damage from heat: Steam hydration helps prevent heat damage, leaving your hair looking healthy, soft, and sleek. The steam function makes flat irons very easy on processed and damaged hair, providing more protection from breakage than conventional flat irons.

3. Longer-lasting results: The straightening effects of a steam flat iron last longer than the effects of regular hair straighteners. The steam helps keep your hair straight all day or until your next shower.

4. More shine: The steam mist adds smoothness and shine, giving your style a beautiful glossy finish.

5. Less frizz: Vapor Infusion Technology makes hair more resistant to humidity, providing better frizz control.

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Steaming Flat Irons with a Conditioning Treatment

Some steam irons can also be used to condition hair during straightening sessions. These vapor irons use a heat protectant and nourishing products, like argan and macadamia oils, to infuse the hair shaft with a nutrient-rich treatment for restoring dry and damaged hair.

The heat transforms the oil into a conditioning vapor that is dispensed through the holes in the plates. Thermal-activated conditioning vapor penetrates through heat-raised cuticles to condition the hair shaft, leaving hair silky, shiny, and frizz-free.

Argan oil infusion minimizes damage from heat styling, softens the hair, and adds a glowing, shiny finish. Argan Vapor Treatment is especially beneficial for damaged and chemically processed hair.

A drawback of doing a conditioning treatment is that the small steam holes can easily become clogged with oil residue, especially if you own a cheaper steam iron. To get the most benefits from an Argan Vapor Treatment, consider purchasing a Cortex Professional Steamliner Vapor Iron.

How to Use a Flat Iron with a Steam Feature?

Make sure your hair is clean, detangled, and completely dry before using a flat iron with a steam feature. You will still need to use a heat protectant to prevent or minimize heat damage.

Wear a burn-proof glove while straightening your hair to avoid burning yourself, especially when you use the unit for the first time.

Fill the reservoir with distilled water and add a few drops of argan oil to enhance the shine. Adding oil works especially well for individuals with dry or normal hair. Re-insert the reservoir into place, making sure it will not leak.

Turn on the vapor button to activate the steam function. Select the steam level setting. Coarse hair requires a higher steam setting, while delicate and normal hair can be straightened at lower steam settings.

Point the flat iron downward to activate the steam function, holding it tightly while sliding your hair between the plates.

Turn the iron off when you need to refill the water reservoir to avoid burning yourself.

Clean the plates after every use to prevent the steam holes from getting clogged.

Is there any Drawback?

There are some drawbacks to using a steam flat iron. It takes some time to learn how to use it. While learning, you can easily burn your hand, face, or neck if you’re not careful. You can also burn your scalp when trying to get close to the roots if you don’t hold the unit at the proper angle.

The directions say not to take off the water reservoir when the iron is still hot, so you need to wait until the flat iron has cooled down to refill the steam compartment. This potentially adds some additional time to the styling process.

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Flat Irons for Keratin Treatments

Using the right flat iron is vital for getting the desired results from performing a keratin treatment. The flat ironing stage of the treatment requires a hair straightener with ultra-high heat output. High heat is necessary to seal the treatment and ensure superior shine and a silky smooth finish.

When you use a hot hair iron for performing keratin treatment, it would be best that you have one constructed with titanium plates. Also, make sure to have an iron that heats up to 450°F with easy to read display. An adjustable heat setting is a vital feature that enables you to set the temperature that is appropriate for your hair type.

Why You Should Opt for Titanium Plates?

Titanium plates can reach a very high temperature in just a few seconds. Titanium is inert and will not interact with any hair product. Titanium also provides even heat distribution and retains heat better than ceramics. The titanium plates hold high heat consistently during the flat-ironing stage. This will result in the perfect finish and gives your hair an unbeatable shine.

flat ironing stage of a keratin hair treatment

To activate the keratin in the straightening product, the flat iron should be capable of reaching 450°F. When you are sealing the product into your hair it is important to use a flat iron that can maintain a high temperature without heat fluctuation. Later, you can use the same flat iron to style your keratin-straightened hair. However, for styling purposes, you don’t need to go over 400°F degrees.

Now, you are ready to make a choice among different models of titanium hair straighteners and find the one that suits the purpose of doing keratin treatment.

The following flat irons are worth considering if you are planning to apply the treatment in the comfort of your home.

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Best Flat Irons for Performing Brazilian Keratin Treatment

1. Professional Titanium Hair Straightener by Karma Beautyir?t=softerhair 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B078YD624Y

The ideally sized titanium plates make this hair straightener truly a “one pass” flat iron. It can straighten even super thick hair quickly, leaving it feeling silky smooth. The plates glide smoothly through the hair without snagging, allowing you to straighten your hair with just one pass.

MCH TECHNOLOGY– provides even heat distribution and helps maintain a consistent temperature to prevent hair damage.

Adjustable temperature settings (122°F – 450°F) allow for matching different hair types and different styling options. According to the manufacturer’s information, this appliance is approved for performing Brazilian Keratin treatments and also for styling hair after keratin treatments.

The rounded cool tips make it convenient for curling the hair, while the dual voltage feature enables it to be used worldwide.

The long and durable 360-degree swivel cord allows for comfortable styling by preventing cord entangling.

This pink hair straightener makes for a great gift.

2. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener ir?t=softerhair 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07211D5GM

Also available at Walmart

This flat iron works just as well as much more expensive, high-end hair straighteners. The wide plates considerably reduce straightening time. Plus, your hair will remain straight all day long without touch-ups.

keratin hair straightening

The temperature ranges from 170°F to 450°F to suit different hair types. It is capable of achieving the high temperature required for performing the keratin straightening procedure. It heats up to 450°F in under two minutes and holds the temperature consistently. The floating plate design prevents your strands from getting pulled or snagged. The plates glide smoothly over the section of hair, straightening it with one single pass.

3. Nano Titanium Glittering Flat Iron by DORISILK

What makes this flat iron stand out is its beautiful design with sparkling rhinestones and the ability to achieve extremely high heat.

1-inch titanium 3D floating plates allow for faster styling with less friction. It can go up to 470℉ in 30 seconds and retain the heat. It is a good choice for performing keratin treatments.

Adjustable temperature settings range from 120 to470℉, making this straightener suitable for all hair types, from fine and fragile to very thick and coarse hair.

4. Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin-Safe Flat Iron

This straightening iron has a sleek design and extra-long floating plates. It also has a ceramic heater which is gentle on your hair.  The temperature setting range (250°F – 450°F) is ideal for sealing keratin treatments into your hair. You can get close to the scalp without burning your skin.

This flat iron is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The locking feature prevents you from accidentally changing the heat setting during use.

The Brazilian Heat After Dark straightener is safe for use on your keratin-treated hair, but it will also straighten any type of hair, reducing frizz and adding shine to the hair.

A free thermal pouch is included to keep your counter surfaces free from burn marks.

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Flat Irons with Keratin-Infused Plates

4. BaByliss PRO Keratin Straightening Iron icon

Available at Walmart

This professional styling tool has exceptionally smooth titanium plates infused with keratin to offer silkier and longer-lasting styling results. This powerful combination conditions your hair while sealing the cuticle and boosting shine.

When used for keratin treatments it easily reaches the required temperature (450°F) to ensure that the treatment is sealed into the hair. The heat is evenly distributed through the plates to ensure smooth and straight results.

BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron can be used for performing Brazilian Keratin treatments as well as for styling keratin-treated hair. This lightweight flat iron straightens coarse hair and leaves it silky smooth, even if you don’t have a keratin treatment in your hair. It provides sleek, one-pass straightening, keeping it silky and frizz-free until you shampoo.

Flat Irons that Utilize Keratin Capsules

K3 Styling Treatment Iron introduced by Corioliss uses keratin oil capsules that fit directly into the reservoir in the iron body. The iron can be used either with the capsules inside or as a regular flat iron. Heat-activated capsules turn into a conditioning vapor, that restores strength, reduces hair breakage, and improves shine. A package of Keratin Elixr Capsules is included in the packaging and is also available for purchase separately when you run out of the capsules.

Keratin & Argan flat iron by Olyvya is another brand that uses Keratin pills infused with argan oil to protect and condition your hair while you are styling it. This conditioning treatment works best for coarse or thick hair. When you run out of pills, you can purchase refills.

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