Money Piece Trend for all Hair Colors

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Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer. Instagram: @evelyndavieshair Money piece hair is the strongest color trend at the moment. This look can be as striking, subtle, and fun as you like! It’s been around in 2020, and it’s here to stay in 2021. This trend re-started recently, super subtle on blondes, back when balayage’s boomed. It’s … Read more

The Best Way to Hide Gray Hair

Written by Evelyn Davies. Hairdresser. Creative writer. Instagram: @evelyndavieshair Hair turning gray? Don’t you just hate it when your gray roots are so obvious? Need gray hair tips? What is gray blending? Gray dye for men? What’s the best option to cover your natural grays? Let’s explore the best way to hide gray hair. First … Read more

10 Hair Bond Builders for Home Use

Blonde girl after using bond fortifier

What Happens Inside the Hair During Chemical Processing? Sometimes you are impatient and want a drastic change in your appearance immediately. Changing the color of your hair could be a great way to create a new look. Although you get the desired results, you can accidentally over-process your hair and make it feel like dry, … Read more

Do Hair Building Fibers Work for Thinning Hair?

Woman with hair building fibers in her hair

Although it may seem kind of scary, it’s perfectly normal to lose around 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis! If you’re hyper-aware that your crowning glory is shedding more hair than you’re comfortable with losing, there could be a number of reasons why your locks are not looking lustrous. Women can experience temporary … Read more