Do You Use the Right Brush for Your Hair Extensions?

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If you wear hair extensions, you should brush your hair regularly to prevent tangling. Extensions get tangled easily and stubborn tangles can be hard to get out without ripping out your real hair.

If you use an ordinary brush to detangle hair with the extensions, you risk damaging the extension and breaking your real hair.

To prolong the life of your extension and keep your hair healthy, you need to brush the hair gently and use a specially designed tool for that task. Extension-friendly brushes are designed to glide over the bonds and comb your hair comfortably and gently.

Young woman brushing her hair with the extensions in

There are three main types of brushes that you can use for detangling your hair with the extension in it:

  1. Brushes with flexible bristles and rounded tips are a good choice to get the knots out without catching the beads and ripping out your real hair.
  2. Many extension hair brushes are variants of the tangle teaser, a widely known tool for combing tangled hair.
  3. There is also a special type of brush designed for wigs and extensions known as loop brushes. Looped brushes have curved bristles that won’t catch knots and beads.

Today we will browse some of the highly-rated brands of hairbrushes that are safe for your hair extensions.

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1. TANGLE TEEZER The Ultimate Hairbrush

This brush is a variant of the original Tangle Teezer, but unlike the original handle-free version this brush comes with a handle that makes the tool more convenient for use. It is suitable for fusion hair extensions, clip-ins, and weaves, and also for brushing synthetic wig hair.

If you have naturally curly hair, you can untangle your locks with this brush, with little or no breakage and you will need a surprisingly short amount of time for this job.

It can also be used to detangle matted children’s hair.

The downside is that it is not heat resistant, so make sure not to put a blow-dryer right on it.

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2. Wet Brush Pro Detangler

This brush can be used for brushing wet or dry hair and is suitable for brushing hair with extensions as well as wigs. What you will like about this brush is that it causes very little breakage. You will easily and quickly detangle your hair and shorten the time to get ready in the morning. This is a great brush for detangling coarse, natural, and very long hair. A comfortable rubber handle allows for a nice grip while brushing your hair.

3. The Hair Shop Store Black Loop Brush

This looped brush has curved bristles that are easy on extensions. The non-tipped nylon bristles allow for a gliding effect and painless brushing. The rounded tips gently go close to hair roots to get tangles out without grabbing on the bonds and pulling the extensions out.

It is safe for detangling any type of extension including tape-in and micro bead hair extensions. This is also a great brush for detangling synthetic or human hair wigs.

4. RemySoft One Twenty-Three Loops – Loop Brush – Safe for Hair Extensions, Weaves, and Wigs

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If you have invested in expensive hair extensions, you may want to consider this high-quality looped brush to increase the life of your extensions and minimize damage to your real hair. Nylon loops effortlessly comb your hair from top to bottom without snagging on your bonds or ripping your real hair. This loop brush is a lifesaver for hair with fusions, weaves, wefts, tape-ins, clip-ins, and micro bead hair extensions. You can also use it as a detangling brush for any hair type and it will work great for brushing wigs.

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5. Wet Brush Brush Pro Paddle Detangler

This big paddle brush is great for detangling thick, curly, and long hair. It is designed to work either on wet or dry hair, and you can use it on extensions and wigs. It’s heat resistant, so you can use it for blow-drying. The flexible bristles help to prevent pulling and breaking your hair.

The large paddle surface helps to detangle hair without the need for sectioning.

The possible con is its heaviness which can make your arm tired while blow-drying.

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How to Brush Your Hair with Extensions

Tie your hair in a ponytail in the neck base area. This will protect the bonds from pulling. Start combing from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Gently check the bonds with your fingers.

Try to make it a habit to do this detangling job at least once a day. Braiding the hair overnight will make morning detangling easier.

Detangling Sprays Will Minimize Tangles

The quality detangling product can keep extensions from matting and make the tangles easier to unravel.

B3 Brazilian Bondbuilder Ionic Extension Refresh seals the cuticles reducing the possibility of tangle formation. Make sure to apply it while your hair is still damp.

Final Words

When purchasing a hair brush online, make sure to read the review from people that has the same hair type and length as yours.

It would always be a good idea to go to a store to buy the brush in person. You will be able to get the right impression about its size and feel how it fits in your hand.

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