Are Bamboo Pillowcases Good for Your Hair?

Ever wonder how “bad hair days” come to be? When you have something resembling a tumbleweed sitting on your head, your first instinct is likely to grab the flat iron to correct the mess. Though it often feels like a stroke of bad luck or a sign for worse things to come, it’s really not … Read more

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dreads

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Six Heated Caps for Hair Treatments

Struggling with dry, frizzy, and rough hair. Plus, the ends of your hair have a tendency to split after years of heat styling. To make things worse, regular conditioning treatments are no longer doing the trick. A thermal cap for deep hair conditioning is the solution for people dealing with lackluster, dried-out locks. This heated … Read more

7 Ways to Store Your Wig

If you’ve invested in a good quality wig, you’ll want to keep it safe and in good shape when not wearing it. Just tossing your wigs on your dresser isn’t a good option. Specifically, your wigs require appropriate storage to look their best. Proper storage accessories will keep your wigs organized, protect them from tangling … Read more